Monday, March 10, 2014

The weekend that made me RUN to the running store...

Today is going to be a rough day.  Its bad enough the time change & how that gets to me, but Sydney had a bad night last night so I only got about 3 hours sleep.  I don't function well with no sleep.  So I need to wear a warning around my neck to stay a good distant back.

Here's the look of the rest of my weekend:

* I found another drink at Starbucks I find disgusting.  It was actually warmer out & I went for my first "iced" drink.  I got a skinny iced mocha latte.  OH MY GOSH. I gagged so bad, I thought I was going to loose it in my car.  I couldn't take more then 2 sips before I had to find a garbage can.  Its so depressing to throw away a Starbucks drink.

Argo Tea for the save...
I had to wash that taste away

* Love our Backyard program we have at our church for Children's Ministry.  Its so much fun, even for adults.  I was really hoping my nieces were going to make it this time, but they didn't.  I felt like a kid at Christmas that got passed over by Santa.  I kept looking at the door waiting & waiting... drats...

* Woke up Saturday & didn't make to the Rodes City 10K... that's my favorite race so I was so bummed.  I wasn't sure where I was going to be - in town or not - so I didn't register & then when we found out I would be around, the price raised to $60... I couldn't pay $60 for a 10k...

* Ricky had to go feed the horses & we took Sydney with us for an outing.  She loved the wind blowing in her face... even if she had to hold her poor leg up the whole time in the car. (Makes me want to cry)

Keeping an eye out for my mom's cats

* It was nice out so a run outside... YES!  It was cooler then I expected though.  & my "long run" was actually taken back this week to 4 miles - which my feet were thankful for.  I just love being back outside though.

* Why, WHY did we take Harvey to get a bath last weekend?  He was mud covered from nose to toes.  A complete mess.  Boys will be boys.

BEFORE he got mud covered

* Got done with my run & that ache in the bottom of my foot was too much.  Ricky said he needed new shoes himself (That's what happens when you walk about 75 miles a WEEK!) ... so we headed to the running store.  I'm excited to try my first new pair of Brooks... this isn't a color I usually go for, but its about comfort, not style. (I can't believe I said that)

Media preview

* This sign was in the store - I loved it & want to take it home...

Media preview

* Watched "A few good men" to have Ricky recite almost EVERY line in the movie.  I need to put on Grease 2 so I can do the same thing.

* Stupid time change...

* We had our small group.  These people make the best lunches. A quiche, a strawberry/feta cheese/pecan salad, vegetable soup... I'm the slacker of the group, but I make up in my eating skills.

* I need to live blog "Once Upon a Time"... it would look something like this (Don't read if you haven't watched yet)
  • Hook is still hot
  • Sleeping Beauty pregnant!
  • Snow & Regina are going to be besties!!!
  • Holy Flying Monkey!  They can turn into humans? ... & you can date them?
  • Another pregnancy?  Glad they worked one in the show
  • Is this an episode of LOST?  What is happening???

* I really liked the new show "Resurrection" ... Ricky is stating now, he thinks its all an alien invasion.

* The black outs in Revenge is getting old & very 80's Dynasty sorta move. 

So how was your weekend! 
Time change getting to you?


  1. I so love your snazzy new running shoes! Now that the weather is warming back up, I'm looking forward to heading to the park, again! Of course, it's supposed to rain for the next couple of days, then drop back down to the upper 50's...BOO! I watched "Resurrection" last night and I have to wonder, though it was a good show, do you think it's another attack on Christianity by Hollywood? Maybe I'm reading too much into it.

  2. I have a few go-to drinks at Starbucks and I never stray from them, but I did give up Starbucks/Dunkin Donuts for lent, so, of course, I'm craving anything from that place right now haha! I am getting sooo excited for warmer weather! It was 45 and sunny yesterday here which was AMAZING!

  3. DH and I got new shoes this weekend. Not running shoes, of course. Ha! Hope Sidney has a better night tonight.

  4. I had to say what just happened several times during Revenge. They seem to be in fast-forward to close up story lines that were stupid (Patrick burning studio so he could kill his father?) but I'm curious where the blackouts are leading us.

  5. I like the color of your new shoes. Cool!

    So sorry Sydney had a bad night. Hope she's feeling better today. Hope your day gets better too.

    No, I do not like the time change. I just could not get out of bed this morning. Hate it.

  6. I LOVE your new shoes!! Oh do tell how you do with them. Would love to know.

    Poor Sydney =( It just makes me SO sad.

    Time change makes me feel like I could sleep a week. But I ellipticalled for 45 mins today, and had more energy while doing it than I expected. Yeah, so there time change. But I must say YAY for more day light. Sir Cuteness is digging it. More bike riding time. =)

    Hugs friend ~~ dawn

  7. Do you like chai tea latte's? Try an iced one from Starbucks sometime... sooo good. Hope you can get caught up on that sleep tonight!

  8. Starbucks iced vanilla coffee is one of my faves...of course, I have 2% milk added and some sugar :) Sorry you didn't like your is a shame to throw one away...

    Funny...I have always worn Brooks and LOVE, love them...just a few weeks ago I switched to Saucony and LOVE, love them! I still love Brooks, but the Saucony seems to fit my narrow foot a little better.

    Time change...ugh! Not only am I a grump, so are both of my kids...we are going to bed early tonight :)

    Grease 2...I too can recite every line..."from the front this nose does not belong on this face"...ha!

    Get some rest...I'll say a prayer for you and for sweet Sydney...

  9. Haha...I think I messed up the Grease 2 line...evidently I don't know it as well as I thought...I think I need to watch it AGAIN :)

  10. I know exactly why that Starbucks drink was nasty. Because you ordered it SKINNY! What were you THINKING, woman?! ;P

  11. Walking 75 miles in a week? Wow, someone is busy!

    My mom LOVES Brooks shoes and has several pairs. She normally wears the black and purple ones but she just got those exact same ones you have in the mail today!

  12. Walking 75 miles in a week? Wow, someone is busy!

    My mom LOVES Brooks shoes and has several pairs. She normally wears the black and purple ones but she just got those exact same ones you have in the mail today!

  13. So jealous of you shoes! :) I have been wanting some new running shoes, but until I actually prove myself as a runner, we're holding out.


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