Thursday, July 07, 2016

Pies, Neighbors & a Dog day out ... Thankful Thursday #79

This week I am THANKFUL for:
{The numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal - in other words, ignore them}

582 / Board Games.  I've always been a fan of them but they have been great to distract with the nerves before the surgery & to pass time after Ricky's surgery.  My momma raised me right giving me a love of all things games.


585 / Surgery went well.  It's always nerve wrecking when someone you love goes into surgery, even for something that seems routine & easy.  I was never more thankful than when the doc came out & said "everything went well"

586 / Early Appointment Time.  I was complaining when my alarm went off at 4:30am to go to the hospital, but I was SOOOOO glad we were out of the hospital fairly early - especially after seeing all the people waiting to register & how crowded the waiting rooms were getting, much less the horrible parking lot the hospital has.  One less thing to stress over.

587 / Twin Power.  My dad knows Ricky has a love for his pies so when he had the twins with him that morning, he had the girls help make some pies for Ricky along with some cards.  Those cards really made Ricky's day - & the pies filled his belly.  But with twins, everything is in 2's... pies included.  Ricky wasn't sad about that one bit.

Notice the UK border around the card :) 
588 / Medicine didn't break the bank.  Think my insurance is bad?  Ricky's isn't great either... so we were nervous what the total was going to be to get his prescriptions filled.  Luckily, they were wayyyy lower than we thought it was going to be.  Now, to get him to TAKE the medicine is another issue we won't get into.

590 / Security Cameras. Didn't I mention last week how they helped us find a lost item?  This week, I'm even more thankful for these cameras.  I so hated I had to work on Friday, but at least I kept the cameras up to watch Ricky at home & make sure he was OK.  A few times, I saw him move really slow or act funny & I was quick on the phone getting an update from him.

592 / Neighbors giving a heads up.  Our newest neighbors had got in touch with me to check on Ricky & they wanted to let us know they were having friends over & was going to shoot off fireworks. A heads up for our fur babies. I really appreciated that.  I ended up keeping Bruno in the furthest room & cranked up the TV - he was totally fine all night long.

593 / Bruno Time.  Ricky wanted some Taco Bell for lunch so I have been happy to oblige.  & this time, I decided to give my Bruno some personal time & go for a ride. He loves to go Bye Bye.  He was one happy camper to ride & look out the window. I even stopped at McDonalds & got him a kid's french fry & let him eat every one of them on the way home.  It made me so happy to see him so happy.  It wore him out too - when we got home, with that fully belly, he took a good ole long nap.

Took my grumpy old man with me for a lunch run for the recovering patient. ❤ #dogdayout #brunodean #rjvdogs #cairnterrier #grumpyoldman #messyhair #meandhim:

594 / BEAUTIFUL DAYS! If there was ever a perfect time for some beautiful days, it was this weekend.  It allowed Ricky & I to sit outside on the back porch & play games & sit & talk & just give Ricky a new place to sit & heal. He gets so confined sitting in the house so fresh air was a great escape.  If it was hot & humid (like it is now) he would have been even more irritated at having to stay down.

595 / Everyone who checked in on Ricky. I am so thankful for all the messages & emails & calls checking on Ricky.  It really does me a lot to me to know there are people in the world that care for us.  I have to give my buddy Nathalie a special shout out for texting me every day checking in on "our patient" & helping me with ideas to help his cough in a good natural way.  Don't tell me blog friendships aren't a real thing.

596 / Front row seats to fireworks.  I love we get to enjoy the beautiful fireworks scenes from the comfort of my parent's porch. Thanks dad's neighbors.

598 / Dull blade. I went to cut an avocado with a knife & I wasn't holding it that great, & the knife slid & punctured me right in the hand with the point.  In all honesty, this is the dullest knife & if it were sharp, I would have done some good damage to my hand - exactly what we didnt need nor have time for. So I'm really thankful for our old knives on that day.

ON a side note - DONT DONT DONT Google
"Cutting Avocado Accidents"
ohhhh myyyy goodnessss
I may never cut another avocado again in my life

600 / Holiday.  Again, perfect timing. I'm so glad I was able to have 3 days at home with Ricky while he was recovering.

