Wednesday, August 17, 2016


I haven't done this in awhile... let's do some venting today...

... I dont think we have 2 matching glasses in our kitchen cabinet. Its the most random hodgepodge of cups & mugs ever.

... I feel the need & pull to go to Starbucks every time I get the notice that its DOUBLE BONUS day.  I mean, its an extra 8 stars usually... is it really worth driving out of my way & taking more time to get home?  Apparently so because I do it EVERY.STINKIN.TIME!!!

... I have missed every bit of the women's gymnastics in the Olympics.  By the time I get settled in for the night & let's be honest, get caught up on my Bachelor in Paradise, its 10:00 before I switch over to the Olympics & I guess they play it earlier.  Always next time.

... Speaking of Olympics... I so think this is NOT FAIR that the lady got gold for DIVING for the finish line in a running competition. This isn't baseball where you slide into home. It's a RUNNING competition. I've never seen anything like this & can't believe its a legit win. To me? Not cool... I'd be so upset if I was the other runner.  I keep hearing they are saying she tripped, but she was stretching WAYYYY to far out for a trip - she was diving for that line.  No doubt.


... every night, Ricky & I watch ABC World News together.  (Do we sound like old folgies or what?) but before it starts, I have gotten in the habit of saying "Let's see what stupid thing Donald Trump did today"... & it usually holds true for every newscast.

... as someone who never joined on Snapchat, I'm loving the new Instagram Story feature.  But now I'm wondering, am I missing out on Snapchat since I do love this?  Or do I just stick with IG Story since its all in one place?  I never wanted to join Snapchat because I didn't want to deal with yet another  social media to have to check during the day.  I may just stick with IG Story.   Some of my favorite celebs on there are Reese Witherspoon (she is just adorable),  Bethenny Frankel & I love the photographer Jasmine Star too. She shows some of her behind the scenes photo tricks & how she does weddings.  Also, Steven Curtis Chapman has actually used it! You know I'm sold with that.

... I get so frustrated when I go to reply to a comment & its marked "No-Comment-Reply"... especially when its blog buddies that I have ALWAYS commented back to. My frustration isn't with my buddies - its with Blogger. Apparently, it randomly switches peoples accounts all the time.  So please take note, if you're not getting a reply back from me, then you've been moved over to this side of the field & your email isn't being applied anymore to your comments.  & if I comment on your  blog & you EVER see mine come across as this? Please let me know so I can fix it.  Comments & the ability to reply back is the best part of blogging.

... that video of that man saving that woman from the car in all the flooding in Louisiana & then finding her dog in the water?  Makes me teary eyed every time I see it.  So many good people in this world willing to help others.

... please please please > no one challenge me to the 22 Push Up Challenge. I love the cause & the purpose bringing awareness to the military. But I'm good to do 12 push ups at a time.  It will have to be broken in intervals if you want 22 of those babies.  & if you want to see the best video, go google Chris Evans doing the challenge with his dog.  Adorable! I think I saw in an interview somewhere he actually rescued that dog from a shelter.  Captain America is he.

... I honestly dont know how it happens every time.  But my earbuds, I just have to wrap up nicely around my finger, lay inside my bag next to my phone.  But let my phone ring & let me pull my phone out & BAM! TANGLED MESS. EVERY TIME. Even if I just lay them on my desk with my phone.  Not moving it or anything - just lay the phone on my desk & let my phone ring & its like a magic trick because BLINK ABRACADABRA & they are wrapped around each other - from just LAYING THERE!!! It's so frustrating & ridiculous.

Only reasonable explanation


  1. Thanks for mentioning that about Blogger! It seems like my profile had switched. I think it should be switched back now. My ear buds are like that too. Always, tangled no matter what I do. I've just given up on it at this point.

    1. Yes - you are one of those people I always try to reply back to!!!
      ... & so weird - this comment didnt even come to my email at all - I just happened to notice it when I went to look at something else on my blog. Technology bites sometimes.

    2. Technology! At least I got one thing fixed. I did get a bounceback saying the email to you didn't go through but I'm not sure why. I'll try to figure that out over the weekend.

  2. bahaha that donald trump thing is so true on the news! My headphones do the same thing - i had this nifty little cord wrapper...but lost it :( xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. lol that's why i have wireless headphones when i workout or listen to music; i can't be bothered with the wires!

    and i asked my husband if that's even allowed (what that woman did)....apparently it is! wtf.

