Tuesday, August 16, 2016

If I could make a race... what would you create?

Y'all know I just did the 5k to raise support for Pancreatic Cancer... #WageHope

It was so amazing how much money they had raised.

It made me think of some of the other races I've done that helps raise money for some good causes.

I did a walk that helped with MS

10 points if you can find me in the crowd
I've done a few races that support Breast Cancer, including the Susan G. Komen event that is every October & our local Breast Cancer race which is called, Making Strides - I did that one like 4 years in a row

I've also done some local races that help with various events - like one raised money for Choices for Women & another one was an event called Stroll for Babies 5k....

We also did a 5k one year for epilepsy awareness in support of our precious friends & their daughter that has to fight against Infantile Spasms.  That was a fun event through the zoo.

Wow - this feels so long ago!
I just love when races mean something & can help in some way.

Even virtual races can help out. If you read up on some, a lot of virtual races will donate a portion of their sales to a charity.  Its a win win situation.  You get a beautiful medal & they give the money to a cause that really needs the help.

My beautiful blog buddy Meranda mentioned to me the other day how she wished there was race that helped support more animal causes.  Girlfriend knows my heart too in that area.  She actually turned me onto the site We are the Cure that is all about the National Canine Cancer Foundation.  I've bought shirts off of there to support them & love that there are organizations that help in support of animal cancer.  Having lost both Sydney & Buffy to cancer, its a hard thing to go through.

Miss this face every day

It was funny because it was right after that conversation & right after I did that Wage Hope 5k, I was getting the 5k bug again.  Wanting to do more races in the area.  So I was checking to see if there were any other races happening around the area - I got turned onto Eventbrite.

Mainly because I saw there were all sorts of things to look up on there.  Races, AND events.  I actually had registered on there to watch Lysa Terkeurst's web simulcast that she was doing to promote her new book I was reading.  Didn't cost a thing but had to register for it.  It all went through that same site.

But looking through that, I saw that you can actually make your own event through Eventbrite

It got my gears going on what I would want in an event to raise some money for doggies.

First, it would HAVE to be a race you bring your animal to.
& if they can't walk or run, bring a wagon, or carts... have some provided to tote your animal along.

& along the water stops, there would need to be LOW water stops.  Just perfect level for all the animals to be able to get refreshed.  I'm sure with all the wagging tongues, they would need some hydration.

There would have to be fresh grass for these dogs. Maybe a area for a trail run?  Let the dogs get into the grass & find some fresh trees that need some 'watering' of their own?

That's one way to do it

& of course, the finish line would have to have a medal for the fur-momma/daddy but a medal made out of some yummy treat would be perfect for the real star of the races.

Wouldn't it be so much fun to organize a race like that?

My wheels are cranking.  Anyone else want to get a race like this together?

& wouldn't Harvey Dent make just the perfect mascot for it?

If you could organize a race for something to support, 
what would it be?

What would you have in it that made it so special?

Have you ever checked out Eventbrite for an event/race?   


  1. That would be a cute race and I bet a lot of people would really enjoy something like that! Love that last photo!

  2. Aww you know I am all about this! I love the idea of pulling or pushing those dogs that can't run!

  3. Oh girl. Sign me up to be a board member for this race because I am ALL ABOUT IT.
    The major thing that holds me back from starting a dog shelter in the means of funding it. It intimidates me to raise money and I don't know why!!
    But back to the race- Enzo and I would definitely help you get this going!! Haha!

  4. I used to use EventBrite a lot to organize things for Relay For Life!

    Do you use the Walk for a Dog app?

  5. I love these ideas, especially the doggie medal made out of a treat :) I don't think I've checked out eventbrite before but I will now!

  6. There is a 5K near me that is super pet friendly. Haven't done it, so can't speak to the treat medals or water stops, but people have said good things.

    I'm not sure how I would create an event more unique then like please donate a non-perishable food item, but I'm a big believer in fighting hunger - and things I can do to help others end that cycle. One of the big things I want to do when I'm older (though I have no idea how to start) is teach classes at churches, community centers, libraries that teach low income families & SNAP recipients how to cook - how to use tools like a slow cooker to lower their grocery budget and feed their family in a healthy way. I would hope to one day partner with an organization that may be able to fund things like a crockpot for class participants, it's not enough to know the tools, you need the tools too.

    Anyways, got off track. I do a lot with Alzheimer's walks & things, my Grandma suffered with it for a long time, and I saw what it can do to a family, you lose someone slowly, and in a sort of nonsensical way. Sometimes they're the same person, other days it's like talking to a wall.

  7. that would be a cute race; everyone would love that :)

  8. Awwwww I might even want to do a race if it was for doggies!

  9. It'd be pretty hard to turn down a race for sweet puppies! <3

  10. oh my gosh, this would be fun ;) there is no way i could/would take my cats to a race though lol.
    if i could create a race, it would be for heart disease. it's scary how many people it kills vs how much awareness it gets. things that kill less people get more awareness, and though i think anything that kills people deserves awareness, heart disease doesn't get enough at all.

  11. What a wonderful idea! I've participated in small fund-raising races -- one was for Relay for Life and went through Community Park. We had maybe 30 people run it. Even the big races seem to donate to a cause - the Indpls Monumental focuses on education for kids and the Triple Crown is for Crusade for Children. We lost three of our greyhounds to cancer, so I'd totally get behind your race (have you thought about Mt. St. Francis? They have trails that would be great for the doggies!). So many races already hand out t-shirts but I like it when registrants have an option to decline a t-shirt and allow the cause to receive more money instead. I've signed up for things on Eventbrite but I've never used them to start an event.

  12. What a great way to get out in your community and meet new people!

  13. What a fun idea! Keep us posted as you progress with it!

  14. I think with the brainstorming you've done, you've come up with some excellent ideas. Make it happen! :)
    I have a soft spot for anything that contributes to the Make-A-Wish foundation, or really any cause for youth. Cancer and other terminal or life-debilitating diseases are AWFUL anytime they make their presence known in our lives, but it is especially painful when a child has that battle.

  15. The medals for the pups are the cutest things!! If my dog ate dog treats, I'd whip up a batch of these!! Too cute.


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