Monday, March 17, 2014

The weekend that had me running with the moon....

Whew... its Monday & I'm exhausted...
Aren't weekends supposed to be refreshing & for recharging?
Weekends... I'm doing them wrong


* Took mom to the grocery & we both filled up our carts.  I wanted to do like the old days of when we used to go grocery shopping... which included me riding on the bottom of the cart asking for every sort of cookie there was.

* Mom wasn't too fond of my Iced Green Tea from Starbucks.  I thought she was going to hurl... it was appropriate because she tasted it in the meat department where I was ready to hurl.

* Finished up my last Disney puzzle I have - The Lion King!  & it was the ONLY puzzle I've worked in the past 5 that had the correct number of pieces. FINALLY!


* I had bananas that were going bad so what to do at 8am?  Make banana cookies. But they're healthy so its all OK.  Just bananas, instant oats, walnuts, raisins & chocolate chips.  They are delish.

* Banana cookies if you eat too many can be like a laxative... just saying...

The best tasting laxative ever! :)

* Ricky & I were going to go to see my niece's last basketball game.  Got dressed & ready to walk out the door... & then, just look back at the previous post.  We missed the game.  Dang it banana cookies!

* Note to remember:  don't eat a dozen banana cookies at once.

* YIPEE!!! Photo season has begun again.  I love doing High School Senior Portraits.  They are always so easy going & up to do anything.  Plus, their parents always make the best assistants holding reflectors & carrying gear & wardrobe changes.

I love love LOVE this yellow!!!

* Headed to Starbucks to get another Iced Green Tea ... she talked me into the Trenta size. HOLY COW... that thing is massive.  No one needs that much of a drink.

* It was the most beautiful day we've had all year. Not a cloud in the sky, warm, it was just wonderful.  I had to sit outside for awhile & read.  Plus, if I came in, the dogs would come in... we all need some fresh air.

* So my training said I needed to get in 8 miles today.  I almost didn't run with doing the photo session & wanting to get started on editing, but I knew I'd be mad at myself.  Plus, it was beautiful out.  So I change & head out on the streets.... little did I know what time it was.  Before I know it, the sun is gone, the temperatures have dropped & I'm wearing all black on country roads.  Not going to lie - I got nervous... I wasn't prepared for the temps, was scared a car was going to hit me or a coyote was going to grab me... just when I saw headlights coming at me & stopping.  It was ok, I saw the "JESUS ROCKS" on the front of the truck... my husband.  Ricky said, Get in the car - its dark!!! ... I told him to let me run just a quarter more mile to round it off & I ended up with only getting in 5.50 miles... BUT after all the walking I did in the session earlier, I got in over 10 miles for the day... that's gotta count... right?

* Screw it... after my shower, I was too tired to work on pictures.  I knocked out quick!

* We've found Sydney is more comfortable at night with the TV on.  She can't hear well anymore so we can put it on MUTE, but if you wake up, you'll find her sitting up just watching TV, keeping an eye out for any one that runs, or any animal that crosses the screen. 

* Its not fun waking up every hour with some sort of scary barking where Sydney feels like she's protecting us from the creature on TV


* My turn to teach... & look who came to church with me to be part of my lesson...(I'll talk more about that in tomorrow's post)

Call him Pastor Harvey

* We took Harvey home real quick & headed down to Target & about half way on the way there, I gasped & screamed, "OH MY GOSH"... we didn't even think about it, but we let Harvey out of his kennel & not contained in any way... he had free roam of the WHOLE HOUSE.  Something we NEVER do.  I was a nervous wreck.  We just hoped he was exhausted from the exciting morning at church that he would just sleep.

* I had horrible images of what our house was going to look like

I completely expected my couch to look like this

* CHEERS FOR HARVEY... not one things was tore up!!!!  Does he get a little more freedom now?  We'll see... because an hour after we were home, he was eating a can he found out in the yard.

* Don't ask me how a can got in our backyard.  It was a drink can I don't even drink.  We're finding weird things in our yard.  Don't know if someone is throwing it over, or what's happening.....  strange....

* Had stopped at Starbucks for mine & Ricky's new routine of CafĂ© Mocha's on Sunday... they messed mine up.  It was DISGUSTING!  I think it was some sort of latte.  That's 2 Starbuck drinks in 2 weeks that I had to throw away... make that 2 & 3/4 drinks because I had to throw out that gallon size Trena drink... I couldn't drink it all.

* Once Upon a Time... Please sing a song from Wicked....

* I'm really liking that new show "Resurrection" ...

So did you have a relaxing weekend?  Feeling recharged & renewed?


  1. My weekend was far from relaxing as well but it was fun! And I'm craving a Starbucks Iced Green Tea after reading this!

  2. I think we're the only town in America without a Starbucks. Hard to believe, but true. I fully embrace lounging on the couch on a March weekend, particularly on a Sunday afternoon. Are the cookies still healthy and low calorie if you eat 12? : ) Enjoy your day!

  3. I feel the same about weekends. There's no rest! I wish I could ride on the bottom of the cart also :)
    Green Tea Latte is one of my faves although yours doesn't look like the latte. You do better than I.
    Oh and treinte! Of course we need it!

  4. Wow! Your weekend would have worn me out. We had a great weekend that I talk about on my blog. So glad that Harvey was good while he was out. Hope he gets some more freedom soon.

    That is one really great senior picture. I would so love for you to do pictures for my girls. One graduates high school and one college. You do such a great job.

  5. Your weekend made me tired just reading it. LOL
    Congrats on finishing the puzzle.
    I make banana bread when mine are beginning to get a bit brown.
    Have a good week!

  6. I've made those banana cookies before... they're delicious!

  7. No resting or relaxing for me this past weekend ... two words: swim meet. But it was worth it!

  8. Great photo! I love doing senior shoots! I haven't done one in years, but they are my favorite too because of how easy going they are.

  9. I want starbucks after reading this entry :) That photo turned out gorgeous-- you're right about the yellow, it looks amazing! And hooray for all of the pieces for the puzzle :)

  10. My weekends are never really relaxing. They're usually filled with all the errands we can't do during the week!


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