Monday, August 01, 2016

The weekend that Harry Potter made me all emotional....

I know you all hear how busy my weekends are on here on most Monday's...

& when people say they dont know how I keep up with the busy, I just sort of laugh because it doesn't feel that busy to me.

This weekend?  It felt REALLY busy to me.  Even having a four day weekend, I think it made it even busier.

With Ricky not going to be able to do our usual vacation like we normally do in October, I took 2 days off last week to try & spend some time with him.  We made the most of it, definitely.

So, I am going to recap this the fastest way I know possible because I have so much on my mind & in my heart about the weekend, its kinda ridiculous....

... Got to go to the Hillsong United Concert.  It was the LONGEST concert I have ever been to in my LIFE.  Like, we were there over 4 hours & they STILL were singing when we left.  I have so much to say about this concert.  I think I'm going to do a blog post specifically for it.  Just know - it was amazing. A small glimpse of heaven, for sure.

... I slept in every day of my 4 days off. Did I mention a glimpse of heaven just before?  This was also a small glimpse in a different way.

... I got my Kelly Moore Camera bag in the mail on Friday. I honestly cried over it.  I have wanted a Kelly Moore camera bag as long as I've been a photographer & I finally decided to go for it.  I AM IN LOVE!! This is another thing I think I need to do a full blog post on.  I feel like I can now carry a camera with me all the time & still not look like I'm really carrying a camera... just a REALLY big fashionable purse.  It's pretty heavy, but its also that other word - pretty.

I feel like seriously crying with joy.... my first @kellymoorebag 😍 I have wanted one of her camera bags for years & finally splurged since I'm carrying my camera every day now. I am so proud to have it. Some people may want Coach, MK, or Kate Spade. Give me a Kelly Moore bag every time. 📷❤📷❤📷❤ #rebeccajophotography #camerabag #photographer #proudmoment #treatyoself #kellymoorebag:

... Disney is re-releasing Beauty & the Beast for the 20th anniversary - which means when I went into the Disney Store this weekend, I just basically said, Take all my money!  We rarely get out to the Disney store anymore & try to make it out that way when we're off.  I'm not sure if it was the best thing or worst thing going out there. Bad for the wallet - best thing because it made my Belle heart so happy. I came away with a new shirt, a GORGEOUS sweater, a Beast t shirt, some figurines that will be super cute to add in some book shots I take & a little 3 pack of zipper pulls that I NEEDED for my camera bags.  There was a new coffee mug that I passed up - AND 2 plushes I NEVER have seen - one of Babette & one of Gaston - those are super rare.  But I did show restraint & didn't buy it all.  (I wanted to though)... I just know when the live action movie comes out? I think I'm going to need to take out a loan.

Love one of my new #beautyandthebeast shirts I just got at the Disney Store. ❤🌹 #IamBelle #belle:
One of my new shirts

... after being inspired by all my new Beauty & the Beast loot, I had to make it work in my Bible Journaling time on Sunday. I really love how this turned out.  & so what if I had to make sure Belle's hair is a little more red than usual.

... I got to go on Saturday morning to see one of my past bride & groom's because they recently added onto their family.  I just LOVE this couple anyways & am so thrilled for them to welcome a little boy.  I get to see them again soon because I'm photographing their brother's wedding in September.  I just love staying connected to my past clients.  I could go meet up with all of my photo-family & do a catch up in their lives.

I loved talking with this sweet momma because I remembered from her wedding that she diabetes. With my niece recently being diagnosed, I was asking her about her life with it. She was also diagnosed at the same age my niece was at the time.  Brook is such a light & encouragement in general anyways but she was saying that if she had to get any sort diagnosis of anything, that would be the one she would get because while it is something you have to watch & be mindful of, once you learn to make the adjustments, its just second nature.

