Monday, August 08, 2016

The weekend was the full of HOPE .. & JOY!

Hello Monday my old friend...

Friend? Really? ... I guess any new day is a friend of mine, so yeah, I'll call Monday my friend.

Another busy, hectic, reading, relaxing, emotional weekend. I think it basically covered it all

Cue the highlight reel.....


... Thought I was going to run out of gas on the way home again.  Seriously, I gotta stop pushing my luck. I used to never do that.

... I haven't used coupons in FOREVER grocery shopping.  While sitting in traffic on the way home from work, I went through my coupon book. Do you know I ended up saving over $35 on coupons at my grocery trip! SCORE FOR ME!

... SCORE FOR ME AGAIN when the barista upgraded my Starbucks drink because she said, "You are here every Friday getting this drink"... mango black tea lemonade makes Friday so much better.

... Ricky & I are some wild & crazy kids.  We play Rummy & eat potato chips with cheese dip.  I know... I know... we need to calm down with this out of control life style.


... Watched the Olympics Opening Ceremony.  I hate to say, I wasn't too overly impressed really. I always get a little lost on all the dramatics of the "story telling of a country"... & then, while I think girlfriend WORKED IT, I didn't quite understand what the big thing was about Gisele doing the catwalk thing. I get she's from Brazil... but is that it?  I was just a little confused... &concerned she was going to trip over her dress. I guess that's why she makes the big bucks for walking in heels in long gowns.... or in a bra & underwear

Opening Ceremony: Rio 2016 Games Begin with Gisele Bundchen


... up bright & early to head downtown for a 5k.  Now, we all know I haven't actually ran in quite awhile with this stupid dumb stupid knee. Yes, it deserves to be called stupid twice.  But I wasn't going to run - just to walk & more importantly, to support a good cause. Pancreatic Cancer.  It's shocking to hear the stats on Pancreatic Cancer. It's the fastest rising cancer & the survival rate is just so low.  Some changes need to happen. Finding out how its caused so frequently & DEFINITELY for a cure.  The promotion for Pancreatic Support is WAGE HOPE... so yeah, we are totally Team #WageHope now!  With my uncle fighting it & my grandmother passed away with it - this is something in my family that needs to be kicked in the butt!!!


... It was funny because Ricky & I pulled into the choas of people & was going to pull out the phones to contact my family to see where they were, when we drove right past them! I love when that happens. They waited for us to park so we could walk together to the race.

... We just walked into the crowd & I saw one of my running friends. We actually met doing all sorts of the same races & having some friends in common that run - so now, its just become a thing to see each other in races. She's such a sweet lady - glad to call her friend now.

(I'm not standing weird for any reason - I was ducking under her wing so I wouldnt mess up her costume)

... I got to see another friend who was running the 5k.  I always know she's at races but we never see each other - so it was great to finally be able to give a hug to her at a race. & I'm not saying I'm lucky or anything, but my hug must have magical powers because beautiful lady came in 2nd place in her age group.  OK... OK... maybe she's one tough cookie & is just AWESOME in running. I'll say that's it.  Congrats Jennifer on 2nd place!

... It was super cool to see my uncle standing there with the other survivors at the race.  They had said there were only 11 other survivors there doing this.  He was one of them.  & he actually just had chemo on Thursday & STILL came out to do this race.

That's him in the white hat in the front row 

... Yeah... pray for my uncle.  He was diagnosed nearly 2 years ago with pancreatic cancer & has been in remission for the past year. & they recently found it is back.  The chemo worked before- it can work again.  The power of prayer is something FIERCE too & we believe in it... so lift him up.

... I was really surprised at the turn out for this event. If I understood it right, this was the first year for this event.  It was SUPER crowded. & while it had its hiccups in its logistics of the route of the race & the packet pick up, it was still pulled off really well.  TONS of volunteers who stood out in the heat & people who you could tell have been touched personally with this disease.

Behind me... the crowd in front was just as big

... I loved getting to see my family & get to spend time talking to everyone during the walk.  I especially love getting to talk to my cousin.  I remember holding her hours after she was born & I just have been in love with her ever since. :)

It's a family thang apparently to make that face 😉 #lovemycousin #wagehope #wearefamily:
See? The open mouth look must be a family trait. It works for us.

