Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Why Noah makes Christians look bad

I'm excited about the movie Noah coming out.

We saw a glimpse of the previews back in August at Women of Faith... one of the first previews allowed out... & I was pumped! 

Russell Crowe!  Jennifer Connelly! ... HERMOINE!!!!

Big stars in a BIG production of a Bible story... I am so excited.

& now its ready to come out, & what happens?  Controversy.  Debate.  Arguments.

I don't get it...

If you haven't heard, people have their angry eyes on because they say that the movie isn't exactly "Biblically correct".  There is too much artistic interpretation about it in some people's views.

Well, to that, I say, there hasn't been ONE Biblical movie that has been exactly like the Bible says.

if you think about it, even "Passion" - one of the biggest Biblical movies - it has artistic interpretation.  No where in the Bible does it say anything about Mary having images of a child Jesus falling to the ground at the same time she saw him falling to his knees with the cross on his back... or when it showed her above the cell that held Jesus & she knelt & put her head to the ground... that's all movie production.

I didn't read anywhere about this scene in the Bible
And Noah has movie production in it as well...

But what if someone... ONE PERSON... sees this story & thinks, "I want to see where they got this story from"... & they open up a Bible or they look up the Bible online & read it...

& what if they want to know more & read on...

But people, I feel, want to put on their "Christian hat" & stand up & say, "nope, that's not how the story goes".. & refuses to go support a movie that is out of the Bible.

That's sad to me...

If you think about it, if you ever hear a sermon in a church or on the radio, or even reading a Christian book - its all about personal interpretation.  I mean, I just did a whole 25 minute lesson to the kids on one verse...

Abraham BELIEVED the Lord, & he credited to him as righteousness.
~Genesis 15:6

A whole lesson on BELEIVING in the Lord... off of one verse.

Do you think I added my own thoughts on it? ...of course.
Do we listen to others put their own opinions & thoughts on it?... all the time.
Does that mean everyone is right in their own view?  Of course not...

But I think when the Bible gets attention, its an opening we can take to have GOOD discussions about - support it - get people talking about the Bible & the amazing things God has done...

Not focus on things, that in the BIG PICTURE of God working, doesn't matter...

Now, I haven't seen the movie yet... & I may see it & come back & say, That movie was the stupidest movie I've ever seen in my life...
But I'm going to see it & form my own opinion... & that's OK.... that's OK for everyone.

I'm just not grasping the point of Christians arguing about a movie about the Bible before anyone's seen it.

Isn't the world against Christians & anything focusing on the Bible already.  We don't need to help the world along with their quest.

I didn't see anyone out protesting & arguing on the radio about The Muppet Movie, or Divergent... but Christians?  We find a way to argue amongst our own about God's story that was played out from the beginning of time...

Its like my parents have always told me... Christians can turn more people away from God then anyone else...

I am excited about the movie... even knowing that Noah never had a daughter.  But still knowing God created this flood & this promise to His people... & I'm going to take in the visual of how that MAY have looked...

Anyone else going to see Noah?

What's your favorite Biblical movie?


  1. Morning Rebecca,Yes yes yes. I totally agree. The Bible is one's own interpretation and often imagination.So are movies.So are plays.But great scholars,philosophers,and intellectuals have interpreted the Bible for us. AND the Bible is based on many historical and scientific facts. It is the (Or one) of the oldest written/recorded works and eye witness account of ancient times. Delivered by man but through God's own words.The movie "is" mans story. We must "not" compare man to God.Simple fact.But like Jesus did when accused of crimes He did not commit,He was silent about it.He was humble and refused to argue anymore about the subject. Because He was fulfilling prophecy.He simply had no choice if He was to die for our sins so that we may be saved.Like water off a duck's back we can choose to ignore the protest. People,there's Pharisees among us,they do exist, that will stir up the pot.Not for God's glory,but their own.I want to see the movie.I might wait until it comes out online or CD. But I will see it. The doubtful and know-it-alls will not deter me. I may however,since I don't care to look upon snakes,close my eyes on that part of the movie. Love ya tons sweet friend,Godly woman, teacher of The Word.= > Have a blessed day.

  2. Those are some really good thoughts. Thank you for sharing. I haven't decided if I'm going to see it or not. But if not at the theater, I'll at least try to see it on DVD.

    Probably "One Night With the King" is one of my favorites. And yes, it deviates from the Bible too.

  3. I totally agree. I think Christians do themselves and their message (well, God's message, but you know what I mean) a disservice by getting all crazy about stuff like this. OF COURSE it's not going to be biblically correct. It's Hollywood, people! Now, I would get mad if they just totally jacked up the story completely, but it's like any book that's turned into a movie. It's not going to be the best thing ever. I do think it's cool that they're using these stories to make such big feature films. Hopefully people will check out the real story and then head to church! ;)

  4. You bring up so many good points here. It's so sad that Christians would try and tear this movie down when it brings the possibility of having so many different conversations. We rarely go see movies in the theater but I'm hoping to see this at some point!

  5. Sorry, but I disagree. The Bible is God's Word and when Hollywood uses events from the Bible that actually happened, such as Noah and the flood, I think it should stick with the Biblical account. When people see a movie, they tend to think that is how it happened, especially people not grounded in the Word. Personally, I'd rather go see "God's Not Dead." By the way, loved Divergent!

  6. I couldn't agree more Rebecca! I get so mad when people WASTE time debating such ridiculous things!

    My favorite Bible story is that of queen Esther. The movie One Night With the King is my all time favorite!!! It is not completely accurate to the Bible either, but I know how to read and I know the difference between the Bible and cinematography. I love that the time was taken to portray such a beautiful love story between the king and queen and Esther and her people. God is so amazing!

  7. I agree with you, Rebecca. Sure, maybe it will be sensationalized, and maybe it won't be exactly like the Bible, but no story ever is. I remember hearing the Christmas Story as a young child and thinking it was most beautiful story there was. Then when I was a little older I read the actual account in Luke, and there was so much missing to the story I had first heard! But every story is like that-- open to your own interpretation.

  8. I'm with you. Any movie that portrays anything from the Bible might get people talking about the Bible. No body will ever get it completely right. Movies are entertainment, not documentaries. I'm planning to see Noah, b/c I like the actors in it. I don't expect it to be factual, and that's OK.

  9. Word! "Christians turn more people away from God than anyone else." A to the men. Let's enjoy a cinematic feat for exactly what it is... and pray that maybe even ONE life will be inspired to dig in between those two leather flaps to see what God is really all about!

  10. We're Catholic so we don't do literal, but there were people hemming and hawing in the movie theater. I am curious, what did you think?


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