Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Favorites

Favorite T-Shirt

Favorite Wedding Idea... (Or House Guest idea)

A fun list of unique wedding guestbook ideas for your wedding:

This is fantastic for a wedding guest book
... but I'd even love to have one by my front door & when guests/friends/family come over,
have everyone sign it then too.

Favorite Ab Workout

Repinning because this is rediculous! If I'm on the couch, i am not working out:
It's done on a couch... come on...
no excuses NOT to do this one!

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

Beauty and the Beast (2017):

How can this NOT be my favorite for the week?
Every little teaser that comes out just gets me even more GIDDY!!!!

Favorite Organizing Tip

Cutlery Tray for Jewelry!:
Those are cutlery trays screwed into the wall with hooks added in. Isn't that cute?
You could even paint them to match your room & add a pop of color to a neutral wall.

Favorite Reminder

Quotes Of The Day - 11 Pics:

Favorite Outfit

LOLO Moda: Stylish womens fashion:

I'm not sure what I like the best...
that green scarf... that purse... or those shoes!
This is just all saying it needs to be in my closet

Favorite Funnies

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 40 Pics:
I am SOOOO glad to see I'm not the only one who has to do that

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 37 Pics:

27 Funny Pictures for Today:

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 30 Pics:

35 Funny Pictures for Today  Dummies of the Year:

... when work issues are happening & I dont have to be involved

... every time Ricky & I go into a craft store

.... when I try out YouTube make up tutorials

... when someone tells me I look tired when I dont have on any makeup

... when I feel a spider web touch my skin

... & just because

... me at 4:00

Happy weekend Y'all!!!


  1. OMG that ball throwing one!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    i'm the same way when i go into a craft, stationary or book store - i can spend hours in there and i'm SO HAPPY in there!

  2. LOL--about the pepsi and coke one!! You know Atl is the land of Coke, and there's a Pepsi billboard by my house that just went up. We'll see how long it lasts!

  3. LOVE that t-shirt! I don't have a lot of jewelry, but that wall organizer is such a good idea!

  4. Yup, I totally had to show Baylee the animal crackers were gone last night. Oh those sad eyes!!!!

    Love that jewelry hanger idea.

  5. I need to do that couch workout lol!! With my friends coming to visit today - I'm absolutely going to be like that at 4:00 PM! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  6. I love that T-shirt! and it reminds me that I need to go to the library this weekend :) The ball-throwing one is the best though -- love it! I try to be not as worried about Trump if his VP pick remains the same ... then again, who's to say that if a state can elect Pence, a whole country might ... and then I get worried again. Go District 12!!

  7. I just renewed my library card like a month ago and that song was totally in my head the whole time hahaha!

  8. I have seen my fair share of jewelry organizing tips because I've scoured Pinterest for them and I hadn't seen that one yet! LOVE it! Also that "sorry I'm not better looking" is SO TRUE. It's even worse when I'm wearing makeup but not very much and people say I look tired! Ha. And library cards are theee best.

  9. Happy weekend to you!! Wish my Friday ended at 4:00. That last one is me when I sneak out early at 4:50!! Love the jewelry organizing tip...very clever! I can picture you in that very cute outfit!

  10. Such cute ideas. I had no idea there was a new Beauty and the Beast coming out! I just checked it out....what a great cast.

  11. Pretty much ALL of those funnies. Esp the showing your hands like a blackjack dealer to the dog. And being winded. Like, it's 4 loooong flights of stairs up to my cube at work, and for whatever reason people always think that's a good time to strike up a conversation about my weekend. Like, I workout & I still can't handle it!

  12. What a fun post!!! ;-) Love the little animated funnies at the end, but most of all your commentaries! LOL HOPE you have a great weekend....thanks so much for linking up with FFF!

  13. bahahahaha the ball knocking that guy out one is hilarious. and um that shirt! need it! and omg b&tb. CAN'T WAIT for next year. it's gonna be ahhhhmazing. aaaand i pinned that couch ab workout. maybe i'll do it, maybe not. hahaha.

  14. Love the Trump one - ha! And I am going to have to try the jewelry organizer for sure!

  15. that sofa work-out looks like my kind of exercising.
    I need that shirt.
    that gif with the guy throwing the ball into the basket but hitting the person, I laughed a little too hard over that one!

  16. LOVE ALL !

    Darebee workouts are the bomb ! I love how she puts new ones up ever so often. The sofa one ! - gotta try it ! :D

  17. All those memes are perfect. I constantly have to prove to my pups that I have no food. Haha! And the one about about the stairs is SO TRUE- especially at work. I get to the top and have to go talk to my boss and I try to keep an even breath the entire time. Hahaha!

  18. I cannot wait for Beauty and the Beast, either!!

  19. Ugh I have the same thing with the no makeup and tired comments. Now if someone says "are you tired?" I just stare at them deadpan and tell them no that's just my face. Funnily enough I don't get it so much anymore...

    That sofa workout looks like something I'd go into thinking it'd be so easy, and then get to the end and be dead. Maybe I should give it a go anyway!


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