... I also loved getting to see her little girl, who I also held a few hours after she was born.  Trend? I think so.  Isn't she GORGEOUS?  I mean, seriously - gorgeous


... I'm sure Ricky was glad to have someone to talk to besides me on a 5k. Especially someone who knows Ricky's family's stomping grounds in the country of Kentucky. My aunt's family lives down the same way so my uncle knows all about the area.  As they say, Vincent's are EVERYWHERE down there.  :)

I love the back of his shirt says "SURVIVOR"

... Ricky & I made it to Panera right at 11:04.  They quit serving breakfast at 11:00. & mercy, the manager was HARSH about, "NOOOOO, we can't do breakfast for you because then we'd have to do it for EVERYONE behind you"... make note:  There was no one behind us.  Also make note:  We did get in at 11:00 but we had to wait in a long line before we got up to the counter.  This has a happy ending though. We said we were just going to leave & the manager hff'ed & went to the back to make sure they have eggs left & came back & said, "They only have 1 - if you want more than that, you'll have to go"... customer service much? I dont think so. I told Ricky to take it (his heart was on the breakfast sandwich) & I would get a salad.  Who knew it was going to be so hard to eat.  Panera is our go-to place though after a race. We couldnt break tradition now.

... The weather people said it was supposed to be a really nice day - the humidity easing up.  They were wrong. It was HOT & humid. Maybe not 500 degrees as its felt all week, but it was still 91 degrees by 11:00am

... Finished my latest book.

... did some laundry & cleaned the kitchen. Though can someone tell me why my kitchen can be clean for MAYBE 5 minutes before it looks trashed again?

... Olympics on the TV all day long.  Fell asleep watching Beach Volleyball. I am such a Kerri Walsh Jennings fan!



... MSM (Middle School Ministry) - I'm so loving getting connected to the kids & learning more & more of their names & talking to more of them.  I just love middle school age kids.  I'm so excited to start developing some good relationships that will last years to come.

My AWESOME MSM 7th grade group ❤❤❤❤ #youthministryrocks #MSMrocks #MSMFamily:

... Left from church to head straight to my JOY Bible Sisters.  I dont know what was in the air, but we all teared up &cried together like 3 or 4 times.  & they were mostly happy tears, but we all were saps.  ALL THE EMOTIONS.  We were laughing about it by the end.  But as usual, it was such good talking, good sharing & we had a BIRTHDAY to celebrate. I love one of the precious girls chose to still come on her birthday - even with her family (her sister& mother are in the group).  I love that every time we get together, we learn more about each other & just connect deeper every time. I just look so forward to this time with my Joy Sisters.

... picked up some Chuy's for Ricky & I for dinner.  No one wants to worry about cooking on a Sunday night.


So what was the best part of your weekend?

Did you watch the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics?  Thoughts?

Your favorite Olympic sport?


  1. I'm so glad your family participated in the Pancreatic Cancer event. My grandmom lost her battle with pancan so it always makes me happy to see people giving it some attention. So glad your uncle beat it once, all the good thoughts for him to beat it again!

  2. The coupons and upgraded Starbucks drink sound like a perfect way to start the weekend! I thought the Giselle thing was weird too. That was a long time with her just walking. They should have given her something else to do. And I had no idea that pancreatic cancer instances were growing so much :( The 5k sounds like a great cause.

  3. In all seriousness - I LOVE me some jarred cheese dip. I'll dip anything in there I can get my hands on, sometimes even just a spoon!

    ...Sending prayers to your uncle. Cancer sucks. But he sounds like such a fighter.

    I didn't watch the opening ceremonies, but did catch some biking yesterday. I need to look up a schedule & figure out how to watch online...since I don't have a TV. But I love rowing (former rower here) & swimming (former swimmer here too!) + biking, gymnastics and running! Not that I dislike the others, but those are my super favorites!

  4. So great to see everyone out running for cancer! As much of it as there is...surely they can find a cure soon.

    I'm looking at my kitchen this morning and wondering the same thing. Cripes, we weren't even home for most of yesterday and it looks like day after a college frat party. :(

  5. What an inspiring race. Reminds me of the Relay for life race I did in June. I didn't realize how emotional it would be till it was and suddenly the race brought on a whole new meaning! Yay for your uncle being a fighter.
    Now I know that Panera is a tradition of yours but I'd have a hard time continuing to go there after the manager treated you like that. I get not serving breakfast after 11 but it seemed like he was kind of snarky about it.

