Monday, July 11, 2016

The weekend that I was a hot mess...

So I dont think I'm mentally prepared for a full 5 day work week.

They are always tough to handle when the week before only had 4 days involved.

Where's the petition we can get passed in this world where 4 day work weeks are a legit thing?  & none of this 10 hour days too. Just a flat 4 days of the regular 8 hours. I think its fair.

Maybe I should run for President & get that passed.
Nah - I wouldn't want to be President for all the gold in the world. Nope.

I can barely handle my weekends, much less a crazy world.

So let's just take a look back at the past few days & be happy about my own little crazy world.


... how do I forget about half of the things I needed from the grocery? DRIVES ME NUTS. As soon as I got in the car, got up the road & way too far to turn around, I remember like 5 things I totally forgot I needed. & like NEEDED. & then a few of the other things I needed, the grocery was out of stock on. A total grocery fail. For sure.

... I sat & watched all the specials going on the news about the Dallas tragedy.  Still just shocked & heart broken.


... Had to make sure I was up bright & early because I had an early morning photo session.  I actually really enjoyed having it early because the temps were still nice & tolerable. & for a 1 yr old session, you want happy babies & morning apparently agree with her.  I think any time of the day agrees with her though.  She is just the most laid back gal.

... It was funny because when we were walking from my friend's house to a spot across the road, someone from their area of town stopped to talk to them & then asked if I was the baby's grandmother.  I told him I'd totally take claim of that.  I'll just add her to my Grand buddy list happily.
  On a side note, this was the first time someone did ask if I was the grandmother of a child.  Not going to lie - that was a little stab to the ego.  But granted, I looked a hot mess that morning with no make up & my hair all frizzed out.

... After the photo session, Ricky had to take his rental car back from his car accident so I drove to the rental place to meet him to pick him up.  Having a rental car when you just had surgery was kind of useless. I think he put about 50 minutes on it - & that's just the mileage to drive it to our home & back to the rental car place. Oh well.

... While Ricky was out, he needs new shoes so badly so we drove over to Dick's to look at what they had.  I don't leave my camera in a hot car so I had to carry it around the store... plus, with the no make up & frizzy hair, I have to say, this was one time I was a little embarrassed to be in public. I normally don't care... but this was a whole other level of hot mess-ness.

Got mess:
& when you're that much of a hot mess - you document it to show the world
... & I would never go to a photo session like this unless I really knew the people & knew they really knew me
... I only like to share my hot-messness with those I care about
... To continue in sharing my awful look with the world & Ricky being happy to be out in the real world., we went out to lunch.  Tried Chili's where we have eaten probably one time in life & was happy to give it another try. They've got black bean burgers in now.  Since O'Charley's quit carrying theirs, they can step aside. We have a new place to go to now.

... got home & started editing pictures while watching Sabrina. I haven't seen that movie in so long.  Whatever happened to Greg Kinnear?

... I had to stop editing for awhile because I saw how nice it was outside. There's not a lot of days in summer where the humidity is gone so I had a little talk to myself about enjoying life & closed down my computer for awhile.  Took my book outside & read away.  I really am so into my book right now anyways so I loved getting in some more time to read away & got bummed out when it started getting dark out & bugs started eating at me.

... back to editing & ended up finishing by the time I went to bed. Another good reason to have an early morning session - I was so happy to have it all done in less than 24 hours


... had a dog wake me up to play at 7:00am. Seriously?  & it wasn't even Harvey Dent. It was my grumpy old man. He was so playful & funny wanting attention.  & then 10 minutes later, he was ready to nap. & I was wide awake.  Thanks for that wake up call Bruno.

... we went to our old church to hear our friend preach.  Always love hearing his fun take on the Bible.

... I had a date with my nieces after church to go see The Secret Life of Pets.  It was so cute. Not really what I was expecting - I wasn't sure WHAT to expect actually - but it was funnier than I thought. Now granted, I think I was the only one laughing in the theater.  Which is one of the reasons why Ricky hates going to see most movies with me. I am a laugher. Like a LOUD LAUGHER... He would have ssssh'ed me a lot in this one.  But Kevin Hart is great as the bunny, Snowball!

Movie date with my nieces ❤ #secretlifeofpets #rjvnieces #lovemynieces:

... I walked out of our barn with my shoulder hurting even more than usual & a huge gash out of the top of my foot after trying to lift something.  Cue another one up for a hot mess!

... Another beautiful no-humidity summer day had me out back reading some more. I honestly cant wait to see how this book ends.

I just found out this was made a movie a few years ago with Nicole Kidman & Collin Firth
.. I'm SOOOO watching it after I finish the book

... I was supposed to make out my bills but just didn't feel like it.  It can wait another day.

... & to complete the hot mess of the weekend, I ended up Sunday by alternating an ice pack from my shoulder to my knee... to my shoulder... to my knee... until the ice pack became a warm pack.  But at least I got to do it while laying on the bed with my hubs & dogs watching TV.  #OldBodyStatus

So how was your weekend?

Was it nice & non-summer like in your area?

Did you see The Secret Life of Pets?


