Tuesday, July 05, 2016

The weekend that was 3 days long & 1 recovering husband

Anyone else totally confused what day it is?

I know its Tuesday, but coming back to work & trying to catch up a day, its completely going to FEEL like a Monday.

First, I wanted to give a quick update on Ricky - he's doing OK.  Healing. Not fast enough for his speed. I keep telling everyone I think this is going to be more mental for him than anything. The idea of him having to stay confined in a place, or something physical that keeps him from being on the go?  Pure torture for him.

He's still in pain - but getting better.  The worst part for him isn't so much the hernia as it is having a cough/cold WITH the hernia surgery.  He's been constantly fighting coughing & sneezing because doing so with that cut in this gut? Not fun.  Ain't no pillow big enough or strong enough to make it comfortable for him... or feel like he's not going to bust that 5 inch incision that is held together by glue ... {{{{shutter}}}}}

His swelling is starting to go down - his bruising is starting to turn his belly all sorts of fun colors - but he is able to get up & down out of bed easier... standing up straighter... but still wears out quickly.  He couldn't handle it any longer yesterday & we drove down to Starbucks & then he wanted to try Target.  Half way around the store, he was exhausted & in horrible pain again.... so he's very limited. That's for sure... but at least he's on the road to recovery.

Thanks everyone for all the messages & texts & questions on how he was doing. Truly means the world to us...

So it was a long weekend & I thought it would be a fun & different way to try & track it with numbers.... I am a number's kinda gal after all...  so here's a quick look at my long weekend.

(& I really did keep track of things - my little note pad sat on the kitchen table & I would write things down & put check marks... this was kinda fun actually)

7 - cups of coffee I drank

2 - batches of cold brew I made

5 - Starbucks drinks ordered.

4 - walks Ricky took up & down the back yard


197 - walks Ricky took up & down the hallway, into the kitchen & back into the bedroom

6 - times I had to yell at Harvey Dent to get out of the rain!!!

4 - Episodes watched of Four Weddings on TLC

6 - Episodes watched of The Walking Dead Season 1

2 - Movies watched / The Empire Strikes Back (does that ever get old) & The Exorcism of Emily Rose (which just left me feeling creepy)

5 - Times I nearly tripped over dogs laying in the middle of the floor while I was trying to clean or even just move

Dodge dogs:
They follow me everywhere & watch everything I do

37 - times I threw a frisbee for Harvey Dent

3 - Naps.  Didn't I just say how much I hated naps?  I just felt drained this weekend. I think all the down time of sitting around with Ricky did me in.

8 - Loads of laundry. Finally got 95% caught up.

5 - number of items I pulled out of the washing machine that shouldn't have been there - like a marker, coins, paper, & there was even a turned on flashlight. That was fun to open the washing machine to see something glowing in there.

2 - Bible Journal pages I worked on.

One of my favorites I've done
.... it makes me want to find a scripture that works for ALL the Disney Princesses now ;)

6 - Hours spent reading over the 3 days.

2 - of those hours spent reading with a blanket over me! It was CHILLY outside Sunday. The air was so breezy & cool.

10 - flies going through our kitchen where I opened the back door & kitchen windows while it felt so cool out.

19 - Games of Sequence that Ricky & I played.  He's beating me by 2 games too. & now, he said he's bored with the game. I think he's afraid of my come back.


1 - Hour of beautiful fireworks I got to watch from my parent's back porch

88 - pictures took of the fireworks with my camera

12 - pictures kept out of the 88 that I liked (you'll see a few tomorrow for Project Life)

1 - Painted horse to celebrate the holiday

1 - workout.  I've really let my workouts go with Ricky's surgery on Thursday & taking care of him. I can feel the sloth kicking in too not working out.  Plus, my knee has been killing me so I've just not cared about working out - plus Ricky has been yelling at me to take care of my knee.  So, I only got in 1 workout & that was yesterday. I'm back in the game though... even with my bad knee.

11 - times I said, "I think my knee is broke"

Kicking off the long weekend in just the perfect way. It's a GORGEOUS cool morning. 🌞 #morning #longweekend #coffeeandreading:
This picture really does sum up a lot of the weekend
... my bum knee... coffee ... & reading...

Countless - the number of times I wish I could take away Ricky's pain.


So - there's a quick look at the weekend in numbers... 

How was your 4th of July?


  1. So glad to hear that Ricky is doing well. Will continue to pray for his recovery...and for you as you care for him too! LOVE the painted horse and can't wait to see your fireworks pictures! I didn't get many good shots this year...I'm still struggling with that!

  2. that knee - acupuncture, girl. for real, it really helped my husband's ankle when he busted that up during his ride....as in after 3 treatments, it was completely healed. hope Ricky heals fast!!

  3. Oh, I haven't been online much and hadn't heard about Ricky. I'm glad he's recovering but I definitely sympathize. It's hard to take things slow when you're not used to it.

  4. I'm so happy to hear that everything went well with the surgery and that Ricky is recovering! That painted horse is something else - I've never seen anything like that!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. I love this by the numbers idea!
    ...I'm glad that Ricky is on the mend, even if it's a slow mend.
    ...My weekend by the #'s...
    8 minutes waiting in line at McDonalds for an ice coffee, before I said screw it & just left.

    10.8 miles run this weekend.

    37 miles biked this weekend.

    2 cups of coffee I've had so far today...but that # will change!

  6. I am impressed with all the counting- especially the large numbers! I'm glad Ricky is recovering, though it all sounds quite miserable :( I think you both need to take it easy, lady!

    That Brave bible page is SO pretty! I think it's my favorite!

  7. I love a by the numbers weekend. I nearly fell all the way to the floor twice this weekend tripping over dogs!

  8. After a super long hiatus, I watched two season two eps of Walking Dead finally! (Technically I watched one before work this morning...but I'm counting it. Ha!) Now I totally wish I had done this. Four movies watched, two TWD episodes, two s'mores eaten... Ha! Poor Ricky!

  9. Love this creative post idea to sum up your weekend! I remembered your dad painted his horse for the holiday!

  10. I love that y'all are keeping a running total of your Sequence games - that's always been an absolute favorite of mine. I hope he starts to feel better soon, and jeesh, with a cold - that sounds awful. Sending my prayers to y'all!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  11. Glad Ricky is on the mend and that you have had to take it easy on the knee while taking care of him!! I enjoyed hearing about your weekend. You were actually busier than I was!!

  12. I wondered how long it would be until he got stir crazy, hehe. I was hoping to see the horse painted for the 4th!! Hope you all mend soon!!

  13. The painted horse! I love it!!
    Poor Ricky. Although, I do love that he's trying to get outside for his walks. That's got to help just a little.
    Sounds like you needed some naps...and, I'm glad you got them.
    That "Brave" pic is fantastic!

  14. I'm glad your husband is healing, and I know mine would struggle with staying down too. I'm sure he's grateful for your encouragement, care, and company and I will add him to my prayers today.

  15. Glad to hear Ricky is recovering and he is right, take care of your knee. 😊

  16. Glad to hear Ricky is doing better! Sending prayers over for you both, and hope your knee gets better!

  17. Keeping Ricky in my prayers. I can't imagine needing to cough after surgery!!!

  18. Is he taking pain meds yet or still toughing it out? J and I love Sequence!! He beats me 9 out of 10 times. :)


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