Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What's up Wednesday

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I've actually missed out doing this the past few months
but its a fun way to recap your month & what you're looking forward to
... so here's What's Up!

What We're Eating This Week...

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As hot & miserable as its been, we have been addicted to some Outshine Fruit Bars
Cold & refreshing... & I love the hunks of fruit in these too.
I am hooked on the Mango flavor & Ricky loves the Lime.
Good stuff!

What I'm Reminiscing About...

It's been a year since we left our old church that we attended for 15 years.
I've really been thinking about everything that happened to cause our church to just fall apart
 & it still breaks my heart to no end.
I can really let myself get back into feeling all those emotions of sadness & anger.
But then I see where we are now, a year later - & I am so thankful for God leading us to a new church & giving us the opportunity to serve in an amazing place, under such Godly wise people.
I believe I'm where I'm supposed to be... but it all still tugs at my heart.

What I'm Loving...

I just grabbed a bottle of body wash for no particular reason at Target
... & I'm LOVING this stuff.
It smells so clean & its so moisturizing on my skin. 
I really do like the Method brand Target carries.
I also love the All purpose cleaners they have.

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What We've Been Up To....

... nothing really exciting actually...
I guess you could say we've been getting back into routine with Ricky back at work.
I wish I could use this space to say we've decided what we want to do with our kitchen... or we're planning our Disney trip - or any trip really.  
But nope. Back into a normal working routine.
... sigh...

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What I'm Dreading...

My shoulder / Bicep Tendonitis hurting.
Fall is a photographer's busy time & that means a lot of editing on the computer which aggravates & flares up my arm EVERY TIME.
I am looking forward to all the beautiful sessions ahead... 
but I'm not looking forward to that pain.
Image result for be kind to photographer in fall
This applies for September as well!

What I'm Working On...

I've been getting my Bullet Journal together for 2017.
I have been searching out Pinterest for MONTHS on how I want this to lay out
... & I've finally started getting it all together & I'm LOVING IT!
I love how I can make it exactly what I need.
& that its smaller but still have plenty of space to write in.
I'll have to do a post on my finished product when I get all my pages in it I want
(Books / movies / workout pages / monthly accountability / Birthdays)

It legit took me about 6 hours to draw up all my monthly calendars & label them
... this bullet journal stuff ain't no joke...

What I'm Excited About...

Image result for miss peregrine movie poster

I SOOOOO cant wait for this movie.
I read all of these books as soon as they came out & anxious to see how they bring it to life.
I can already tell from the previews this movie is NOT like the book in which characters have which special power... but I'm going in with an open mind.

What I'm watching/Reading...

I always saw the commercials for this in the midst of all the Bravo shows I watch, 
so went to On Demand & checked out the first show.
... I couldnt stop... I had to watch one after the other.
Image result for Odd mom out

& on the total opposite side of the spectrum, I'm all about Stranger Things.
I've seen where people watch the whole thing in one day.
I'm proud of myself for spacing it out - giving it a little drag time.
I am loving it.  Total Goonies/Close Encounter of the 3rd Kind kinda vibe

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What I'm Listening To...
I'm a huge Big Brother fan & have since gotten hooked on Rob - the guy from Survivor - his podcast. He updates his podcast every day after a show - & has past contestants on there. It's really funny & gives some good insight & also gives some spoilers on what's going on in the house for those that aren't watching it on live feeds.  I'll miss this after Big Brother is over.
... but then it'll be time for Survivor.

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What I'm Wearing...
I posted this yellow dress last week on my Friday Favorites
... & then Old Navy had to go & put out a sale of 40% off of dresses.
So yep... got it... & also got it in the other pattern (A black floral) & also this grey jersey dress
Thanks Old Navy!

Women's Clothes: Dresses by Fit | Old Navy: Women's Clothes: Dresses by Fit | Old Navy:

What I'm Doing This Weekend...
Labor Day weekend... YAHOOOO!!!!!
We're going to be seeing the Grand kiddos so it'll be an exciting weekend

... y'all know I'll be taking lots of pictures so brace yourself

Image result for you have been warned

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month...

Image result for love fall
I can start pulling out FALL decorations
...its my favorite time of the year!!!
Ricky always tells me I can't put up fall decorations in the house until at LEAST October first... but I have to remind him that the first of day of Fall is in September - so I typically put my stuff up right about that time.

What's Your Favorite Fall Transition Piece

I am all about two of those pieces right there


First, that Olive green vest. I could wear it every day. Seriously.
It takes great restraint to not put it on with every pair of pants I own & every shirt I wear.

& the other piece?
My mustard yellow cowl that I made.
I love that piece so much. Again - want to wear it every day.
& don't forget - my ETSY Story has a lot of similar items.

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  1. I love when I find aa body wash or shampoo that smells great and makes me feel like I'm at a spa! So tell me more about this journal thing. Did you draw your own month boxes?

  2. Odd Mom Out is an absolute riot! So, so funny!

    Love the looks of your bullet journal! I can't wait to see more!

