Thursday, March 20, 2014


Another week to be Thankful....
03.13.14 - Women's Running Magazine
I get excited every time this one comes in... its my favorite.
Full of great info & not a 'beauty' magazine that makes you feel bad about yourself, but real people who run & strive for fitness.
03.14.14 - Cloth Grocery Bags
I love these for a few reasons.  One, of course, save the planet!  Do what you can do make a difference.  Two, they don't fall over on the drive home where the grocery plastic bags, everything rolls out of them.  Three, they are so much easier to carry in.  Four, they hold a LOT. All this would probably have taken double in plastic bags.
If you don't use them - change & go get some. You won't regret it.
03.15.14 - Warmth before cold
It was so beautiful this day... warm, sunny... perfect to sit outside for a little bit & enjoy the warmth & read my book with my dogs next to me...
enjoyed it while I could because the next day it was below freezing & snowing again.
03.16.14 Pastor Harvey
I've talked about this through the week, but thankful that Ricky was willing to go get Harvey for me during my lesson (which meant he missed it) & thankful that Harvey did OK in front of all the people. 
I can admit for him, he was thankful his daddy was there to hold him & protect him in front of all the kids.  He'd never been around that many people at once before.
03.17.14 - IT'S BACK!!!!!
I'm the biggest Dancing with the Stars nut
& am THRILLED about this year.
I may have to do a post about it... may even have to LIVE BLOG it again
(Sorry dad)
03.18.14 - Her Spot
This is where Sydney has always loved to lay.  Its near the air vent, its in between the bar & bar stools where we eat (great for catching crumbs) & she can get the light on her face from the window.  She hasn't been able to get there for awhile because she has to stay on carpet for her leg... we have rugs laid out everywhere for paths to get her to every part of the house, but how do you lay rugs down here?  So she hadn't been laying there... but she managed to squeeze in there & enjoy her spot again.
Made me smile to see her there.
03.19.14 - Edit Software
Its amazing the difference it makes in a picture...
so thankful I can take an 'ordinary' picture & make it into something beautiful with just a few clicks of a mouse.
What are you thankful for this week?


  1. Is there seriously anything better than warm weather?! Happy Thursday :)

  2. I usually don't watch DWTS, but I'm excited to hear CCB is on there! She's a great example of a woman doing it right in Hollywood and love her stance on modesty.

  3. We have a bag tax here so we pretty much have to use reusable bags-- even though the plastic are only 5 cents I feel like they're sooo cheaply made you can forget about holding anything semi-heavy! I've used them for so long, it seems weird that people use plastic regularly still! Reading outside in the sun is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable things ever I think!

  4. I've been curious about that'll have to let us know what you think.

  5. I have a couple bags, but never remember to use them. Could be because I'm always using them for something else. lol

    Love the pic of Sydney.

  6. I am rootin' for Candace all the her! My guess is that Billy Dee Williams will be the first to go. Poor fella! Sweet, sweet Sydney!

  7. I actually don't think I'm going to watch DWTS this season. I love it, too... but the premiere has been sitting on my DVR and I'm just not even excited to watch it for some reason. :/

  8. I am so crazy excited about Dancing with the Stars! I haven't been able to watch it but I've seen a couple of clips and it looks like it is going to be amazing!

  9. Love Candace! My friend lives in LA and actually babysits for her. She say she's just as sweet as she seems :) I need to get some of those cloth grocery bags! The amount of plastic ones I have leftover under my sink is a little embarrassing!

  10. It is so hard to know what magazine is actually a good one! So many are a waste of time. I love running so I might have to get that magazine! Thanks for sharing :) I have a collection of cute cloth bags... I love them!


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