Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tiffany Blue, Fruit bars & the gift of iced coffee!!! .... Thankful Thursday

This week I am THANKFUL for:
{The numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal - so just ignore them}

606 / A shower after mowing the grass.  There is nothing that makes me itch more in this world than grass.  When I do photo sessions & have to get in the grass, my legs are a striped itchy mess. So with me having to cut our back yard while Ricky is down for the count, I come in feeling like I have the curse of a thousand knives on me.  A cold shower feels like a piece of heaven.

607 / Ice.  In all of its forms.  My knee is worse than ever (cue the pouty face & tears) so the ice on my knee is the best relief... same for my shoulder. & then add in fruit bars? That's the best ICE of all.

After mowing the grass my knee & my mouth both need ice. 🍓 #fruitbar #meniscus:

609 / Dinner with JOY Sisters.  We finished up our last study in our book so we topped it off by going out to dinner to celebrate.  Will be thankful EVERY time we get together.  Thankful we made it through our study too.  Onto our next round of learning new things.

LOVE these ladies in our women's bible study. It is so fun living life with you all! I'm grateful for each and every friendship. I encourage everyone to surround yourselves with authentic people like this who pray for you, lift you up, and make you want to be a better person. #JOY:

611 / Neighbors are awesome - AGAIN!  Our neighbors have been so good to us. I dont know what we'd do without them. Honestly.  One neighbor cut part of our yard & the other neighbor did another part of our yard for us.  With a pretty big yard (we live on 2 acres - with about 1.75 of it needing mowing) it's so nice to have someone help us out while Ricky isn't able to do it himself.

612 / Double Fuel Points. Anyone else love going to Kroger & getting gas there & finding huge discounts. I love when they do double the fuel points when you shop on the weekend during the summer. I do most of our shopping on Friday so it has really benefited me.

614 / Healthy momma & baby.  I'm so excited that blog buddy Paige gave birth to her little Hot Pie Friday. I just think she & her husband are the cutest little couple & so excited they have their daughter here arriving safely.

615 / Beautiful early morning.  I loved doing an early morning photo session with the cooler temps & having it all completed before most people are out of their PJ's.

616 / The gift of Iced Coffee! ... OK... is this the most thoughtful thing ever or what?  The couple that I did the photos for? Ethan stopped & got me a vanilla iced coffee with cream from the little local coffee shop for me.  I mean, how THOUGHTFUL is that!  That's the kind of people these are.  & is it ANY shock at all that he is the son of our neighbor that takes such good care of us?  Nope... not a shock at all.

618 / New shoes! While Ricky needed new shoes, I had no intentions of getting any. I was just the chaueffeur.  & then found out Dick's was having a super clearance. Like things on clearance & then you got an extra 50% off. The pickings were limited but when I found these Tiffany Blue Under Armor shoes in my size & they fit like Cinderella - I had to get them. Especially when they were under $30.00. SCORE!

Found some #underarmor shoes on clearance today for 28.99 .... day made! #runningshoes #tiffanyblue #iwill:

620 / Hearing our friend preach.  It's always good for our heart to hear our friend Bobby preach.  & always good for our stomach with all the laughter. He has such a way of bringing the Word of God alive through humor.

621 / Fresh squash & zucchini.  Someone from our old church gave us a bag of fresh garden goodies. There's nothing like garden grown. They were HUGE!  & delicious!

622 / Movie Date with Nieces.  Always something I adore. Need to get in more time with them because I know those teenage years are coming where they're going to outgrow hanging with the family.  Friends & boyfriends are going to take priority... its just around the corner. (... sniff....)

623 / New Coffee Tumbler. I am so in love with  my new tumbler I found at Hobby Lobby. Cheap too! Especially with those 40% off coupons!  It makes me happy every morning.

Love my new tumbler ❤☕ . . . #coffee #tumbler #jesus #hobbylobby:

625 / My daddy giving Ricky a ride.  Ricky had to go pick up his car from being repaired from his accident.  It made it so convenient that my daddy could pick him up & take him during the work day.

626 / Quiet Monday morning.  Usually when I get to work, its just me & one other person.  She had a doctor's appointment on Monday which left me alone in the office for about an hour & a half. It was just a quiet slow start to the work week. I needed that.

What good things have been happening for you this week?

Thankful Thursday


  1. I am thankful for air conditioning. One of the best inventions ever!

  2. i know i keep saying this, but acupuncture. my friend in edmonton had been suffering for a really long time with her knees (from running) and she did everything except acupuncture. then she finally went last week because she was at her wits end and after that first treatment, she posted on facebook WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG? lol. if you can find a practitioner, do it. it will do wonders for the healing and pain management.

  3. What a great list and hoorah for good neighbors (and the offspring of said neighbors)!

  4. Great family photo for the kind iced coffee deliverers!

  5. I love that coffee tumbler! Hobby Lobby always has the best deals!

  6. You are definitely blessed to be surrounded by such great people!

    Yay for new shoes! I got my new Mizunos at the Disck's clearance sale but mine were only an additional 25% off. Which is still a good deal though!

  7. Iced coffees and fresh veggies are some of my favorite things too!!! I hope that your knee gets to feeling better. That is just the worst!

  8. I always enjoy your thankful posts. Love the new shoes!! Having good neighbors is such a blessing!! This has been a busy week for me, but busy is good.


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