Thursday, July 21, 2016

Freedom for Harvey, our baby is back, & Blue Apron does it again.... Thankful Thursday #81

This week I am THANKFUL for:
{The numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal - so just ignore them}

631 / Dad cutting our grass for us.  I put up a pic yesterday of him doing just that. So thankful for him helping us out.

632 / Brown butter Gnocchi.  With squash. & almonds. & eggs.  OH MY GOSH. This was in my Blue Apron box & I would have never thought to do these ingredients together. Heck, it was the first time I've ever made gnocchi anyways - this had to be the best thing I think I've ever eaten.

I think this may be my favorite yet. Brown Butter Gnocchi with squash & almonds. The recipe called for soft boiled egg & neither of us like that, so I scrambled & it was delicious. Thanks #blueapron for an amazing #dinner!! #ChefBelle #getinmybelly #gnocchi #vegetarian:

633 / Ricky being home with sick dogs.  For some reason, one day, all our dogs got sick. I had just gotten a container of dog treats at Sam's Club & that looks like what they all threw up. EWWW... but I was so glad that Ricky was home in his own recovery to help with the dogs & watch out for them.

635 / Lunch Date with these two.  Lindsay, our baby girl of the family, has just moved back in town & she met Ricky for lunch & I told Ricky I wasn't going to let that slide by without coming myself - so I took my lunch hour at work & drove out to meet them. So happy to see her.  We hadn't seen her since Christmas. & (636) so thankful that she's back in town (fingers crossed, for awhile)

Best lunch dates on a work week. 💕 #ourbabygirl #lovemyhubby:

637 / New Belle Mug. Lindsay Kay got this for me... sweet girl knows what I like.

A fun surprise our girl got me today. So made my day. 😍 #IamBelle #beautyandthebeast #belle #coffeemug #lovemygirls #rjprincess:

638 / No Bake Peanut Butter Cookies.  Lindsay has always made those cookies for Ricky & they really are the best. Not sure what she does to them to make them so soft & extra delicious, but she has a knack for making them.  & she made a plate to bring to her daddy.  His day was made.  So was his belly. He ate the whole plate of cookies by the end of the day.

640 /  Harvey Dent doing good with freedom. ANDDDD I probably just jinxed that.  But we always put up a gate where Harvey has no access to the house where there is carpet - or furniture - with pillows.  That boy.  If you dont remember, he tore up our sofa when he was a pup. Yep. True.  So he's limited to his access to the house while we are not at home.  Goodness knows when we are home, he's everywhere - including spreading out & loving our queen size bed.  But Ricky has been testing him out & so far, so good. We do keep an eye on him with our security cameras to yell at him through them if he is doing anything wrong.  But no need...  yet....

Harvey Dent:
This boy... he loves his daddy
(He wanted Ricky to hold him & cant figure out why Ricky wont do it - so he just sat like this, holding Ricky's hand, staring at him for about 15 minutes... pitiful. Just pitiful)

643 & 645 / Made it to 2 weddings this weekend - & they both were beautiful & everything was wonderful.

648 / Two new faces in our Joy Sisters Bible Study group.

649 / Got to celebrate my MIL's birthday.  Always love celebrating family & always love getting together.  Lindsay even made it over.

651 / My parents making it 52 years of marriage.

652 / The twins & their sweet hearts. OK - get ready for this - its PRECIOUS.  My dad went to go get some dinner for my mom for their anniversary.  They got home & found my twin nieces had set them up - made a sign with Happy Anniversary on it - made an entrance into the kitchen for them - had the table set up with pictures of my parents when they were younger & their picture from my wedding.  & even had little 'candles' on the table (they were the battery powered ones) & had cute questions for them to answer about one another.  Is that nothing short of ADORABLE!!!

Getting ready to let my parents into the kitchen for the reveal
653 / $1.00 Iced Coffee at Dunkin Donuts.  I dont know how or why. There's no signs anywhere. But every time I go to Dunkin Donuts by my work at lunch, their iced coffees are only $1.00 - when the sign says it should be like $3.25.  I have no idea why, but I'm not going to question it - I'm just going to be thankful for it - its gotten me through many a day.


654 / Excited about youth ministry for year.  We had a meeting at church for our next year in MSM (Middle School Ministry) & it just has me so excited to start a new year with kids.  So thankful for the crowded room of people who also have a heart to serve young teens.

Tell me something good that's happened 
in your world this week!

Thankful Thursday


  1. Did you contact Sam's club or the maker of those dog treats that made them all sick?

    Aww, I want to see the actually anniversary reveal? Did you capture the look on your parent's face?

    This week I am thankful that I got some work done around the house (that's silly I know).

  2. That one dollar iced coffee thing is pretty cool :) And your nieces are just the sweetest for doing that for your parents!!

    Our dogs are crated during the day because we just can't trust Enzo yet ;) Someday we'll let them roam (and if it was JUST Lylee we'd totally let her be loose all day), but Enzo isn't there yet. Haha. Yay for Harvey, though!!

  3. Yum, that gnocchi sounds delicious! I don't think I would have thought to put those ingredients together like that either. And that anniversary celebration your nieces put together sounds so sweet!

  4. Awww, Ricky holding Harvey's cute!!! That gnocchi sounds amazing. I feel like I keep hearing brown butter & gnocchi together and I need to try it! I totally wouldn't question $1 iced coffee either. That's a great way to start the day!

  5. The gnocchi sounds good...sans almonds. I can't stand nuts of any kind.
    Hooray for Harvey Dent! What a good boy!
    Happy anniversary to your parents!
    Yea! for all those people wanting to work with teens.

  6. I really want cameras I can talk to my dogs through. Really really.

    Both the gnocchi and the cookies sound delicious!

  7. Gnocchi is just the best, right???? It has been one of my top favorite food for years and I just love how versatile it is. You can literally throw it with anything. I like regular potato and sweet potato gnocchi with a variety of items to serve it with! I made peanut butter cookies last week, still have a few sitting around that I keep snacking on! Yum!

  8. So sweet about the twins! Laika did better when she was allowed to roam the house with the other dogs instead of being confined to 1 place.
    Hope Ricky's mending nicely!

  9. Awesome! I love gratitude projects, what a fun linkup. The gnocchi looks great!! That Belle mug is adorable! And there is nothing more fun than celebrating family birthdays and holidays! My family moved across the country a year ago, but I'm very glad that they said they will be coming to visit next week. :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  10. Aww, poor pups! Do you think it was the treats that made them sick? Glad Harvey is behaving himself!!!

  11. I love how you keep track of what you’re thankful for! It’s always important to remember that.

    Blueapron sounds like such a good idea, my neighbors do it too and I seriously have considered doing it as well.

    Hope your dogs are feeling better :(

  12. I always love your Thankful Thursday posts! My week has been pure drudgery so I guess I am thankful that tomorrow is Friday!!

  13. $1?? Who can argue with that! I'd go crazy and get 2 or 3 like a mad woman, hehe. I'm so lucky that Charlie isn't a chewer. He just sticks to 3 spots when I'm not at home


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