Monday, August 29, 2016

The weekend a stuffed goat was painted blue or pink....

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It's Monday & I still have my face.
Consider it a good weekend.
I mean, it was so miserably hot, I thought for sure my face was going to melt off.

What is this?  The end of August?  Because it feels like the end of the world. It was so hot & humid.  I guess summer is getting in its last few rounds of "TAKE THIS"

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But since I'm thankful I didn't melt my face off, I got to smile through my weekend... let's rehash all the things that made me smile through the sweat.

Friday night was all about the MSM Hangout.  The theme for the night?  Blue Vs. Pink.  Boys Vs. Girls.  Serious Business is what that means.

It didn't start until 8pm & since I'm usually getting ready to get in bed at 8 pm on a Friday because let's face it, I'm old, I knew I was going to have to go for some reinforcements via Starbucks & some iced coffee.

Old Person Fuel
It did the trick.  Also being in a room of HUNDREDS of pumped up middle schoolers was enough to get my energy up too.

These kids are just so much fun! They were into the competitions & ready to WIN IT ALL!!!

Look at all the kiddos!!!!

I mean, the winner did get to have our stuffed taxidermy goat painted either pink or blue.

& yes, I did just say our taxidermy goat.  Middle School Ministry has its litttle odd things.

By the way - our goat stands for Greatest Of All Time (GOAT)... when there are competitions, the winners get to sign our goat's little cape.

... ok... the goat freaks me out a bit. The kids like it.  I will actually be very happy if I never have to sign the goat.  I want to cry over the goat actually. Ms. Animals Rights & all....

Anyways - high stakes.  A BLUE goat or a PINK goat.

We had to all fit in one square :) #tightsqueeze

I loved it because it was a great opportunity to get to know these kids better.  I am already LOVINGGGGGGG so much getting to know my 7th grade girls.  They are just the sweetest bunch of girls with a heart for Jesus.  I see a lot of great connections that are going to last for years to come.

One of my new friends... she is so amazing
Well... I'm sorry to say... after 2 hours of competition, the goat ended up being painted BLUE... BOO!!!!
Dang it.

But the girls gave a hearty effort.

& we all know girls can handle loss so much better than guys #throwingshade
so it all worked out in the end ok.

Fun was had... that was the most important part.


& I even walked out with pink paint on my face.

How do you not call it a good night when you come home with pink paint on your face?


I was so wired when I got home (Thanks Starbucks, you did your job) so I ended up staying up to watch the Celebrity Big Brother finale...  & then the after show.

I ended up being up till nearly 2am before I went to bed...

Whose an old lady? Not this girl!! BAM!

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So I was so looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday after being the up all night girl... & then woke up at 7am.  7:00 ... seriously. What kind of cruel trick is that?

I tried to go back to sleep & I couldn't.  I guess my body was like, Joke's on you!

At least its Saturday... & I had no plans so I could care less. It's a day of no make up, running shorts & messy buns.  No cares in the world.

I ended up using my morning time for some Bible Journaling...

Hello Cup of Coffee
& then some reading for the Bible Study group on Sunday

Hello 2nd cup of coffee
& then Ricky & I had to run out to go to Sam's Club.

Can we hold it a second because I'm a little dumfounded about leaving Sam's Club.
I walked out spending $171....

WHAT?  On WHAT?  I have no idea.

Image result for shocked gif
When I saw my Total on the cash register

& the worst part? I had $24.00 in savings off things too with sales.... so it would have been over $200

It was honestly like 9 things too - its not like I went shopping for a restaurant to refill the pantry.

I got dog food (on sale) - avocados (cheaper than the grocery) - some laundry stuff (on sale also)
... & OK, I got a book.
I cant ever leave Sam's Club without a book.  Especially when they're only $6.86.

But danggggggg - $171.00  I'm still in shock.

I knew I had to get home. Get in my bubble of "NO SPENDING"... except the internet is home & we all know my computer automatically logs into Amazon.

I did good though - I settled in for more Netflix to end my day.


Sunday has us back at church & another great message at MSM.

This week we talked about DRAMA QUEENS.. a PERFECT talk for middle school students. Heck, I know some adults that could have heard this lesson.

Image result for dramatic gif

& yes, I get it ... I have been accused MORE than once in my life about being dramatic....

but adding some drama in life does make it a little bit more fun.

I'm all about FUN drama... not dramatic drama. Y'all get me, right?

As soon as MSM was over, it was time for my favorite time every 3 weeks - JOY Sisters Bible Study group....

& the fun thing about this time?  We actually had one of our out of town girls that wanted to be a part of it, she Skyped in with us.  She stayed on with us for about 2 hours. I loved how easy it was for her to be a part of the conversation & loved getting her input.


The world can be a small place sometimes....

& then we also had a new face join us. She is actually one of my past brides - so in that room were THREE of my past brides. I said I'm going to end up just having all my brides in this Bible Study by the end of it all.  If you want me to shoot your wedding, you're going to have to come talk Jesus with me afterwards. Sounds like a new package deal.

Speaking of weddings, everyone left & I stuck around to talk about our next upcoming wedding with Chasity & I got some extra time of playing with our Grand Buddy Emerson.  That little girl... she is just the cutest.
I got a picture of her on my camera I need to upload... PRECIOUSSSSSS... I can eat her up.

The best part of the day with her?  She called me Belle. Like legit called me by the name Belle.
I felt like my job on this earth is accomplished.

Image result for Belle gif

But I got home in time to eat some dinner with Ricky & then before I knew it, it was time for Big Brother & I did try to watch a bit of the MTV Music Awards.

Did I say I wasn't old earlier... because watching the MTV Movie Awards reminds me I am definitely getting old.

