Thursday, August 25, 2016

Rescued babies / Meet Woody & Jessie ... Thankful Thursday #86

This week I am Thankful For:
{the numbers are for my One-Thousand Gifts Journal .. just ignore them}

743 / Jeans on Sale.  I really like the Levi's skinny jeans & Target actually carries them.  & they had a sale last week. YAHOO! I can never find my size in the store but I've got 3 pairs so I know which size I need - so online I go. I got 2 more pair for under $40.00 Thanks back to school sales!

744 / First Lunch Back.  I've missed my Wednesday lunch dates with my hubby while he was off recovering from his surgery. I felt so giddy when we got our dates back on track for our first lunch back together.

I haven't had my Wednesday lunch date with my husband for the past 6 weeks while…:

745 / My mom & dad rescued cats.  I love that my mom & dad have a heart for rescuing animals that need it.  The love of animals is strong in our family. & look at this first picture of my niece holding one of the cats... the love for animals carries on to the next generation.


The twins were the ones who got to pick their names....

Madi picked the name for this little boy ... Meet Woody.

Well, as soon as I heard what his name was & his sister would be coming over the next few days, I dropped some hints to Sophia that she needed to name the girl Jessie since they know their grandpa is a cowboy anyways.

& Sophia liked it... so meet Jessie.

749 / Freed up Saturday.  I hated my photo session got canceled with the weather on Saturday but it was glorious to have no plans for the day.

751 / Knee held out. I did a good walk on the treadmill over the weekend & while my knee definitely still hurts, it wasn't unbearable like it has been.  Thumbs up for that.

754 / Fresh smell of rain. Its one of my favorite smells.

755/ Starbucks in Target.  Whoever thought this was a combo that needed to happen?  They deserve a bonus for life.  Genius.  Every Target should make this a MUST.

758  Harry Potter book.  I'm so happy to have gotten a day to just go back into Harry's world & visit some of my favorite characters again.

759 / Monday night photo session. It turned out to be a perfect gorgeous evening to do pictures.   My Saturday client was able to do Monday also - couldnt have worked out better.

761 / Essential oils for Bicep Tendon pain.  Love me some Panaway

762 / Gorgeous night for a walk.  I didnt want to stop walking. I could have just kept going & going until it was bed time.  The humidity of summer is back but for a few days, it was so nice to feel coolness in the air.


So what good things are you thankful for this week?


  1. Jessie is a good name ;)

    As much as I don't love the humidity - I'm almost hoping it rains tonight like it's supposed to, because I would love to sit on the porch & just listen to it on the roof.

    Thankful for this week - it was 59 degrees Wednesday AM & I headed out for a run, the weather was perfect.

    And my brother finished the PCT last Saturday & got home to KY on Monday - still a ways off, but I'll head home over Labor Day to visit him before he moves back to Louisville!

  2. I love the kitty combo names :) That's perfect.
    That's a glorious photo! On those cool, humidity free nights I wanted to stay outside forever. I even convinced K to go to the Farm's Market AND take the pups on a walk, all in the same night! Haha! (I'm thankful for that!)

  3. Those cats are so adorable! And I love the names :) I'm glad your knee is feeling a bit better.

  4. Starbucks + Target = so much yes. Now they just need to make it so you can cash in your free drink at Starbucks inside Target and it will be complete! The kitties are so cute!!!

  5. Those kitties! So darn cute!

    I've been debating reading the new HP. I've heard such mixed reviews. I may need to check it out.

  6. Awwww rescued kitties. I am so much more likely to trust people who are kind to animals!

  7. Aww the kitty names are cute and you know I'm a Disney fan!

    Congrats on the (mostly) pain free walking!

  8. Those kitty names, too, too cute. That last picture is perfection and the smell of rain is my favorite too!

  9. Love the kitties!! Great names. I'm so thankful for such great friends at work and in my world. Blessed!! Lunch with two tomorrow and again with two more (and Joe) for dinner. Love your Thankful Thursday!

  10. I am thankful for people who loot out for animals too ♥

  11. Wow that picture is breathtaking! I've been trying to take nightly walks too & have been enjoying them!

  12. Oh, the kitties are so cute! I've got a soft spot for orange kitties and the calico's face is so pretty.

    Hooray, for lunch dates being back on track!

  13. Awwww I love the names Woody and Jessie! What sweet sweet kitty!! All of the Targets here have Starbucks.

  14. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)

  15. oh my goshhhhhhhhhh! the colors on Jessie's face!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Love adopting pets. Those pictures are sooo cute. Love that. Yes to Starbucks in Target!!! Best thing ever. And yay on new jeans on sale. I just bought some on sale too!


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