Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Traffic, Harry Potter & a little big buggy.....Project Life Week 6

Ricky just noticed the other day that I've not been carrying a purse
... instead, I've been carrying a camera bag. Which is a LOT bigger than a purse.
& he just now noticed?
I never said the hubs was very perceptive on all things fashion.

But he did finally notice when I put my bag in our basket at Target & he asked why I had my camera with me in Target?
Well, I've learned after 6 weeks that pictures can happen anywhere at any time
This week just reinforces that ....
Hope you enjoy


So I think these are weeds? Right?  Maybe?
I see them all over fields & on sides of roads - but I think they are so beautiful because they remind me of lace.
I actually stopped by a field & took some pictures of individual buds as well as the field of it, but when I saw this picture, I was amazed because - can you see it?  That little bug on the left flying to make a landing. He's actually pretty clear too if I zoom in on him.
This made me ADORE this picture.



I try not to hit this bridge when I dont have to - its a ROYAL MESS right now.
You can see there is another bridge that seems within touching distance - but its shut down completely. So everyone is re-routed to this bridge - our new bridge that just opened up a few months ago.  It took me about 30 minutes to get across this baby....
Can I remind you all how much I hate traffic?


See every one of those faces? Yep - I love them all.
This is my JOY Sisters... the Bible Study group that started when I just asked one person if she wanted to do a Bible Study with me.  It's been the coolest thing to see how God has brought us all together.  & this isn't even all of us.
We're even getting a new VIRTUAL Sister joining us with Facetime!
She lives about 2 hours away so she's going to join in with us however she can.
It's just so nice to know you have a group of Christian sisters who have your back, covering you with prayer & has an open ear & hearts for God.

#AlltheBabies #2Missing


Friday... you know what that means.  I'm stopping at Starbucks on the way home.
& I love the Starbucks app. So convenient.
I always loved that when I would run a race (Those were the days... stupid knee) that I didnt have to worry about cash - just had my Starbucks app & I was good to go.


My dad called me & asked if I could see the rainbow.
It took me all of 5 seconds to grab my camera & get outside.
This is becoming quite the norm lately around here.
I love how fluffy those clouds look & how you can see each & every color of the rainbow.


I really don't think there is much in life cuter than a little girl in a tutu
... I think as long as you are in control of what a little girl should wear, a tutu should be mandatory :)
& how I wish it were socially acceptable to wear one as an adult in every day life
... just saying...



I love my Harry Potter books.... & my Harry Potter book ends.
The originals. The ones that I stood in line at midnight to get so I could start on immediately.
& this has me sooo excited for the new Harry Potter book
& the new movie, Fantastic Beasts, that is coming out that takes us back to a magical world!


I had to walk back to our barn for something & noticed all the moss on this tree
... & all the texture on the tree
It just drew my eye.


I cross this bridge every day going to work & going home. This is the divider between Kentucky & Indiana if you're not from around here.  ... & right now, they have the 3 lanes narrowed down to 2 for construction - so I've spent some mornings sitting in traffic on this bridge. & it really is a good spot to watch the sun rise.


I was at lunch at work & noticed a fly all over me.
Bugs dont freak me out at all. I put food out one time for a fly & watched him closely as he ate it.  My little lunch buddy. & this guy was a new buddy. He just kept landing on me & I reached over to grab my camera. I wish some of the others were clearer because he was sitting on the end of my finger nail & on my finger tips for a bit. But it was hard to get my camera to my eye & no way I could focus the lens with my other hand - I couldnt move that arm with the fly ....
so I was thrilled for how clear this one came out.

Do bugs bother you?

Do you have all the Harry Potter books?

Which picture is your favorite this week?


  1. I didn't realize there was a new Harry Potter movie?!?!?! I have read all the books but I have yet to see any of the movies. I need to get on that one weekend and binge! Little girls in tutus are seriously the cutest thing ever!!!!

  2. to me that looks like Queen Anne's lace (that's what we call it down here), which is a wild carrot I believe. Love the pics and stories behind them.

