Wednesday, July 06, 2016

A herding dog, fireworks, & how many Belle's can you see? ....Project Life Week 5

I was reading in the book I'm into right now yesterday & the main character carries around a disposable camera.  I loved that.  She said that she wanted everyone to see how she saw the world.
I thought, that's exactly what I'm doing.
Another pretty cool name for this project... How I See the World

I think I need to start a new hashtag.

Anyways - here's how I saw the world this past week

I love churches.  All denominations, all shapes, all the details.
This church?  I drive by it every day going to work.
I love the stained glass windows. Something you don't see a lot of lately.
For the record, my dad will be happy - its a Baptist church.



This was surgery day for Ricky.  After he got home & slept most of the afternoon away, he wanted to go sit outside & play Sequence.  He'd lay the card down & tell me where to put the chip so he didn't have to stretch.  I love you can still see his hospital bracelet on.



I was so upset I had to work on Friday & leave Ricky at home.  But being the only one there for the first few hours of the day, I took some pictures to show where I spent most of my life at.


... & this is where I sit for 9 hours a day.  My little world right there in this little section of a building.
I had to laugh when I saw this because I'll issue a challenge - how many Belle's or Beauty & the Beast things can you see?
There are 7... really 8 but you can't make it out, I just know its there.  But I think you can easily see 7 Beauty & the Beast things there.



All the fireworks were being set off on Saturday in case of bad weather for the 4th of July.
My parent's neighbors put on a really big shin-dig every year ... & as you can see, my parent's patio is the best seat in the house.




I loved how this took.
The shutter speed was set for low & I love the effect it gave.
Totally reminds me of something magical or super natural happening here.



I had my paints out for my Bible Journal.
All the colors... so beautiful.



Everyone thought the 4th of July was going to be a wash out around here.
The morning started out with HORRIBLE rain.
I've not seen water stand so much the entire 15 years we've lived here.
The roads were covered, the driveway had water streaming down it & here's our back yard.
I was ready to pull out my wader boots.


.... but right before it got dark, the skies cleared up.
Just in time for things to dry up & let everyone pop fireworks all around.
The sky was so beautiful too - it was just a gorgeous pastel color.
I love a beautiful sky after a rain.  It's was just so crisp & clear.
... there's a life lesson in there.



Harvey Dent knows he's not supposed to be in this room, much less on this chair.
But every time he gets on there, he loves laying on my lambs.
I always say its his Australian Shepherd & herding instincts that kick in every time.

#LambsUnderControl  #Herder

So which one is your favorite this week?

Did you get some firework pics?

Do you think churches are beautiful too?


  1. I love that we finally get to see the place you are so anxious to leave at 4pm on Friday afternoons! You have a beautiful office and 2 large windows. That should count for something!

    Our 4th was just the opposite of your. It was beautiful all day and then it rained at night. I don't know if any firework shows got rained out or not. We didn't plan to go as we knew we needed to e on "lock down mode" with Baylee so she didn't go crazy. We saw a bit of a show from our house like we've been seeing all weekend long, so that was nice. Our community fireworks are this coming Saturday and they are literally some of the best fireworks around!
    PS, tell Ricky I love the game Sequence but I can never get anyone to play it with me :(

  2. Oh just look at those fantastic firework photos! How wonderful. A huge Happy Independence Day to you and your family..I hope the rain didnt leave too much damage.

    What does pup think about the fireworks? Thankfully mine isn't too bad with them and likes to watch from the windows on bonfire night :)

    Oooh, also, are stained glass windows not a common thing over in the US?? I think 99% of churches here has it. We have 5 in our town and they are all very, very old buildings with stunning stained glass! I shall have to get some photos to show you :)


    1. You dont see many stained glass windows as much as you used to - the newer churches are more modern... but I love finding old churches that have been around awhile & their beautiful structures & windows.

  3. your office looks so tidy. whenever i get to work and look at my desk, it's like a bomb went off. but then i look at my coworkers desk and it's worse than mine so that makes me feel better :)

    hope Ricky is feeling better!

  4. I seriously can't get over how gorgeous your dogs are!

    I love your little work space! It's so YOU. My office has some fox stuff and pictures in it to make it a little more homey. Yay for personal space at work!

  5. I love Sequence but nobody around here ever wants to play. If I was closer I'd volunteer to play as much as Ricky wanted during his recovery. :)

  6. I love all the firework pictures. I didn't manage to get any myself, we were driving home from a party, but we did see snippets of like 10 different towns shows. I think what I like best about firework pictures is a lot of it is really right time right place, right finger time reaction. There isn't quite any way to know exactly when they'll look best, so, it's sort of a game of chance, which makes great fireworks pictures that much more special.

  7. I really love the picture of your paints! I don't know why, it just sticks out to me! And Harvey Dent laying his head on the lamb is too cute! That church is really cool, I love brick buildings and cool windows, and I like that it's not a 'typical' church shape.

  8. Oh my gosh those shots of the fireworks are GORGEOUS! You could frame those,seriously! I love fireworks, haha I'm such a kid.

  9. Oh my goodness! The photo of Harvey cuddling the lambs is so adorable! And the fireworks pictures are gorgeous. Love that the skies cleared right before dark. There's a message in that for sure!

  10. I love that photo of the paints, so pretty! And of course, the photo of Harvey Dent with his lamb :) That may be the cutest thing I've seen today.

  11. Those fireworks photos are gorgeous!!
    I've never seen that game before but it looks really interesting! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  12. Love churches, I photograph them often. I really get sad if I see a cool one and have no camera!!
    Loved your firework shots, but Harvey Dent herding was my personal favorite.

  13. I always love all of your photos and it was fun seeing where you work! Your office is much neater than mine! Glad Ricky is healing and feeling like being outside! Keeping you both in my prayers!

  14. love the peak into your week. I saw some Belles!! Aw, Harvey Dent herding the lambs, hehe. I miss fireworks in the country--my childhood right there.

  15. Girl! Those firework pictures. You really did have the best seat in the house. I am a SUCKER for fireworks. So pretty <3

  16. Love the paints photo! And I'm a bit envious of your two windows at work. I have to lean to look out the one in the hallway, but still only see the side of the A/C unit and wires. I'm a sucker for old churches too -- I was thinking about how few new churches have the stained glass windows now and how many start-up churches are in old warehouses or schools, etc. BUT, there's a life lesson there too -- God meets us wherever we are, amiright? Pretty windows or none at all. :) Hope Ricky is feeling better!

  17. I love a clearing sky after a big storm.

    I am usually not a fireworks pic fan but yours are really good.

  18. It looks like you had a pretty good weekend with all things considered. I love fireworks pictures. Great job. I am so glad the rain cleared up by the time it was time for fireworks.

  19. wow, your firework pictures are amazing!! how cute is harvey with his lambs. definitely an aussie there haha


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