  4. Haha - have you seen the video of Pres. Obama trying to untangle earbuds? It's to infer it's easier to register to vote than to untangle those things. Truth.

    I just don't understand Snapchat. I'm on there but I don't know how to search for people to add to follow. IG is so much easier! But I haven't figured out the Story feature yet.

    The diving thing bugged me and it's not because it was an American who ended up with the Silver. If they're going to DQ someone for a single false start (France), then they need to be consistent at the finish line -- if it's a foot race, the runner needs to finish on their feet. She didn't trip on anything ... but I do understand that she didn't cheat. It just wasn't a fair win though.

  5. I was really disappointed with that 400m finish too- from what it looked like, she definitely dove on purpose to propel her midsection over the finish line. Legal or not, it definitely seemed like a poor way to finish a race. Now I keep waiting for other people to do it at the last second.

  6. I am so sad you have missed all the gymnastics. I am obsessed. That finish though... not okay!

  7. I want to watch world nightly news! What time does it come on? We tend to watch the local stuff after the network dramas and before the late shows. I'd rather watch a worldly news channel!
    If I had a local Starbucks I'd take advantage of the double days, too!

  8. Oh my gosh, I don't use earbuds, but that's totally me with my phone charger cord. Or the hairdryer cord. Or the dog's leash. Or the garden hose. Or the vacuum cord. Well, I guess it's basically me with anything more than 2-inches long.

  9. ugh headphones drive me bonkers. i have wireless ones like kathy but still.
    that's bull about the girl diving to win. i didn't watch it, but come on. i agree with you, it's ridiculous. whatever. the no reply thing bugs me too. let me know if it ever happens to me! i don't want to do 2 push ups, let alone 22. any time i see a video of people rescuing or finding their animals from floods or fires, i cry. so sweet.

  10. I have missed all the gymnastics events which makes me sad because I do enjoy watching it. And I totally feel like need to grab Starbucks on double star days as well. That is how they keep pulling you back in! We have zero matching mugs, but I do have some martini, wine and regular glasses that match so there's that. And a bunch of different beer glasses from breweries.

  11. Please explain what instagram story is? I refused to do snapchat. I don't even know what it is but I refuse it because like you said, I don't need one more social media account. And besides, nothing I have to say or post is all that important that I have to post it on all

    I did see that runner dive for the finish and what I don't understand is this...don't they have timing chips on their bib or shoe or something? Or is it just the first runner who gets a body part across the finish line wins??

  12. I don't tweet, I don't SnapChat and thought I have an instagram account, I rarely post. FB and Blogger take up enough of my time. Funny - when Joe and I turn on the news, we always ask what new lie has Hillary told today! Our choices are just not the best, are they? I agree that the runner who dove for the finish line should be disqualified. Not kosher!

  13. Okay I hadn't seen that runner thing until now and it really bugs me too! That is so not fair! Should be in the rule book that that's not allowed! Headphones are so horrible. I've had the same exact problem. Just set them down and suddenly they're all tangled.

  14. I have also missed most of women gymnastics! For us on the west coast, they start it at like 11pm every night and that's too late for me! I also love that you're watching Bachelor in Paradise... me too! Ha. When Nick was on the bachelorette I didn't like him, but now he seems like the best guy there!

  15. I didn't see the race where the girl dove, but I would be so pissed. I definitely think that's cheating, I get the whole leaning forward bit, but if you dive across isn't there some clause about how you have to be running to win? IDK, seems shady to me.

  16. I thought you got from wireless earbuds? I have now gone through three pairs! They all just quit on me. I just ordered another pair, hoping they last.
    I don't even use snapchat anymore. I liked it, but it's impossible to find followers, and for people to find me. I like that it's all in one place now on IG. :)

  17. Please let me know if blogger ever changes me to "no reply".
    I particularly enjoyed The Rock in the 22 push-ups challenge, because I love him.
    I admit, I haven't even looked at any ig stories. I have snapchat. That's enough for me. I can't handle the cross-over. Ha!
    I like hodgepodges of cups and glasses. It feels more like a "home" to me.

  18. I get way more interaction on Insta than SC. I'm glad someone is seeing my content. So many people don't like Snapchat that have never downloaded it, but they love the Instastories--cracks me up, bc it's just like SC, minus the filters. I don't really see the need for both now, but am still doing both. Personal stuff on SC and blog/beauty/life stuff on Insta.

  19. That alien guy makes me laugh EVERY time - hahaha! And yep - they're always a mess. Sigh.


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