I love this picture shows your insulin pump on her side - a real life thing
... a super momma!!!
... I got stuck in a storm leaving from that photo session. I ran into the store & came out & it was POURING. I thought I'd wait & it would ease up.... I thought it did, until I ran out to my car & then it was torrential downpours. I ended up throwing my shoes off (I slide so bad in flip flops) & took off running barefoot to the car. I was drenched to the bone. My hair was damp for an hour if that tells you anything.

... I had to make the drive home in that rain too. It's a 25 minute drive & in that rain, it took about 40 minutes. & do you know the second I pulled down my street, the sun came out & clouds blew out & it was total blue skies. Guess there really is no place like home.

... I was home about 1 hour & we were right back out to celebrate one of my favorite little girls first birthday.  It's our neighbor's granddaughter - & one of my JOY Sister's daughter.  I'm basically a designated aunt, at least in my opinion, if not by law ;)


... We left from the birthday party to head to support our friend at a fund raiser at a pork roast for his mission trip to the Philippines.  We just ran in though to give a donation to our friend (Miss Vegetarian here) & wish him luck & it was great seeing other familiar faces & get in some hugs.

... we then ran out to get some grub that I could eat.  #SaveAPig


It was actually great going to this restaurant because we haven't been in YEARSSS & one of our favorite waitresses is still there. As soon as she saw us, she was like, "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" :) I love friendly people.  She immediately wanted to know about Harvey Dent too. haha. He's semi famous with his antics.

... Our new year in youth ministry got its kick off on Sunday. I am so excited to lead up a small group this year. 7th grade girls are my peeps.  I so loved one of my girls name was Kira. I asked her if she was named after the character from Xanadu, to which she looked at me like I had 3 heads. I then had to try & describe Xanadu - to which the looks kept coming. I am determined to have these girls over for a Xanadu party now.

... As soon as church was over, I told Ricky the ONLY THING we had to do was go get the new Harry Potter book. I have been giddy excited about it.  So when we walk into Target & saw this....

So I may have teared up a little when I saw they are already sold out #harrypotterandthecursedchild:

.... I seriously stood with my jaw dropped & may have teared up a little.
Ricky's response was "You're not really crying over this, are you?"... he kept making fun of me & I kept trying to explain to him that this is 10 years in the making. & I have gotten EVERY book the day of the release. This was no joke. I NEEDED this book.  When he saw how upset I was, bless him, he went & found a guy & asked to check if they had any in the back - any anywhere. Nope. I was so heart broken.

... BUT THEN........YAHOOO!!! As we were leaving the store, I got a phone call from a friend who saw I had posted the above picture. & she told me they just found the book & would pick it up for me. I seriously teared up again... Harry Potter was making me ALL emotional this weekend!  & just the thoughtfulness of friends.  Is that just the best thing ever.  So yeah- be prepared, I'm going to mention this again in Thankful Thursday.  When my friend handed me the book, I'm sure I felt like those Star Wars fans when this last movie came out. It's when you think something is never going to happen & it does?  On top of the kindness of people making sure you have it in your hands?   Just a perfect combo...

I love this lady, love her daughter (who is in my MSM group) & love her other kiddos & her husband
... I just love this whole gang!!!

... I had to get my August planner calendar together & get my month scoped out. How is July gone?  Seriously... this is nuts.

...I wrapped up my weekend snuggled up in bed watching Celebrity Big Brother on YouTube. I always get caught up in that show when I tell myself I'm not going to because about half way through the season, they start blocking all the videos people put up.  So frustrating.  But I'll stick with it as long as I can.

& here we are ... back at a Monday!  

How was your weekend?

Did you get the new Harry Potter book?  or even care about it?

Do you have a Disney store near you?


  1. I ordered my copy of the new HP book last night! I can't wait to read it! I watched the movie marathon all weekend too and actually cried, again, when Dobby died. Sigh. This whole series. So emotional. Glad you had a great weekend!!