  3. What bag do you use for your camera? Mine is my purse and camera bag all in one. :)

  4. LOVE your harry potter bookends-- those are so fun! the picture you got of the queen anne's lace (i think that's what it is) with the bug is so cool and such an amazing shot when you think of how fast those little bugs move!

  5. I call that flower // weed Queen Anne's Lace, or at least, that's what it looks like the thing that I call it. I love how clearly you can see that little bug flying in, what a scene to catch.

    In general, the existance of bugs doesn't 'bug' me (couldn't help myself! HA!) but the feeling of something being on my skin, a bug, a rogue hair that fell out of my head, can't handle it.

  6. Yay -- Harry Potter! I'm hoping there's a midnight release party for the next book at the end of the month -- I can't wait! I re-read the series about once a year and with 4 readers in the family, we've had to replace a couple of the books due to wear and tear and broken spines (books).

    My parents had oodles of Queen Anne's Lace growing in the back field of their house -- brings back a lot of memories. :) I like the bug photos ... but definitely can't handle bugs landing on me. I get grossed out thinking where else they've landed before me or (if a mosquito) who else they've bitten before they get to me. Blech! I'm a sucker for sunrise photos though -- can totally see the glory of God in those. :)

  7. Love the rainbow! Reminds me of Hawaii!

  8. How sweet of your dad to tell you about the rainbow and yes to the starbucks app - love those free rewards! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  9. Wow, the shot of the rainbow and the fly (even though I'm not a fan-haha) is amazing! You have such mad skills, girl. Also, I think our husbands are naturally inclined to take 85% longer to notice things that other people normally notice immediately. LOL! My hubs never notices when I have my hair done. I'll be like notice anything new? And he's all "Oh you get a new shirt?" :)

  10. OMG bugs bother me A LOT! I don't know why as I know they aren't going to attack me or anything. I think its the thought of all the disease they carry ( or I think they carry). I am allergic to bees and have to carry an Epi pen so of course anything that flies around me gives me pause. Oh, and ya know what I hate the most, stink bugs and those million leg critters. I have no idea on earth how they get into my house. I mean its not a common occurance that I need to call an exterminator or anything, but once in a while I'll see one and it just freaks me out.

    I am so glad that you have a bible group. I need to tell you a story about "joining a church group". I'll text it though.

  11. I knew there was a new Harry Potter movie coming out but I don't think I knew there was going to be another book as well. I'll have to go look that up!

  12. Your first picture is what we always called Queen Anne's Lace. Not sure what it really is, but that's what my family always called it - and I think it is a weed that grows in fields and ditches.

    I can't stand bugs in the house and thankfully our pest control works well because we have BUGS here in Florida! BIG BUGS!!

    I did have all of the Harry Potter books. When they first came out, I read them with our granddaughter. They lived in New Jersey, so Lauren and I would talk about them on the phone. Later I read 12 of the Warriors books with our grandson, Tristan. Have you read them? They are GREAT!! Check out the link here:

  13. I love all your photos! I love finding the beauty in the everyday things. The rainbow! Gorgeous!

  14. And this is why your camera around. You've captured some very beautiful shots!

    Yes to the standing in line for those books. Those books were my childhood! And it's why I'm getting a harry potter tattoo one of these days, not one that says harry potter but one from harry potter. And it definitely will have meaning.

    liz @ j for joiner

  15. Wow what a great pic of the fly on your arm! That's crazy he stayed long enough for you to snap a pic!

  16. That picture of the little lady in the cute! That's totally a framer. And that sunrise is beautiful!

  17. I just started to read the HP books to my 5 year old, he's really enjoying it! Not sure how much he is retaining, but it's fun to read and ask him questions afterwards :) Loving all the shots, the rainbow...what?!

  18. Great pictures! I don't think my hubby would notice a 'purse' change either! Have a good day!

  19. Lovely photos. My favorite is mossy. Its just wonderful but then they all are really.
    I have never read any of the Potter books.
    Have a lovely weekend


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