  6. Ever since I got my license at 16, my dad managed to ingrain in my brain: do not let the gas tank go lower than 1/4 tank full. So the second it dips towards 1/4 tank left, I freak out and go right to the gas station!

  7. !! Poop on that fussy ol' manager! Maybe he was just having a bad day. At least Ricky got his egg!
    So awesome about your uncle kicking cancer's butt once! I'll be praying for him to do it again! My walk on Friday night was in memory of an 8 year old boy (who would've been 18 this year!) who passed away on Christmas in 2005. His family raises money for a scholarship in his name for seniors from my high school alma mater. His mom and dad are also close friends with my mom and dad, and us!

  8. Hey hey there is nothing wrong with a night of chips and cards! Haha! So awesome that you saved so much at the store with coupons and got a SB upgrade! I clip coupons but I rarely have more than $5 worth in one trip. Every now and then I can do awesome and get like $15 or so. Though, I do save money with Cartwheel too.

  9. Whew! What a weekend!! How frustrating about the breakfast thing, like they don't use eggs for other things? Argh. Glad he got his food.

  10. What an awesome walk! :) It never ceases to amaze me how much we can save using coupons!

  11. Watched the opening ceremony. Wasn't really impressed. We stuck with it until the USA marched in. Joe isn't "into" olympic sports, but I will beg to be able to watch women's gymnastics - and he will cave. :) We spent a raining weekend at the beach. See my blog for that story. Love your photos!! Praying for your uncle and so many others fighting that horrid disease.

  12. Olympics all day everyday! Loving all of it! I can't believe he wouldn't give you the breakfast! Especially since you were the only ones in line! Crazy talk. So happy you had such a great time on the walk, I love walking for a cause.

  13. I sure hope that manager was just having a bad day ... as awesome (and expensive) Panera is, that customer-service could use some improvement! I lost an uncle (1990) and a colleague (2012) to pancreatic cancer - it's a horrible disease. Lifting your uncle up in prayer that he continues his fight! I'm all about the Olympics - I get caught up in the stories, the heartache, the success, the training -- and man-oh-man, when they play the Star Spangled Banner during a medal ceremony, I cry like a baby!

  14. I love that you all did that race together. Did you see Giselle dancing after her walk? I wondered if she got paid to look that ridiculous, or if that was genuine. Ha! Yea, I'm just jealous. :)

  15. Sending positive thoughts to your uncle! Surely the love and support from your family at the race really helped! LOL about Gisele. I thought the same thing! I was actually a little embarrassed for her--it seemed awkward!

  16. i like watching the olympics but i am not as obsessed with it as other people seem to be, and i had no desire to watch the opening ceremony so you know.. whatever! each to their own!
    i ran out of gas once and it was the most embarrassing, terrifying moment of my life haha. i never let it even get close anymore!

  17. What an amazing event. I lost a great-uncle to pancreatic cancer and it's a terrible disease. Praying for your family! And YES to all the beach volleyball!

  18. I was super confused with the walk on the cat walk as well - my dad used to get so mad at me because I'd always return the car with like 0 gas LOL! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  19. What a fabulous event to be a part of, especially with your uncle there as a survivor! And, I'm glad to see Ricky up and out and about after his surgery. I'm sure you are too :)

  20. Sounds like you had a great weekend!I agree with you, I wasn't too impressed with the Olympics opening ceremony either!

  21. We play rummy too, were not impressed by opening ceremonies and my great grandma died of pancreatic cancer. What a wonderful race, cures HAVE to be coming for this awful thing called Cancer. Panera....shame on you!!

  22. $35? That is amazing.

    Thank you so much for bringing awareness to cancer and running for the cause, even though I hate that there has to be runs surrounding it.

    I L O V E Gymnastics + Swimming! Only caught a small portion of the opening ceremony.. seemed very LONG! haha

  23. You lead such a fun, busy life! Love that you are doing middle school ministry, really great.



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