Thursday, March 27, 2014


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03.20.14 Pooper Scooper
How's that for a first picture to be thankful for?
But hey - with 4 dogs in a yard, if we ever want to walk around normally instead of tip toeing everywhere, well, let's just say, I ain't picking stuff up with my hands.
This little thing is a LOT to be thankful for.
03.21.14 Free Starbucks Drink
My favorite thing about being a Gold Card Holder are the free drinks you get after so many visits.  It's always a dilemma for me to figure out what I'm going to get.
Do you go for the Trenta of yummy goodness... which usually equals to about 750 calories... ouch!
Nope - I stuck with a healthy 100 calorie, but equally yummy drink of Very Berry Hibiscus.  Even stuck to the Venti Size.
03.22.14 William in my arms
Finally got to hold this little man in my arms.
Newborn babies are the best because you can just hold them & stare at them
& they just lay & stare back... & hopefully no spit up happens there either.
By the way, I made it out spit up free!  SCORE!  Something else to be thankful for :)
03.23.14 Tablet Cover
Went to meet up with my next Bride & discuss wedding goodies & took my tablet with me.  Totally forgot that I had bought this tablet cover from Avon like a year earlier... before I even HAD a tablet. How's that for wishful thinking?
But it was so darn cute, I had to have it.
I just love that green.  The picture doesn't even do it justice.  Its that Kelly Green.
I want to carry my tablet everywhere now.
03.24.14 Veggie Chili on a Cold Winter Spring Evening
I can't believe how cold it is again...
but the perfect reason to have hot chili...
& yes, we use Super Hero bowls around our house
... only because they don't make Disney Princess ones :)
03.25.14 My Buddy
We don't take for granted one day that we get to spend with Sydney.
I was watching TV & looked down & saw her looking up at me.
Made me wonder if she appreciates every day she gets to spend with us too.
03.26.14 Purple Day for Emily
It was Purple Day to support those with Epilepsy
& of course, I have to find some purple to put on.
Surprisingly, I don't have much purple in my closet - I need to change that.
But I'm so thankful for the progress that our friend's daughter, Emily is making with her battle with this condition.  It's thanks to Medical Marijuana that has made the difference... & thanks first & foremost to God.  We know that.
My friends had to pack up & move to Colorado to change their daughter's life... & it has... it's changed all of their lives.
How people don't support medical marijuana - its beyond me.  Let someone in their family NEED it to save their life & see how quick they finally look at research of it & see what it can do...
Ignorance is stupid
How's that for the smartest sentence in the world!
Here's my incredible friends with their AMAZING daughter!
That sweet face is the face of medical marijuana working
What are you thankful for this week?


  1. So much goodness in this post! The very berry hibiscus is one of my favorite warm weather drinks-- sounds sooo good right now even though it's still kind of freezing :) Such a sweet picture of you with your grandson! Also, thank you for promoting epilepsy awareness! Admittedly, it's something I don't know very much about, but am thankful to learn about awareness!

  2. LOL, the pooper scooper, love it. I'm sharing about my free Starbucks drink tomorrow, I had the same thing :)

  3. I can totally understand why you would be thankful for a pooper scooper! Love that picture of you and William. And I had no idea it was epilepsy day yesterday! My brother had it when he was young but thankfully grew out of it or whatever the right term would be for that. Happy Thursday!

  4. We need a pooper scooper here! What do we use? A big ol' shovel! You and your little about a perfect combination!

  5. Rebecca! That picture of you and William! You look so beautiful and radiant.
    No Spit up?! Congrats! :)

    I think Sydney enjoys and appreciates her time with you. She knows what an awesome dog mommy you are.

    Great! Now I want a Hibiscus drink!

  6. I LOVE how you did your TT - what a good idea :)

    Prayers for Emily. I'm glad she's coming out a fighter!!

    I am so sorry to hear about your precious Sydney <3 Praying for her. Makes me want to go home and hug my pups. xoxo

  7. Yes, a pooper scooper!! I do not want to mess with giant Maxi poo! My Aunt struggles with epilepsy & my uncle is currently using medical marijuanna to battle cancer. Seriously, ignorance is infuriating & cancer sucks!! (For human & fur babies)

  8. That's it! I'm buying you princess cups. Mostly because I think it would be THE BOMB for you AND your hubs to use them. ;)

    Yay for little Emily! Yay for God's provision! Yay for extra days with Sydney AND pooper scoopers. Oh yeah!

    Thankful for my son's smiles to blow away the dark days, my daughter's snuggles, that we're way past the spit-up stages, and that I can walk and move my body.


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