Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time
Friday Friday FRIDAAYYYYY!!!!
It is a sea of Red & Blue around these parts today...
Louisville vs. Kentucky
In the March Madness Tournament - Sweet 16
This is serious business around Basketball Country
.... I just need to find somewhere to hide during the game tonight...
Ricky tends to get LOUD during the games, causing the dogs to shake & wonder what they did wrong.
So if you need us tonight, I'll be tucked in a back room with shivering dogs.
Good times!
Fridays are tough on me anymore.
I have Scandal Hangovers...
Me on Friday's at work
...unless you want to talk about Fitz or Jake...
I usually DVR some shows & not worry about seeing them,
but I can't miss Scandal
... & when it goes off, I'm usually sitting with my jaw dropped so it takes me another half hour to get in bed..
Making me need to stop for a LARGE unsweet tea at McDonalds on my way to work
I watched 2 documentaries in one day about food & medicine
& environment & toxins
... I'm ready to hide in a cave...
with lots of fruits & veggies
I really do think American's have no idea of the truth out there though.
Honestly - physicians are fired from their job if they talk about natural treatments... that's scary to me.
We're a world where medicine makes money
& the more medicine you're on, the more medicine you need.
Facts are facts
& people don't want to look at facts about nutrition
I don't understand why people are so easy to ignore this
I want to know everything I can about it
I had to run into Walgreens for a quick pick up
.... I've learned I can't run into Walgreens for anything quick...
I usually get side tracked by make up, or vitamins
yesterday, it was the Office Supply aisle.
Ohh... cute notebook... must have..
which means a new pen.. must have..
Office supplies gets me every time
I forgot my phone at home Wednesday
...I've never felt so lost in my life...
I drove to the bank at lunch & was scared to death my car would break down.
I stopped & got lunch.  I told Ricky that I stopped in the parking lot to get my food out & these suspicious looking group of people were walking by (everyone looked suspicious when I didn't have my phone) & I thought, "I need to call Ricky if they try to attack me"
Ricky said, "You wouldn't have time to get your phone & dial me anyways"
My response? "Yeah, but I could call you after to complain about it to you - that's what phones are for"
Speaking of phones
Slamming A Phone Shut Was Awesome Stuff…

So sweet....
Some days you get ice cream... some days you don't

Need to show this to our new grandbaby William :)

 I'm really glad you're here



  1. I talked about smart phones today too! haha

    Loved the Kid President video. So much truth there and it was just plain fun.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Environment and toxins, man all that freaks me out. But it's so true! Happy weekend girl!

  3. It's so crazy how lost we feel without our phones haha!

    ALSO, i'm so sad that I quit watching scandal. I got so far behind and I really need to get caught up!

  4. We have gone back to a lot of fresh food and very little pre-packaged foods because of the salt and sugar contents. Have always been a firm believer in natural products instead of a lot of pills.

  5. I've been known to 'go back' for my phone.
    Yesterday I was in an antique mall and saw an old princess style phone! I so wanted to buy it but it was blue. I love the old phones!

  6. I might have already knew this and then just now relearned it, but you are from Kentucky? I just moved here from Pennsylvania this past October! UK and U of L is so big here and I'm just not used to anything like that!

  7. So excited about the game tonight!! Wouldn't miss it!

  8. Can we talk about who got shot on Scandal? I literally NEVER cry because of movies/shows... didn't even cry during Titanic or The Notebook - but I cried at the end of that episode.

  9. I REALLY want to get healthy!!! It is so crazy what they put in our food supplies nowadays. CRAZINESS!!

    The Kid President

    I've never seen Scandal. Again, yes I do live under a rock.

    Love you girl ~~ dawn

  10. After watching all of Season 1 and getting up to date on Season 2 of The Following, I was convinced the couple outside of Starbucks the other morning were 2 of them.
    Oh, how I LOVE Office Supplies! And Home Depot/Lowes!

  11. I hear you on that phone-less feeling. I forgot my phone one morning when I went to DD's. I leave at 6:30 in the morning so the only ones who need to call me are DD or DH and both (obviously) know DD's land line number. And who would I need to call ... but I could use DD's land line if I needed to make a call. So why did I feel like I was lost all morning? ha!

  12. I love this so much - mostly because, it takes my brain a few seconds - when I'm poking the phone in an angry rage - I usually forget that the person on the other end has no idea. So, no need for all the drama on my end. HA

    Without my phone, I am lost. That is sad.

  13. I've become kind of paranoid about chemicals on my food, and I can easily taste them on produce. I'm equally grossed out by the thought of grocery store boys' hands touching my food. That said, I try to eat only "real" food.

    The Kid President video isn't there for me, just so you know...

    Thanks for linking up! Stay tuned for a special post next week regarding a little celebration of the 300th FF post! Have a great weekend.

  14. That was a crazy game last night! I had Louisville going to the championship.. so there goes my bracket!


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