Tuesday, August 23, 2016

My super hero name could be Rebecca Jo-flammation....

The past 3 weeks have gone by... that's 21 days.

So what have I done? Another round of 21 Day Fix Extreme.

Actually, my FIRST 21 Day Fix Extreme program.


Actually, I've done the 21 Day Fix a few rounds - & had great success with that. But when my Extreme program came in the mail, I was training for my last half marathon so I just incorporated that in with my running.  Not doing the full plan.

& then after the race, I went straight into Hammer & Chisel - so I never actually did the Extreme program all the way through.

So why not start for another 21 days & see how it goes....

Week 1:

Week 2:


Well, I actually failed...

In the sense that I didn't fully follow the plan.

Call it Autumn burn out. Some days, I just couldnt do it.  I did a few walks instead - a 5k in there - some time on the treadmill. & one day, I flat out just said forget it & went for a kickboxing workout instead.

Regardless, 21 days have passed & in the end, I did loose 2 lbs.

I actually have just settled into an area where I'm stuck at 35 lbs off... I cant tell you how BADLY I want to get to that goal of 60-65...
But I also know I've been slack on the plan & eating way more & off base than I should.

I can see where my slacking areas are.
Carbs, I'm looking at you.
Snacking? I've giving you the side eye too.

But I woke up today with a renewed purpose & strength to get back on track - on this road to my goal!!!!  Is it possible to do it by the end of the year?  Who knows.  That would be a wonderful goal though - hit it by my birthday.  4 months.  About 6 - 7 lbs a month?

That seems doable...

I'm getting fired up.

Something that's helped give me some UMPH - I have started in a challenge that my friend Erica turned me onto.

It's called the Superhero Challenge which all you have to do is say the word Superhero & I'm in...so I joined.

I had to order this shirt too... isn't it the cutest?

I have to say, I can tell I WONT be following this meal plan though.

It's basically a Paleo eating style.  & even though they do offer some vegetarian options, I still get nervous when I see the meal plan is basically fat fat fat, more fat, & a side of fat.

I jumped into this fast without really reading the plan, but I'm excited to come out of these next 21 days learning more about this whole concept.  Eat more fat & loose more weight? That's so hard to grip for a girl that came out of the 80's where the idea of LOW FAT was the only way to think.
& its just an odd concept really to think of how much fat you're supposed to eat a day on this. I get it, its supposed to be a healthy fat but still. It's just all odd for me.

& I get that Paleo is all about cave man eating - all the meat.
Hello. Let me introduce myself. I am a animal lover that doesnt eat anything that breaths air.
I'm the person who wont even kill a bug because I know it has a family somewhere waiting on their momma/daddy/brother/sister's return.  Seriously.

It did bother me in the intro video that was put out on this plan, Emily said something to the concept that while there are vegetarian options, ".... it kills me to know people don't eat animal protein. Your body needs it".

Sorry - but it LITERALLY kills the animals - not the person.
& there are PLENTY of athletes out there that eat strictly vegetarian and/or vegan & are strong, buff, fit, lean, healthy.

To me, it shows while I can't wrap my head around high fat, she cant wrap her mind around no meat.
We all have our hang ups apparently.

Needless to say, I wont be the #1 winner of this plan & the next 21 days - but she does send out videos & information every day & for that, I'm excited to learn more.  Because I am totally down with another part of the plan, which is less carbs & sugar. Things that cause inflammation.  This old body of mine should be nicknamed "Inflammation" if we're talking honestly.

Rebecca Jo-flammation.  It does have a nice ring to it.

This is what its all about anyways - learning more on what makes a healthy body.
However that looks & works for each person individually.

& all this new information & digging in to learn more - all it does is drive me to become a better me.

Cheers to trying to meet my goal for 2016!!!

Do you have a year end goal?

Have you ever tried a Paleo Diet before?

Are you more Pro-Fat or more a Low-Fat fan?


  1. I'm with you in that I always thought low fat was the way to go. I mean I know the body needs healthy fats in moderation and all. I guess there's always new research that comes out saying eat this and not that and then a year later it's something else! Good luck and I know you'll reach your goal. You've been doing so well.

  2. I know it is hard to think about some fats being good for you, I struggle with that sometimes as well. Especially when you see fat/calories of things like nuts! But they are good for you :) While I am not a vegetarian, I never understood how people could say things like it kills me to see you not eating meat. Ummmm we each have our own views on things and I respect that. Good luck on your next 21 days! I am sure you can rock it!

