Thursday, March 13, 2014


Another week full of things to be thankful for!!
03.06.14 - Edamame!!!
I am so thankful for finding these individual bags at Sam's Club. 
Add this to my "MUST GET" list when I go to Sam's.
That list gets longer every time I go there.
03.07.14 - Forgiveness
We had our Children's Ministry, "The Backyard" Friday night.
The message is tailored for kids, but its always great reminders for adults.
Forgive as God has forgiven us.
03.08.14 New Kicks
Headed to the running store & came out with some sporty new shoes.
Brooks Ravenna 4... hello beautiful
03.09.14 More Sunlight!!!
As much as I hate loosing that hour, I do love that the sun is still shining at 8 pm
... I don't love how dirty my windows are...
BUT since we're talking "Thankful" - I'm thankful I HAVE windows :)
03.10.14 AAAAHHHHH!!!!
Ricky got me this back massager Christmas 2012...
it still is one of my favorite things in the house.
It really gets in the spot & works out the kinks.
I sat in this chair for 45 minutes watching "The Bachelor" :)
03.11.14 Straight Hair
FINALLY... got my color all glossy shinny again...
I don't know how hairdressers do it
03.12.14 - Warmth in cold
It was 70 degrees the day before & it dropped down to the teens again with snow flurries.... WHY?  Just WHY????
So I tried to make the best out of a cold night with a warm drink.
I'm not normally a 'mint' drinker, but this was really smooth & yummy.
What are you thankful for this week?


  1. MMMM.....I LOVE edamame's, but haven't seen them in individual bags. SCORE!!

    I also love mint ANYTHING!! Sky and I LOVE a good 'ol York Peppermint Patty. YES PLEASE!!

    And since apparently I am digging ALL CAPS today,
    LOVE YA ~~ dawn :)

  2. Your hair looks so purdy and shiny! :) Yep...cold weather has reared its ugly head here, again, too. The temp. right now is 39 degrees. A happy camper I'm NOT!

  3. I totally love your snowman mug. I'd prefer hot chocolate in it though. lol

  4. I need that back massager! It sounds like heaven!

  5. Peppermint Mocha's are my favorite!!! What does edamame taste similar to? I've always wanted to try it but am scared lol

  6. Ohhh how I love edamame with extra sea salt! Mmmmm! And you hair looks fabulous!

  7. That back massager looks like pure bliss and your hair looks fabulous!

  8. Your hair looks amazing! I love the color and it does look so shiny and beautiful! Love peppermint mocha! I tried those little packs over the winter and was surprised with how good they actually were!

  9. We have those Edamame bags from Sams, too! They're perfect for bringing to work!

  10. We always get that same edamame at Costco! Yay for a new hair cut and that back massager looks like heaven!

  11. Individual bags of edamame? I must get some!

    Of course, I don't really need an individual bag.... I can eat the huge Costco bag just as well!

  12. Yes, love the extra daylight but definitely reveals how terribly dirty my windows are. Oy!


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