601 / Good & thoughtful Neighbors.  Yep, more neighbor goodness. Our neighbors on the other side have been so good to us all the years we've lived in our house! I was out back & just walked in & heard a knock on the door & find our neighbor standing there with a homemade strawberry pie!!!! ... & she even bought a can of Redi-Whip.  How thoughtful was that????  We just love these people & their whole gang.  Just good people. ... & Ricky was sure to give me a lecture that this pie was his, but did give me a sliver. It was the most delicious strawberry pie I think I've ever had.  Needless to say, that whole pie was gone in less than 24 hours.  Good to see Ricky's sugar cravings didn't get effected with the surgery.

BEST PIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
603 / Tires hanging in there.  I've always had issues with my tires. Flat tires happening.  Low air pressure. Always something. Well, my "Low Pressure" light came on the day before we had to go to the hospital... & my tires are hanging in there still. I need new ones & am dreading that expense.  But I'm thankful that until Ricky gets back up to snuff, I haven't had a flat yet (knocking on wood).

64 / KT Tape lasting.  I have talked before many times how much I love KT Tape & feel that it holds me together.  I put some on my knee on Saturday morning & do you know that same taping is STILL on my knee. Even through showers, sweating, sleeping, bending, exercising. I wont take it off until it falls off if its got that good of a stick to it.

So what good things are happening in your world this week?


  1. Feel free to hop over to my linkup today-through Tuesday morning and share in our Christmas in July theme. Can't we all use a little Christmas this month!! Thanks for the party.

  2. All of those pies look delish! So glad that Ricky's surgery went well! It's Friday Eve! Yay!

  3. Glad to hear that Ricky is recovering nicely and that you did not injury yourself with a knife. I did that once and ended up with 3 stitches!

    I have SO been craving strawberry pie lately! I don't want to buy or make a whole one so I've been looking for just slices at my grocery store. It always turns out that I'm a day late!

  4. you're so lucky to have great, thoughtful neighbours. ours suck and i hate them so much. i'm not a hateful person and i don't even hate things, but i hate them :(

    so sweet that your fam made ricky those cards and pie!

  5. Good neighbors make life so much nicer! :) We only have neighbors on one side and if it weren't for them, we would have gotten serious about downsizing and moving years ago. If they ever move, we won't be too far behind.

    I don't know if I've ever had strawberry pie. When we buy or pick strawberries, I just eat them up before we can do anything else with them. :)

  6. Wonderful things to be thankful for. I'm glad Ricky is doing so well.

    And hey, I've always loved games, too, but no one else around here does so any time you want to play... Bit of a drive, but it might be worth it. LOL

  7. Those pies look amazing, and the notes are adorable :) I'm a big fan of playing games as well.

  8. This post is like pie heaven for a pie lover like me.

  9. What a blessing to have good neighbors!!

  10. Oh my goodness. I cringed when I read about the knife and avocado incident. I cut avocados everyday it seems and I fear that. I am so glad Ricky's surgery went well and you are all feeling the love from friends and family. So sweet of the girls to make some pies for him. You are very blessed!

  11. I love how much and often you spoil your pups. It sounds like you have absolutely incredible neighbors!! I just love that they warn you about fireworks and bake you pies and check in! That's just so fabulous!

  12. I am TERRIFIED of cutting myself while chopping or cutting something. Any time someone says it happened to them (even worse when they describe it or anything) I almost feel faint. Michael said one of his coworkers dropped a bowl, went to catch it, and it broke in her hand and she had to get stitches and now I'm like, great, another thing I have to be afraid of! Ugh!

  13. Homemade strawberry pie from a neighbor, how fun and so thoughtful! Glad that surgery went well and he's recovering nicely.

  14. Oh my, that strawberry pie looks amazing! I absolutely love this post & being thankful for something everyday. Such a good practice in life!

  15. Blog friendships are TOTALLY the real deal! Love you, sweet friend.

  16. So glad to hear Ricky's surgery went well! I've been thinking about you guys!

  17. I love board games, too. If only I could convince Greg to love them as much as I do. Especially Clue, he's never even played. Wow, that strawberry pie looks so good! I really think I'm going to have to make some pie for myself because I have been craving it the past couple weeks! Especially a nice cold strawberry one.

  18. Phew glad Ricky is ok! Prayers for a continued successful recovery and that you both maintain good spirits throughout. Seems like you're going well so far :) That picture of the person slicing an avocado gives me the shivers. Impending doom!


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