  3. giiirrrrlll.... grain free is the way to go. seriously. i never push my eating habits on anyone but if you're looking to break that plateau, grain free is the way to do it. i was stuck at 130lbs FOREVER and i figured that's where my body needs to be so i was at peace with it...until i went grain free (to help my skin) and lo and behold, i broke that plateau without even trying! i can give you a ton of pointers/tips/recipes if this is what you want to do.

    as for fats etc, i love them...the healthy ones, that is - avocados, nuts, olive oil, fish... gimmie.

    btw, to me, "no carbs" or "low carb" means no or low grains. i eat a shit ton of potatoes (mostly sweet potatoes) but i'm not adverse to white potatoes either. it actually all balances out - no grains means i can eat more potatoes which is awesome :)

  4. That's weird to me in this day and age that people can still think your body NEEDS animal protein. There are plenty of sources of plant based proteins out there.

  5. Sounds like a cool challenge. There are so many vegan/vegetarian athletes out there! Can't believe people are so set on animal protein. There are lots of proteins available! I try to eat less carbs and more protein. It's very hard :). I've been trying to reduce my bread intake, though, and if a meal doesn't have a good source of protein I will find something else. I've had to really change my way of thinking about food, lately.

  6. Good luck, Rebecca! I love that you challenge yourself with different programs and routines- especially when you alter them and tailor them to your lifestyle! You're a role model for people that want to be fit but live a different lifestyle than the athletes and celebrities that adhere to strict costly plans.

  7. I love that you just keep going! I guess I'm more low fat than pro or no. I think we need some in our diet. Right now I'm more about trying to cut way back on processed foods and wheat products. It sucks so much!! Got my Total Gym delivered yesterday and used it the first time today. Love it!

  8. Good for you, Rebecca Jo!! Good for you! I do well on the High Fat, Low Carb diets. I am a meat eater (sorry). I just have this thing for potatoes and pasta. No sweet tooth...just carb cravings. Once I get my head wrapped around it, I can do it. Keep telling us about your success and perhaps it will be the motivation I need to start again! Good for YOU!!

  9. You rock girl I tried the 21 day also and failed. LOVE the tshirt good luck. Me and Carbs have a love hate relationship also!

  10. I am excited to see how it goes. Good luck and I love the t-shirt. I could drop 5 pounds and I would be stoked. I might need to do something like this.

  11. I just ... no. I mean, I've tried the more-fat trend. It wasn't really a diet - I had gestational diabetes with both pregnancies and had to eat high fat/high protein to make up for low carbs along with the insulin shots. I couldn't keep it up though and as soon as everything went back to normal, my eating habits went wonky again. I do try to add more healthy fats into my diet now -- avocado all day long and I'm adding coconut oil to my morning coffee (blend and it's frothy like a latte) but I'm also trying to cut out the animal fats and get my protein more from plant sources. It's doable without harming animals! Good luck and keep us posted!

  12. I looked at her website and I can't figure out what her plan is. She just sends out videos everyday telling you what to eat? Is there an exercise program with it? If you're not gonna follow her eating plan, what's the point? And I don't like what she says about eating meat either. She's so behind the times!
    I have no doubt you can reach your goal by the end of the year!!

  13. Keep persevering Rebecca! <3 It is worth the journey; don't be too hard on yourself; God has a wondrous plan for His child. Keep looking to Jesus in the journey and don't give up.

  14. Ooh good luck! It's amazing progress you have made!! I have definitely gained a lot of weight since college - in the last 4 years.... and I have definitely adopted some bad habits.... so I am trying to work on them a little at a time. We are rarely home, so I have to do what I can as far as cooking at home more, etc. Some weeks are better than others... and to be honest I am not committing as much as I should be... but I have got to keep from pushing too hard. I'm also battling anxiety, a bad job, and trying to tackle other goals this year. This is super inspiring though, so I hope I can channel it and think about some possible ways to make more little changes this weekend and next week. It's all about the baby steps for me with so much on my plate! Keep working girl, awesome progress!!! :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  15. I think my issue is that I don't like enough of the non-animal proteins. Whenever I've gone full-on veg, I have ended up hospitalized over it. But then again, I don't think I could go with all the fats either--80s girl here too. I love how you are modifying it fit your needs/preferences. That's the best part--room for everyone! No one way to do anything in life, pretty much!
    But the workout plan sounds really interesting, and I love your enthusiasm over it. Can't wait to hear your results!!


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