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One Sentence a Day: July 2016 Edition

HOLY MOLY!  We are into August.
The month where kids are going back to school (Our kids have been back to school for 2 weeks now actually)... the month where Fall decorations start to come out in stores... the time where its still hot but everyone is starting to have thoughts of cooler days.
We are really more than half way through the year now. That is CRAAZZZYYYY!!!!

So this is just my little way of remembering my month - my year really
... just one sentence a day can bring back a full day's worth of memories
... onto July

1.  Hated having to leave Ricky at home the day after his surgery to go back to work.

2.  Got to watch some beautiful fireworks at my parent's house.

3.  Lazy day full of movies & game after game of Sequence.

4.  Tried to venture out with Ricky for the first time & watch as he saw how limited he really is in his healing.

After going stir crazy being in the house for 4 days, the hubs had to get out, so.a ride to starbucks was needed. Thumbs down for pain. & thumbs down for being a day late for #VincentsRockSundays but there was no way a pic was going to be taken yesterday. 07.04.16 #betterlatethannever:
#DayLate ... #TooMuchPainonSunday
5.  Had a movie night on a weeknight with the recovering patient watching Pride + Prejudice +Zombies which I surprisingly actually liked.

Return to the main poster page for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies:

6.  I felt like an old lady with knee problems & shoulder problems while I mowed the back yard.

7.  Finished up our series we were studying by celebrating with a dinner at Panera with our JOY group

8.  Heartbroken over watching the news all day on the latest in the tragedy in Dallas & the shooting of the 5 policemen.

9. Got to spend my morning with some of my favorite people.

10.  Took my nieces to see Secret Life of Pets & love every second of talking to them &watching them grow up.

Movie date with my nieces ❤ #secretlifeofpets #rjvnieces #lovemynieces:

It's been a busy weekend.... glad the hubs is slowly healing & doing a little more each day #VincentsRockSundays 07.10.16:
#VincentsRockSunday 07.10.16

11.  Ricky spent the evening freaking out thinking he's got another hernia where his incision is.

12.  Between my knee & my shoulder pain, cutting the back yard is making me feel REALLY REALLY old.

13. Tried Brown Buttered Gnocchi with squash & almonds from Blue Apron & it was probably the best dinner I've made yet.

I think this may be my favorite yet. Brown Butter Gnocchi with squash & almonds. The recipe called for soft boiled egg & neither of us like that, so I scrambled & it was delicious. Thanks #blueapron for an amazing #dinner!! #ChefBelle #getinmybelly #gnocchi #vegetarian:

14. Got to have lunch with Ricky and Lindsay & so thankful our baby girl is back in town for awhile.

Best lunch dates on a work week. 💕 #ourbabygirl #lovemyhubby:

15.  Finished my latest book, Before I Go to Sleep,  & had that "weird lost sensation" until I picked out my next book.

16.  Going to 2 weddings in one day makes for a busy hectic day.

17.  Headed to JOY Bible Sisters & then totally across town to celebrate my Mother in Law's birthday.

18. Love seeing pictures of my parents on their wedding day as they celebrate their 52nd wedding anniversary.

19.  Headed after work straight to a meeting at church to get ready for a new year in Youth Ministry.

Meeting tonight to get ready for a new year.... so excited to serve ❤ #youthministryrocks:

20.  So happy to get rid of my gray once again.


21.  Sat in utter amazement as I watched Donald Trump accept the Republican nomination for President.

22.  Got home 3 hours later than usual after doing our girls head shots.

23.  Did some more head shots for a friend & then tried to stay indoors as much as possible in order to not have my face melt off.

24.  Celebrated my daddy's 72nd birthday!


25.  Officially feel old when I pull a neck muscle while washing my hands in the bathroom & can't move my neck all night long.

26.  I may be in trouble when I discovered a book store I can go to at lunch at work.

27.  If I could have gone in immediately for surgery on my knee, I would have done it this day with the pain I was having.

28.  Worshiped with a few thousand other people for HOURSSSS at a Hillsong United concert.

29.  Spent way too much money when I went to the Disney store & saw they were celebrating the 20th anniversary release of Beauty & the Beast!!!!

30.  Got to meet one of my bride & grooms new little member of their family & then ran to celebrate another past bride & groom's baby that turned 1 year old.

31.  Felt like a kid again when after 10 years of waiting, the new Harry Potter book was finally released!!!

Goodbye July.... I can't believe it's the last day of the month #VincentsRockSundays 07.31.16 . . . #lovemyhubby #starbucksonice #mangoblacktealemonade:
#VincentsRockSunday 07.30.16

What was the best thing about your July?


  1. Quite a month for you! Lots of great photos taken.

    How is Ricky feeling now?

  2. It is crazy that it's already July! I think the best part of my July was that I got in a lot of quality time with friends and family. I haven't had a chance to see Pride and Prejudice and Zombies yet, glad to hear you enjoyed it :)

  3. I love that you do this, it documents your month so nicely! I hope that Ricky is doing better now!

  4. I REALLY feel like I should be doing something like this. So many times I get to the end of the month and can't remember a single thing I did. Haha.

    Honestly, this past Saturday may have been the best part of July. A fun day date with the BF + two new to me hikes AND wine!? What is not to love!? All before I went to a concert and then joined some friends after to support a friend at an open mic night. #ItWasALongDay

  5. Such great memories you have of July (except for Ricky being in pain of course). I'm not ready for summer to be over! Thank goodness I have a few more weeks till school starts!

  6. July....consumed at work by year-end and auditors. Had a visit from the kids. Watched waaayyy too much TV in the evenings. June was really busy, so a quieter July was just fine. Nice run-down on your July!!

  7. I can't believe Ricky's surgery was a month ago! (And I've been thinking about cooler days since May, hehe.) Great recap! So many memories made this month!

  8. Can't believe July flew by this quickly ... there are so many movies I've been wanting to catch in the theaters and they're probably all on DVD now. I am so ready for cooler weather though, so if time could speed up just a smidgen until then, and then pause for a few months - that'd be great. :)

  9. Love these! I'm doing mine tomorrow :) July really did fly by and I feel like the rest of the year is going to wiz past us! Yay for lots of weddings, although 2 in one day, CRAZY!

  10. This is such a great recap for the month. I hope Ricky is truly on the mend now and that your pain has alleviated.

  11. This is such a fun way to document a month! May have to start doing this, even if I don't publish it to my blog just to keep track of things!

  12. What a fun month!! Will have to look up that book...and get Harry Potter! Prayers for Ricky's health...and yours as well!!

  13. Oh I would be a wreck leaving KC at home alone recovering too. Just do what you can! It's so tough! Hooray for fireworks, harry potter, panera, and good friends! :) We took my little sis who is in town to see Pets and she loved it! :) We also loved P&P&Z - very clever. I agree that all that's been happening due to violence and hate in the world has made my heart heavy for the past few months. July was a really tough one. Hoping that things calm and get better as the year goes on. XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  14. So glad to have you join us for Sentence a Day. Doesn't it feel good to wash away the gray? I could probably stand to wash it away about once a week these days!! Not sure where you live so going to read "about you" in a sec but recognize Hillsong from our pastor at Abundant Living Faith Center in El Paso.

  15. Sounds like you had a busy month! A bookstore near work would be very dangerous.


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