  2. I'm so happy that you got the bag you've been wanting for such a long time!! That's awesome! I feel like as adults we get into a time warp or time suck LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I definitely know about the Harry Potter book, but only because I saw it mentioned on a few blogs already. And this is the first book I didn't get the day of the release. But, in the spirit of saving money, and not cluttering up my house, I'll probably snag it from the library in a month or two. So, let me know how it is.

    Also, I'm not a purse or a bag person by any means, but that new camera bag is beautiful, you'd never know it was a camera bag & not a swanky purse.

  4. Oh, that's so great that you get to keep in touch with previous clients and see them again. And yay for friends getting you that Harry Potter book! I haven't had a chance to pick it up yet but I'm looking forward to it.

  5. I totally understand being emotional about the book- it's always disappointing when you're looking forward to something and then you think it's not happening. But yay for an amazing friend saving the day :) Those new baby photos are so precious & your new camera bag looks so nice!

  6. I totally get it as well sweetie, what a wonderful friend you have! And yay for getting to sleep in every day, that's the best. Hope your week gets off to a great start

  7. Would love to see all your Beauty and the beast loot!
    My Bf in college had diabetes and she had to wear an insulin pump. She had it so bad and really wasn't suppose to get pregnant. She did though and now has 2 beautiful teenagers. Her and her children are all healthy so I guess it all worked out!

  8. Wow what a busy weekend you had! I actually saw the new Harry Potty book at Costco for $16, they had 50+ copies there...I almost got it, but then thought, Naw, I'll buy it at a used book store in a few years when my youngest is going through it. We're at the sorting hat part in the first book. Slow reading, but we're going through it!

  9. I still do not have the book but I want it :) I actually avoided all the Harry Potter movies and festivals this weekend because I was so crushed when it "ended" years ago and I honestly didn't think my emotions could handle being immersed again... but I'll be diving into that book soon :)

    Those cupcakes look delicious and I LOVE hearing about your Disney Store B&B haul! They shut down the one closest to me and I'm so sad (although my wallet is happy...).

  10. Aw such a sweet friend to buy you that book! Hope you enjoy it! Also, love your new camera bag, it's gorgeous!

  11. Cheers for awesome friends!!!

    I'm glad you guys had some nice time off together. And I love that you got to sleep in every day.

  12. I feel like I missed out on something this weekend - I had the midnight release down on my calendar but decided not to go to this one. I'll definitely get the book to have the full collection but I'm already in the middle of 3 other books - I knew it'd be awhile before I could get to it. I haven't been to a Disney store in so long -- I'm sure I'd go broke just stepping inside! :)

  13. I live 45 minutes from Disney World and Downtown Disney, so I guess you could say I live close to a Disney store. I have read all the HP books, but did not rush out to get the latest. It's been years since I read the originals with our granddaughter, Lauren, who is 26 now. Probably won't bother getting it. I would have to read the others to catch up again, it's been so long. Glad your friends came through for you!! Oh, and I LOVE that camera bag!! Gorgeous!!

  14. Yay for Disney Store visits and Harry Potter books! I need to get that book! I love that big cupcake cake!

  15. Well, when we want something, we want it don't we! I get it! And, our daughter was friend and graduated from college with Kelly Moore. She is a great gal with a wonderful family and her husband's name is Kelly as well.

  16. What sweet friends you have!
    Can't wait to hear about the concert. But 4 hours- ugh. I recently went to a 4 hour concert, I think it was Rockin Roadshow. That was just way too long. Your camera bag is so pretty!

  17. that is seriously so nice of your friends to get you the book :) i still haven't got it yet, i might wait a little while, stretch it out lol
    Babette is seriously one of my favourite characters ever! she's the best.

  18. I am always amazed at how much you can do in one weekend. I agree Hillsong is a small glimpse of heaven.

    SO fun that you got a Kelly Moore bag. They are just beautiful! Drooling

  19. Ahhh you got the book! I'm dying to read it. There was a Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family this weekend (still can't bring myself to call it Freeform haha) and I recorded all the movies to get me even more excited!!


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