  1. Okay so..... I'll be your VP. Just sayin' Vincent and Winslow ticket? I like it :)

    The pics of this wee one have me all, aweeee, EEEE, OOOO such great work my friend!

    I was a hot mess this weekend too! Glad my hubs-man doesn't mind ;)

    Love you my friend, dawn

  2. With the temperature and the humidity both predicted to be hovering around 90 this week, I'd say we're ALL going to be rocking the hot mess look so'll have lots of company!

    I get the laughing in the movie thing. I love to laugh, too, and have noticed that when a movie is funny and I'm laughing away at it, most everyone else is doing that polite titter thing. Pffft!

  3. Ooh... I've been wondering about the Secret Life of Pets and whether to go see it or not :) Sounds like it's a good option :)

  4. Nope it's WAY summer here and WAY hot!
    I've seen a lot of people say this weekend that they saw secret life of pets and it was not what they expected. They didn't say good or bad, just different so I am curious what that means.

    That little baby you photographed is just adorable.

    Oh, and as I type this I am actually waiting for the library to open. You've inspired me to get a book.

  5. I'm with ya on the 4 day work weeks. Who decided that we should work 5 days a week and along get 2 days off!?!?

  6. Glad to hear an adult review of the Secret Life of Pets. It wasn't on my radar, but a friend asked me if I would go. I said it would probably be a great movie to see at the drive-in, so I still may try to convince her of that.

    Honestly, I usually do my grocery shopping right after my Saturday morning runs, I'm usually closer to the store & it's one thing off my to-do list. But I am always so stinky & sweaty & just have sweat marks in weird places, so I'm sure people are all, eww.

  7. I have never even heard of that movie. I always love seeing your photo shoots - you are so talented.

    And, if you run, you have my vote!

  8. can't wait to see that movie!

    we use Listonic which is a shopping (grocery) list app and it's the best ever!

  9. The good thing about losing my hair to chemo is that I don't have to worry about the effects of heat and humidity ... and it takes a whole lot less time to get ready in the morning as I don't have to worry about shampooing and conditioning my hair in the shower nor drying/styling it. Almost makes me not want my hair to grow back in now that I'm done with chemo. 😉

  10. We're planning to see that movie tomorrow with our boys and I'm glad to hear it was funny! That baby photo is perfection- so precious! Also, I'm totally on board with 4 day work weeks. I did a paper in graduate school on Sweden and they rock that over there and everyone is so much healthier because of it. America would be a heck of a lot less stressed if they would adopt that same concept.

  11. I really want to go see the Secret Life of Pets!

  12. I was just thinking about that movie sabrina this weekend - it was a good one!! I so want to see my secret life of pets - looks beyond adorable! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  13. Can you send me some of those no humidity days, pretty please??? It was 101 here on Saturday with so much humidity you could hardly breathe outside. Miserable!!! I want to see Secret Life of Pets!!! Your 1 year old photo shoot sounds so fun!

  14. I really want to see Secret Life of Pets! And that baby picture is just about the sweetest thing I have ever seen!

  15. Haven't seen The Secret Life of Pets, but bet I would have been laughing with you! Ha! It was HOT and HUMID here in Central Florida. I can handle hot, but the humidity is miserable. I love Greg Kinnear, especially in As Good As It Gets. I don't remember him being in anything recently. Googled it and 2013 was Heaven is for Real. That was good, and this year he is in Confirmation. Haven't heard about it. Loved him in Invincible too.

  16. I haven't seen Sabrina in a really long time either. That secret life of pets looks super cute. You're so funny with the hot mess thing. And wow good for you for finishing your photos the same day, rock star status!

  17. Um, I think you are the cutest "hot mess" ever! I think you look just fine, lady! And certainly not like a grandmother!!
    I'm hoping that we go see The Secret Life of Pets sometime this week while on vacation. We usually take in a movie while we're vacationing and I think we all agreed it looks pretty funny (which is RARE).

  18. Even though I'm not working, I'd like to sign this 4 day week petition ;) The weekends just go too fast, especially in the summer!

  19. There are so many apps out there for you to keep a grocery list! I would be lost without my Kroger app. I plan on going to see Life of pets with my niece soon!

  20. Greg Kinnear has a lead role in a movie adaptation of a book that you must read (if you haven't already). Same Kind of Different as Me. I promise. I feel like I know you well enough to KNOW that you will be moved by the story. Then, you can see Greg Kinnear in a movie again when it is released! Double win!

  21. Haven't seen Sabrina in years, you made me just mentally add it to my watch it sometime this summer or fall list:)
    Oh that baby picture is adorable, you are such a great photographer!!!

  22. you sounded like me over the weekend--hot mess too. no makeup, hair in a bun, not a dang given. i was in pain and over it, lol.

  23. Your weekend sounds like mine, I was a hot mess for the majority of it!

  24. I would totally sign that petition! I had to laugh at the hot mess theme and sharing your pic with us, lol! Glad you enjoyed a beautiful summer weekend. And that baby is just adorable!

  25. I am a hot mess more often than not on weekends. Don't fret. Looks like a pretty good weekend though. That baby picture is darling. You take really amazing photographs. Helps that she was so cute though!


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