  3. I can't wait to see that movie either! It looks soo good!

  4. Hey, my friend...I feel like it's been forever since I've paid you a visit. Just been a hectic summer! I'll have to try that body wash. Thanks for the recommendation. Enjoy your time with your grandbabies...I know you will! :)

  5. I really like that stuff from Target too. Old Navy sucked me in as well. I was looking for a skirt but decided I didn't want to spend the money right now. Bam, literally 10 minutes later Old Navy sends me that email about the sale and I couldn't resist.

  6. the world is going crazy because CANADA is still having hot AF weather while all other places more south of us are cooling down. i already have some yarn at the ready to start crocheting my first fall something! not sure what that will be yet :)

  7. This is so detailed. I had to come down here and start my comment mid-post :) Mango fruit bars sound delish! And I'm a big fan of Method products, too.
    Your bullet journal is GORGEOUS!!! AH! I can't wait until I get the guts to start one ;)
    I can't decide if K and I should start into Stranger Things or not... it seems like everyone loves it! Then again, K doesn't like freaky stuff. Lol.

  8. We use Method for our house too, but I haven't tried the body wash yet! I'm so picky, but that sounds like something I would like. I like just clean-scented body washes, no crazy flower or fruity scents. The movie looks really good! I only read the first book, but I might pick up the rest sometime. What is Odd Mom Out? That looks pretty funny. Stranger Things is soooo good.

  9. Stranger Things was awesome! Confused me at times but so, so good.

    I adore Method! My child is also obsessed with it because not only does it smell awesome and work fabulously, but they're cruelty free as well.

  10. Yess, I did the same thing with Odd Mom Out after always seeing the previews and went back and watched season one-- so funny! I love the method hand soap, but haven't tried any of their other products. I can't wait to see your bullet journal post.

  11. I love the Method brand!!! I have used the shower gels before, and I always have their hand soaps at the kitchen and bathroom sinks. I use the mint smelling bathroom cleanser of theirs for years and years and I use the Lime Sea Salt multi-purpose in the kitchen. They smell so good! I couldn't get in to The Stranger Things. I love those dresses!

  12. I didn't know Method makes body wash... now I have an excuse to make a Target trip!

  13. Odd Mom out, I love it, what channel is that on? And I need a utility vest like right now! I have heard so many good things about STranger Things, but fear it's too scary for me to watch...and we just put a deposit down for our kitchen! So stinkin excited!

  14. Where is that green vest from? I love it. And it looks not crazy restricting like some vests tend to be.

    Umm obviously the official first day of fall is irrelevant. Tell Ricky what's important is when pumpkin hits the nation. I think it's today. So, if you ask me, tomorrow is fair game for fall decorations. If Michael's can put out CHRISTMAS decorations already, you can put your fall wreathes up.

    I've heard everyone talking about Stranger Things. And I love Goonies. So, I think I'll put that on my list of things to watch. I've been trying to cut back on Netflix & save it for gross winter weather. I've been done pretty well actually these last few weeks.

    1. OH. And super excited to see your Bullet Journal when you post it! I love seeing other peoples, your calendar spread looks great so far. I stuck with a regular planner again for next year. Figured I should get into the groove using that before I go rogue on a bullet journal. :)

  15. Cute dresses!! Looking forward to the photos of your grands! Whew, I get tired just reading about all you do. Superwoman!

  16. Olive green and mustard just makes me smile and you look soooo cute in both!! Aww bet you are the greatest grandparents, can't wait to see pics; hope it's a great time!!

  17. I didn't know Method made body wash! I know what body wash I'm getting when mine runs out now! And ditto to your comment on my post earlier this week--I love that you love Old Navy as much as me!!! I have an olive utility vest and it's so great to transition between summer and fall.

  18. I usually put up fall decorations around September 15th. It is technically still summer, but I consider a celebration of the arrival of fall.

  19. I use that same body wash, and I've had those fruit bars before, they're really good! I'm looking forward to the movie, too!

  20. okay i'll have to check out those fruit bars, they look yummy!
    i'm sorry you had to leave your old church but yay for your new church being good!
    i just read the miss peregrine book, i don't think i will read the next few (i saw your reviews and saw that you liked them less as they went on i think?) but i really did enjoy it well enough and i can't wait for the movie! i agree you can tell by the trailer that it is different, but i hope it's good!

  21. I LOVE THOSE FRUIT BARS!! SO GOOD! :) Love your outfit, I live in my utility vest also!! I just got a copy of the first Peregrine's HOme... and I'm excited to read it and then hopefully see the movie. :) Mildly behind the times. Poor reading, I get way too busy for you sometimes. That makes me sad, I'd rather be reading!! HAHAHAHA XO - Alexandra

    Are we friends on goodreads... ? I don't think so! :(

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  22. I need to start both of those shows. I have heard good things about them. They are on my list. I love that green vest. I have been looking for one like that! Huge fan of method products over here.


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