Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I actually know songs from The Gatlin Brothers... oh my....

The other day, a friend of mine at church was talking about different radio stations. 

She actually told me she was disappointed in me when she saw on Facebook that I had 'liked' a local pop radio station. I laughed at that, & then confessed that I don't even really listen to that station but I do listen to their morning show on the way in.  I like funny people, plus, they always would talk about The Bachelor on Tuesdays morning, so there's that...

Ever have those drives into work where you argue with the radio when they say things you don't agree with... but you're too lazy to call in & state your own opinion.  That's me every day.

But we got talking about the radio stations we like & some of our love of the 80's great music.  Our conversation switched to country music, which I have always been vocal about it not being one of my favorites.  I mean, a whole group of people like a song about a red solo cup?  My point & case is made & closed...

Really?... Really?
Side Note - I will say some of today's Top Hits are just as ridiculous... I cringe every time I hear Beyonc√©'s "Drunk in Love" ... this whole generation needs to plan on being messed up thanks to most genre's of music. 

OK - back to my original thought...

There is a thing though as "old country" & a local radio station plays it.  She told me to check it out because it reminded her of music she grew up with.

So I get in my car, find the station & ended up knowing a lot of the songs, surprisingly.  I saved the station in my preset & I'll come across it every now & then.  Every time I turn it over on that station, I usually end up singing along, & the funniest thing is, I'm singing with a confused look on my face wondering how I even know this song.

"All the gold, in California, is in a bank in the middle of Beverly Hills, in somebody else's name...."
Holy 70's Batman....
its an 8-track

I honestly sang this whole song & cracked up that that was even possible...

I always say my head is full of useless information... old country music just made the top of the list.

I realized this is music my dad would have playing the car when I was little & we would be driving around... in our groovy black 70's van that may or may not have had carpet on the walls.

It's funny because I was thinking back of the music I grew up to. 

My dad always had country on... he is a cowboy at heart after all so that makes sense. 

It's also something that I just thought of... I don't think I've ever heard my dad sing... not one note.  Not even in church.  I wonder what his singing voice sounds like...

Now, I sing constantly... I try to turn every day into a musical... & I think I get that from my mom.  She was singing all the time... & she had music playing too.

Every Saturday, which was cleaning day, the big piece of furniture that was longer then the wall, but was also the radio & record player, it was blaring.

anyone else have one of these babies?

Usually coming out of that was The Gaithers, or Evie - the tiny little 4'7" Christian singer... but I remember mostly a lot of Dolly Parton.

Country with attitude & sass?

Maybe this is where we got the idea of
the bigger the hair, the closer to Jesus

Its funny how important music plays on you growing up...

& how it sticks in your brain when you don't even realize it.

Now, let me sing some more Gatlin Brother songs for you....

What songs do you remember your parents playing all the time?

Any weird genre you're embarrassed to say you know a lot of songs?

Did your parents sing when you were little?


  1. Ok funny story. So I grew up in Korea (missionary kid) and my dad always used to whistle this tune, and one day I heard them sing it at church. We went to a Korean church so I had no idea what the words were. So fast forward a few years and we are back in the states visiting some church and they start singing that song. I was literally shocked that these guys knew & translated a Korean hymn. I later shocked to learn that it was an old AMERICAN hymn called "Just A Closer Walk with Thee". I crack help but crack up now anytime I hear it because I thought for the longest time that it was a Korean song.

  2. My mother LOVED Kenny Rodgers. LOVED HIM. I remember riding in the back of her big ol' station wagon and she would play those tapes until they wore out!

  3. This made me laugh out loud! I, too, can sing that Gatlin Bros. song by heart...and I'm not ashamed to admit it, either! My mom and dad, brace yourself, used to play Engelbert Humperdink's music all the time when I was growing up, as well as Tom Jones, Sammy Smith, Kenny Rogers, and Neil Diamond. Oh, the memories! I, actually, know a lot of One Direction's songs. Why? Because Harry is so darn cute! ;)

  4. We were playing a game Saturday with my daughter and had an 80's station on. She sang every single song with all the right lyrics. She's 21. How does she know all this and I don't?

  5. We had one of those big hi-fi's too. We'd put on records of the Goodman's and Rambo's while we were cleaning up the dishes after dinner. Mom and Dad used to take us to their concerts in Cincinnati sometimes too.

    I don't remember my parent's listening to the radio much in the car. What I do remember is that we would sing southern gospel songs together in a car. My parents sang in a quartet at church and from time to time they would travel to other churches to sing.

    So mostly, I grew up on southern gospel and it is still my favorite today. However, I love the old country music too. Dolly Partin, Reba, Loretta Lynn, etc. And yes, I know the Gatlin's music some too.

  6. Disappointed in you because you liked a radio station? Crazy. lol!

    I grew up with my parents listening to country too and it's crazy to me that I can still recall all those songs anytime I hear them in passing.

    I totally agree about music today though. I switched to only christian music a few years ago simply because, for me, it made a difference in my attitude and day. I know some people might think that's crazy, but I just felt better after being able to sing praise and worship music before going into work, I noticed my attitude and outlook was a bit brighter.

  7. My dad loved Charlie Pride. I know a lot of old country because he was a country music fan when country wasn't cool : ) It's cool now. You can like it.

  8. My parents sang the goldie oldies all the time! It drove me crazy...but now...I love them too! And they taught me how to do the cha cha and other dances to them :)

    I have to say I am a country music fan, but my kids do laugh when some of these crazy songs come on! There is one now that talks about picking up fresh fajitas and making a pitcher of margaritas...my son just shakes his head...ha!

    PS...my mom still has her stereo that looks very much like the one in your picture. We put Christmas albums on at Christmas :)

    PSS...ever since I read the line "All the gold..." I have been singing that song in my head (and aloud)...ha! I'm amazed that I remember most of the words...wish I could remember other things that well!


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