Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A magical mushroom, a happily ever after & a captured fur baby.... {Project Life}

I haven't done a picture post in the past few weeks - but I've still been clicking away.

I've actually even incorporated some photo challenges that are out there that give you a word for the day & you need to try & find something that you can SNAP that goes with that word.
That's been a fun way to find inspiration.

So anyways - here's a little collection of some of my favorite pics of the month

& the #Hashtags? ....that's the Photo Challenge Word issued.

Oh, we are nearing the end of my morning bridge shots.
The sun was barely peeking over the horizon when I was driving into work today.
I'll be looking back at these pictures in the dark & dreary of winter when I'm driving in pitch blackness... whoa is me

Is it me, or does this look like an Eagle in the sky?
I was trying to point it out to Ricky & he thought I was nuts....

Our little rose bush has been going nuts lately. Its like it has a whole other rose bush growing up inside of itself. It's giving me some beautiful roses right now.

I looked outside my office window right before a storm &it was lined with birds all across it.
Something about birds on a wire together, always draws my attention

Why this pic for that word?  Because when I drive by this place every morning, at 6:50am there are usually about 2 dozen young ladies that are on that track or some part of that field & running & doing drills. Every time I see them, I think of how awesome they are to be dedicated to be up & moving so early... & I think about those young knees.  I get a little jealous of that thought.

Meet my mom & dad's new cat. Or as the twins would say, their cat.
My brother's MIL is always helping with finding homes for rescue cats that are around her mother's house.  There were a brother & sister that my mom & dad decided to take in.
Here is Woody coming to his new house.  
He was most definitely CAPTURED. Such a nervous guy.
But he's realizing that he's going to get some snuggles & spoiled with food at this new place.

Doesnt the inside of that rose look like worms?
I actually stared at it for awhile to make sure it wasn't... ewww.. 
I would have ran if tiny worms started wiggling around there

My parents had sent this plant to Ricky after his brother passed away a year & a half ago. 
Can we stop & stand in amazement I've kept it going this long? 
I have no green thumb.
But its still growing.
Too much actually.  I need to re-pot it. Which is probably going to be the end of this plant

This is basically what every day after work looks like.
Harvey Dent brings ALL the toys. Anything you can throw or toss, he's all about.

I have no idea who this lady is but while I was waiting for a client to do a photo session with, I watched her play with her baby for about 20 minutes.  The joy & happiness from both of them.
Just watching them afar, it was so beautiful.
To me, it just made me think of the word STORY because it looked like a "Happily Ever After" sort of moment.

My dad called me to come over & see this mushroom that was growing in his field.
IT WAS HUGGGEEEEE (in the words of Donald Trump)
I had my niece get near it so the size could be referenced against something...
& I loved the way this picture turned out.  Totally Magical.
The way she's looking at it? I just envision a little fairy sitting on it talking to her
... hey, I should photoshop that to make that happen :)

Which picture is your favorite?

Do you do photo challenges?

Have you ever seen a mushroom that big in your life?


  1. These are all sooo beautiful! Awesome shots! :)

  2. that is one huge mushroom! fairy def needs to be added.

  3. I love that bridge silhouette photo! And I was noticing on my run this morning that it was getting light later and am going to miss the morning light when Winter comes. I think I fixed the problem with the email notifications so hopefully you get an email about the comment :)

  4. These pictures are all so beautiful!!!

  5. I see the eagle :) And I'm loving that bridge picture!
    The picture of the women and baby is gorgeous! I think if you see them again your should offer it to her! Haha!
    Definitely photoshop a fairy in there ;)

  6. These pictures are all so amazing!! I love them all. I love that bridge picture.

  7. I love the birds on a wire! I love birds in general, and with the sky and trees it just looks so cool! The bridge picture is really cool too. I was walking in the park yesterday and there was a girl (woman?) playing with a little girl and getting super into it. Like, getting down on the ground with her and stuff. I think she was a nanny/babysitter, and she was a great one!

  8. I would love for you to visit me for a day and capture all my favorite places and moments!

    I don't do well with live plants but I have 2 that I have managed to keep alive for over 10 years. One was a palm tree plant we bought at the Orlando airport after our wedding and one was a gift when I finished my student teaching. I will admit my husband is the one who keeps them alive!

  9. That sun rising on the bridge, gorgeous! Print worthy really. I am so sad that it is still dark when I get to work now, before we had a little glimmer of boo!

  10. Aw that last shot really is magical - love it!

  11. I love these photos! Especially the bridge, the birds on the line, and the non-wormy rose. hehe So pretty! I hope someday I can keep plants alive and have a yard! :P I have meant to do photo challenges, but have been awful at sticking to them! I get SO busy, I often forget to take photos every day... : / XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  12. How can I pick a favorite when all of your photos are ALWAYS wonderful. I do want you to put a faerie on that mushroom though. Awesome idea!!

  13. Awww look at the kitty. I love the mushroom picture! We have two of those in our back yard right now and they just appeared over night! They are like the size of Mac.

  14. That rose is so gorgeous! Totally looks like a Beauty and the Beast rose! Awww the baby and the lady are so cute. I want to take my baby to a pretty bridge or park. I love your photos, and have I mentioned that I love Harvey Dent's name? He's too sweet.

  15. You asked for our favorite, but they are all so good!!!!! I'd pick the woman with the baby under the bridge. Such a beautiful capture.

  16. I think they're all fabulous! I like the detail on the rose pictures, and the mood of the birds on the wire picture, but I love the story behind the lady and her baby picture the best.

  17. oh i love the photos with your thoughts/stories with them. the woman nd her baby though, so precious. that's my fave. and of course woody! but yeah that mushroom is ridiculously large lol

  18. I'm so impressed. I love your photos. Love the bridges and the birds on the wire is amazing! OMG on that mushroom.....


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