Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Tower, blue eye baby & still buggin' .... Project Life Week 7

It's just becoming 2nd nature to have my camera with me
... & I'm loving it!

I will say though, I'm going to just post these as weekly pictures, not necessarily daily pictures like I was doing before.
Its just easier - & some days, I struggle to find a picture, & others? I've got quite a few pictures of different things.  So I'm just going to make it a weekly summary of the pics I get.

& here we go

Project Life - Week 7

My sweet daddy...
He came over & cut the grass for us last week.
This grass issue with Ricky being down & out has become a thorn in our side.
It doesnt help I've never touched our riding mower.  Ricky doesnt trust me on it... & truthfully, I dont trust myself on it either
& the push mower? With Bicep Tendon issues, its awful.
So it was great when dad came over & cut our front yard for us.


I opened my garage to go to work & saw this sky.
It was just full of pastel colors & looked so soft & beautiful.
Hello world


I've said before how I work by the airport, 
so when I went out to lunch one day, I thought the air control tower looked so pretty against the bright blue sky.
I'd love to see the view from up there.


Zoe is so funny...
she loves to come out & lay in the rocks.
She does it all the time - its not like a fluke
Maybe its the best massage of a lifetime.
Aren't there massages with hot rocks?  Zoe's onto something


I dont sit outside where my Grumpy Old Man doesnt want to stick next to me
... but I loved seeing him around the chair that I was sitting in.


My morning devotion time on Saturday morning...
the weather was perfect.

#IntheMorningWhenIRise  #GivemeJesus

So a bug makes the cut again this week....
I had gotten near the bottom of my coffee & looked at the rim & there was this little guy.
Where there were coffee drops, this bug was totally licking it up.
I sat & watched him for the longest....


I mentioned all the babies in our Joy Sister group this past Sunday...
& I had intentions to pull out my camera & get a group shot (I need to really do that - it will be the cutest picture in the world) but I did get to grab a pic of my grand buddy before I left...  & he got to go to a birthday party.  


This is my Mother in Law's dog (The one we found at our door & she took)
Needless to say, he fits right in with the family.
Even gets a seat to himself.
& there's my beautiful niece.  I can't believe she's going to be a sophomore in high school this year.
Time... please slow down.


It was so funny - when Ricky was coming up to Rocco, he would totally roll over & submit to Ricky.
I said he remembered that Ricky found him outside our door & we brought him to the best house in the world with a momma who spoils him rotten.
So I think Rocco just wants to say Thank You to Ricky for giving him a good life.


Corn Hole is always a Vincent challenge that is taken very seriously


Poor Ricky... 
He & his brother in law are the worst at egging each other on playing cornhole
... & with his hernia, he wasn't able to play.
See him standing on the side?  I felt so bad for him just having to watch.


Driving home with the sun setting, I had to grab my camera & do another "Wish for it" shot
where I just point & click - dont know what I'm going to get.
That's working out for me lately.
I love the shadow of the bridge & the beautiful sky as the sun is sinking for the day.


Do you play Cornhole where you're at?

Does your dog lay in funny places?

Do you like mowing your grass?


  1. I love your pictures :). I especially love the sky pics. We live in a very populated area where I don't often get good views of the sky. It makes me miss it! When I lived in the south I saw lots of colorful skies.

  2. I love these photos. That last one is beautiful!

  3. Your wish for it shot is perfect. So often I just want to take you photos and hang them all over my house- you capture gorgeous moments!

    I'm absolutely sure Rocco was paying his respects to Ricky for finding him. I think rescue dogs totally know that they've been found and loved and wanted :)

  4. I was just talking about cornhole today for a company outing I'm planning - I love that game! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Oh, wow, that morning sky photo and the sunset photo are so beautiful!

  6. Isn't it amazing to see the world (or your part of it) through a camera lens? We had the most amazing orange/pink sunset the other night and I wanted to take a pic from my deck but our darn neighbors back sunroom was in the way!

    I love that people can give dogs a good life. I often wonder if the dog is Thankful or knows how good he or she has it! #Puppylove

  7. I love corn hole! I'm actually better at it than my husband, but don't tell him! ;)

  8. Those sky pictures are seriously breathtaking!!

  9. I've only mowed grass once & it was the worst. It was an old push mower that I had to keep stopping & bagging all the grass. And then the grass was super long because it hadn't been cut in forever, so I had to keep going over the same spots. I now understand why my parents used to pay someone to come cut the grass.

    And both of those sky pictures are beautiful. Both the bridge & the sunrise.

    We definitely play cornhole where I live now, but also where I come from, 'cause I'm a KY girl at heart.

  10. I think Cornhole is everywhere. I'm not good at it, but it's fun and makes everyone laugh! We don't have a dog, but our cats can get in some pretty unusual spots and postures. I hate yard work. It's been well over 35 years since I mowed a lawn. We pay to have ours done. No lawnmower in our garage. I enjoyed your photos! Little blue eyes is adorable!

  11. Puppy pictures are my favorite! I love those sky pictures too!

  12. Once again amazing pictures! Capturing just the right light, etc. So glad that you did this!

  13. All the doggie pics and family pics make me smile!
    I love that your daddy came and mowed the yard. I have never mowed a lawn in my life, so I would be useless.
    That last pic is gorgeous!

  14. hehe bugs need coffee too! love that. and that baby!! omg i need to hold him! ;)

  15. I've never heard of Cornhole. I have tried to drive our riding lawn mower, but it takes a bit to get coordinated with those handles on either side. Very cute baby and I am a dog lover. No bugs in my coffee, please. Love your sky photos.

  16. I had never heard it called cornhole until we moved to Ohio - we called it the bean bag game in NC - ha! I've played it with my dad (and stepmother RIP) in the last few years. It's fun, but I'm not very good at it :)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that last shot!

  17. Oh, my goodness, that sunset picture is just awesome. I've never played cornhole....but I do ride the mower and cut our grass (after hubby starts the mower for me...LOL) We don't own a dog, so I can't answer that one! ;-) Thanks so much for linking up yesterday....sorry, I'm slow in responding...yesterday is kinda blur.


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