Some of the music. Some of the clothing. I honestly couldnt handle it. Half way through Beyonce's performance, when I said, "What is going on here?" about 4 times, I just threw up my hands & turned it over to HGTV.  More my speed.
I'll claim my oldness sometimes....

So how was your weekend?

Is it horribly HOT & HUMID where you are at?

Do you tend to be dramatic sometimes?

What's the best way you use SKYPE or Facetime?


  1. I don't Skype or Facetime. When son#1 was in Kuwait, we did Skype but it's been a few years. I'm not terribly dramatic. My weekend was good and yes, it is terribly hot and humid here still. Loved your weekend wrapup and the photos!

  2. Looks like a fun time! And I must be getting old too because I don't even watch MTV anymore lol.

  3. I hate when you see the total at the register and it's some crazy amount like that. It happens to me at Target every time. Individually, everything is reasonably priced so then I always get surprised by the total at the end. I didn't even know the MTV movie awards were on. How's that for old!

  4. So it's literally a real no-longer-live goat?? Mercy ... and eww! I don't use Skype or Facetime either - but mainly because I'm not much of a phone person to begin with. I'm sure if I lived away from family and/or many friends, then I'd use one or the other. I am SOOO ready for this heat/humidity to hit the road! I just can't deal ... and I'm not being dramatic about that at all. I legit can't handle much more of this weather! ;)

  5. This is why I can't buy in bulk - I'll buy too much and spend too much LOL!! And old person fuel for coffee...girl that's every person's fuel LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. We still have the heat here an honestly I hope it hangs on as long as it can. I am not ready for the "W" word!

    That is so great that you get to do the all night thing with the kids. I bet they love you. So where is the picture of the blue goat? I thought for sure you'd show it!

    O yes, we never get out of Sam's club without spending at least $100. And we get like 5 things!! Seriously!

  7. Please oh please let's give Satan this weather back. SO. HOT.

    You had such a fun weekend! I bet the drama queen lesson was great. We talked about humility in our service.

    Our tastes lean toward HGTV and away from the VMAs, too ;) No worries. Haha!

  8. Oh my gosh! So much good stuff for me to comment on... that Satan sign, "Not a Fan" and George Costanza!!!! Thank you for the good LOL. I've been wanting to pick up Not a Fan. Are you enjoying it?

  9. I didn't even know the VMA's were on, lol. I just LOVE your involvement with the middle school kids, they need great role models and you are the BEST!! Hope your week ahead is spectacular!!

  10. hmmm that seems to happen to me at Costco without fail. I go there for a few things and somehow walk out $200 less in my wallet? um how did that happen?!?!?!?!

  11. What a fun weekend. Middle School kids are so much fun. I had to stop going to Target every weekend because I was always spending money on things that I didn't need. haha I stay out of Sam's Club/Cosco for that reason. Happy Monday!

  12. Yep, my Costco bill always ends up being like $100 and I'm like, WHAT DID WE EVEN BUY?! I LOVE that she called you Belle!!! So cute!

  13. What a fun event-- I can't even imagine the goat prize though, haha. Middle-school is such a fun and formative age, what a great thing to be involved with.

  14. I also tend to be dramatic, but it really has been melt you face off hot here too. Yesterday I went hiking & it was hot & humid and not a breeze to be found, even down by the water. So after my hike I submerged myself in the cool creek & it was the best!

  15. We're supposed to be getting a cold front though...yay! I'm so glad you have a blast with the youth!!
    How is stranger things? Seems like it's a big thing now, but I've heard it's scary. Is it like ghosts/demons scary, or psycho murder scary stuff? I can't handle ghosts and demons!

  16. LOLOL at satan wanting his weather back. For real!!! It is always hot, humid and miserable here in the south until late September/early October. So no surprise here. Though, we usually have some cooler mornings by now but not yet this year. I get anxiety when I watch stuff ring up at places. I can never get out of Sams or Costco without spending a ridiculous amount of money so I quit going to those places lol.

  17. I love your "package deal." Sounds perfect to me!

  18. Oh I have missed your blog posts!!! Not having internet while I moved kept me from getting my smiles and giggles from your blog posts.
    You can think I am weird, but everytime I read your posts I always think if we lived near each other in real life, we'd be great friends with some awesome laugh fests, LOL
    Love the Satan quote, LOL Granted I love the heat and I just moved to the desert, well more desert than before. We had this monsoonal out of norm week last, and I got used to just 90's. But today I was walking from class to class and it was 110 out, might be hotter now and when I went to get into my car I was like oh holy hell. I swear it was like 150 in there. I might have lost 10 pounds just waiting for the air conditioner to feel like a warm breeze in the car, LOL
    Hope you get your cooler weather soon! I think I have another month of this weather before it drops back to the lower 90's it will be fine as soon as I acclimate, well that and as long as I don't have to get into my car, LOL

  19. What an awesome middle school event!!!!! I'm sure they LOVED it!!!! <3

  20. Drama Queens are perfect to talk about at that age!

    I have also been bitten by the WHAT bug after leaving Sam's a lot poorer.

    I'm hoping this is the last of the heat here.

  21. LOL! Hooray for netflix, caffeine, and making good decisions! :P I saw people bible journaling for the first time recently and I think it is a super cool concept and looks so neat. :) I feel that way about money at Target, and TJMaxx... and you know... most places HELP! hehe I have yet to start stranger things but I want to!! :P XO - ALexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  22. Loved the recap!! I don't see how you have the energy to do it all, or maybe being around the youth gives you the energy, hehe. And starbucks!! I loved Stranger Things and then went on a quest for find the locations!


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