Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Birthdays, beauties, basketball & bridges ... Project Life Week 8

It's been a busy week.
October has usually been our busy month with birthdays & celebrations but July has become a new busy month. My Mother in laws birthday last week, with my parent's anniversary, & this week was my dad's birthday AND let's not forget Harvey Dent in that mix now.
Lots of moments to capture

Hope you enjoy WEEK 8 of Project Life

I sat behind this bus going out to lunch one day & was like, WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN?
But then reading it, some of it is just good life motivation.
Thanks bus for the random weird advice.


Last week's picture was the sun setting on one bridge
... this week,  I got a sun rise over another bridge.
I think I may print out both of them & put up in my house somewhere


Thursday was our baby boy's birthday
3 years old. Can you believe it?
I can't.  
We looked back at his pictures when we got him. Such a pup.
He brought so much happiness in our house - especially after we lost Sydney & Buffy.
Dogs are just the best creatures.


Friday held head shots of our girl & I know I put up one the other day, but I had to share another one  (I could share another dozen really - its hard to pick just one)
but proud of the changes she's made in her life & the beautiful person she is. Inside & out.


OK ... this sign & this place looks totally shady, right?
But I'm telling you - if you're driving down Dixie Highway & you see this sign.
STOP!  Get out & go in.
Don't be afraid of how old & run down the place MAY look
because it holds lots of wonderful memories from many years of people going in & getting the best pizza in town. 
Seriously - the best!

This is what Saturday held when it was 100 degrees out.
Harvey wanted to play - which lasted all of under 5 minutes.
It was like 3 ball tosses in the yard & he ran right past me with the ball in his mouth & came back inside & laid down on the cold floor right by the air vent.
I dont blame him one bit.

It was a Happy Birthday on Sunday for my daddy.
He's one happy man when he has his girls around him
... & his horse..


This girl right here? 
I'm predicting it right now - she's going to get a scholarship for basketball one day.
She's so good.
Always has been good with the B-Ball... but she can really play with the big girls.
She may not have the height, but she's got the skills.


This girl... it freaks me out sometimes with the things she says or does
or the way she moves.
I really do see myself in her.
Watch out world.. 2 of us out there!


Madi is working on spinning the B-Ball on the tip of her finger.
She's doing it really good too!
But I love this picture of her proud Papaw watching her.

I could have sat here & listened to the 2 of them talk, or argue, all depends on all you look at it - for hours. They are so funny together.
Growing up.  Almost teenagers.
I just can't deal.

Told you - SKILLS!


Her sister is spinning a ball... 
Sophia was happy that she was able to just catch  a ball that was thrown to her. 
We're on the same level of sports ability.


I have so many containers of yarn... & I think they all are so beautiful.
But this one? That green hat has been sitting unfinished for probably 2 years.
I really need to get this baby done.


Hope you've had a lot in your life to capture this week!


  1. What a gorgeous shot of your dog and I love that bridge photo!!

  2. Okay your dog is so adorable!!!

  3. Your family- furred and non-furred- are so gorgeous! Those are some awesome captured moments!! That first picture confuses me, too... Um, who is that sign meant for?? Haha!

  4. Aww Harvey Dent! You are really capturing some great memories (and scenery). Love that you labeled that but #drphilbus!

  5. July is a big birthday month for our family, too!

  6. Yes to printing out the sunrise & sunset photos. I think they would look great on canvas too.

  7. Awww sweet doggie pictures are always my favorite :) That sunset looks amazing!!! I can certainly appreciate the random life advice from the bus. Better than a tacky ad. Haha!

  8. That bridge picture is beautiful! What a shot.

  9. The bridge picture! So good! I really love the action shot of your niece dribbling!

  10. That sunrise - wow! Gorgeous! I have so many WIPs it's ridiculous. I need to quit starting new things!

  11. Ditto what everyone above has already said. Great photos, beautiful girls and your dog is so handsome!!

  12. Your hashtag "DrPhilBus" made me laugh!
    Harvey's little pink tongue is so so soooooo cute.
    That picture of your dad, the one with his arms around the girls, oh my, the kindness in his face is so strong...I feel like I can almost touch it.

  13. LOL at the Dr Phi Bus!!!
    Aw, happy birthday to Harvey Dent!! I'm a sucker for a tongue out on a dog. My Charlie does it whenever he wants to steal my food, or in a sassy mood.


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