Monday, March 24, 2014

The weekend that we got to hold Will....


* Ever forget you have to go to the bank because your mind is just about getting to Starbucks? ... yeah... me too... I remembered after I sucked down the last bit of my drink.  Sorry, but Starbucks is my celebration on Friday after work.

* It was so beautiful Friday.  A taste of Spring.... just a taste.... & I headed to the park to do my run because I knew the weekend was going to be busy. I think everyone else thought of the same idea. It was swamped.

Even the ducks were out...
& dared you to make them move

* I was on a mission to clean my kitchen... & it took me 2 hours. Geez.  Its amazing how out of control counter tops can get with papers & magazines & just plain junk.  I even moved everything around & put up some appliances to give more room.  I just stared, with my droopy sleepy eyes, afterwards & appreciated the work done.  (Because I know its going to be short lived)


* Nashville bound!!!!

* Stopped at Panera on the way for breakfast on the road.  I got their granola strawberry yogurt parfait.  Can I just buy that granola on its own?  it was like little bites of heaven in my mouth!!!

* What is it about sitting in a car for 3 hours that exhausts you?

* So before I got to love on Will, I had to be attacked by Superman guns from my other cutie pie G-Boys ...

* Isaac always had since he was a little tiny baby, made the cutest faces... I love an expressive kid...

* Here's what it was all about... getting our hands on William.  Its so freaky because he looks exactly like Isaac did when he was little.  Its like a time warp of some sort...

Ricky with his 3rd grandson... where does the time go

* We can't go to Nashville & not stop into Sip... its the only place we've still found dark hot chocolate with a shot of espresso... yum!!!

worth driving 3 hours just to drink this

* It was amazing the difference in Nashville then at home.  They actually had GREEN grass & buds on trees... I was so jealous.

* Julie wouldn't let me take Will home with us... dang it.
He's so adorably perfect

* We had to head home the same day because Sydney needed her medicine & we couldn't leave her over night... so back on the road for a late drive home. 

* I was car sick from the minute we got on the expressway, all the way home.  That was the longest 3 hours of my life....


* I woke up STILL a little nauseated... car sickness ain't no joke.

* WHAT THE HECK... it was freezing outside... Spring is a myth in these parts.

* Merge!  I laughed so hard.  We were playing Catch Phrase with the kids & the word was "Fire fighter" .. you know you can't say any part of the word.  This kid said, "He fights fires"... sometimes you just have to shake your head at kids that don't know how to play games. My mom had me playing every kind of card game, board game, game game, that existed when I was just learning to speak... so when kids don't understand how to play an easy game, it blows my mind.  I have to laugh at some of the kids.

* Got to meet with my next bride whose wedding is in 2 weeks.  She is the most laid back bride I have ever met.  Its an outdoor wedding & with the weird weather we've been having, her mom was freaking out ... the bride?  Just kept saying, "Its going to be OK... its going to work out"... I love a bride who doesn't take things too seriously.

* My copy of Frozen was in the mail from the day before!! YES!!!!!!

* It was National Puppy Day... Ricky kept saying Harvey isn't a puppy... he's not even a year old, so I say he is... heck, I think our 13 yr old Sydney is still a puppy...

* Staying away from Ricky... UK playing... He ran out of the room a half dozen times screaming, "I'm going to pass out"... "I'm going to have a heart attack"... nice

* I'm all caught up with The Walking Dead that I now can watch it on tv... CLAIMED!

* We had to crank up the heat over night... this is ridiculous

How was your weekend?

By the way - I picked a winner this morning for my book giveaway on Friday...

the winner?  Deidre from Raising Future Esthers ... yippee!!! 


  1. Oh, that baby!!! I want to hold him! :)

  2. Oh my gosh!!! Will is ADORABLE!!! What a happy little baby! Looks like you had a great weekend. I STILL need to buy Frozen!

  3. Oh my, he is absolutely adorable. How could you stand to leave any one of the 3. I think I would have to sneak them into my car. haha

    Congrats to Deidre!!!

  4. So, so cute! And that dark hot chocolate with espresso sounds amazing. We woke up to snow on Sunday, too - almost an inch and it was not appreciated!!

  5. Somehow I KNEW the baby was going to be in a post today! What a beautiful baby! The other 2 grandkids aren't too shabby, either!

  6. Will is just ADORABLE!!!!!! Oh my GOODNESS!!!!!!!! I'm jealous of your Panera... I've been craving it for weeks now!


    that baby is adorable! And why do I never think of Panera when I'm hungry? I love that place!

  8. I am so glad we can discuss Walking Dead now! Darryl can CLAIM me any day....

    My new addiction is Downton Abbey. I have been binge watching it for the last three days, and I just started season three. Love that drama!

  9. Will is just plain adorable!!! I love the picture of Ricky holding him.

    We got snow overnight here ... but I can't complain because a year ago yesterday, we had a foot of snow.

  10. Can those sweeties be any cuter (that includes Harvey)? :)

  11. That baby is adorable!!! I love the picture of Ricky holding him. You guys are blessed!!!


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