Wednesday, March 13, 2019

3 Things

1.  Do you believe in Luck? Why or why not?

OK... first, I know that as a Christian, you're not SUPPOSED to believe in luck.  I get it & the reasons why... but I can't help it. I do feel like a wish on a star, or a lucky hat, or shirt  & ESPECIALLY lucky numbers matters.  I know its all in my head & a mind set more than anything.... but sometimes, dont you just feel LUCKY? ... I like how Laura said it in her post  - need to think of it as BLESSED. 

But then I dont want to think when bad luck comes around, I'm NOT Blessed.... geez.   Because we KNOW Bad luck happens.  Those rolls of everything going wrong.... this is turning into a bigger issue than it should be.... leave it to me.

I'll keep leaving my gas pump on my lucky number though & always wear my lucky hat when running a race & all the stuff that makes me feel like good is on my side. It can't hurt, right?

Sweet story - Ricky even kept a lucky dollar bill in his wallet for the longest time too - it had all his favorite numbers in the serial number on it ... he ended up giving it to a homeless guy when it was all he had & wanted to bless this guy he was talking too... ahhh..... That was definitely a lucky dollar.

2.  What was your favorite thing about yesterday or today?

Lately, every day that I make it through it without crying in pain, that is my favorite thing....

3.  Show us the last picture you took & a short description of it....

My Aussie boys... because doesnt everyone just take pictures of their babies all day long?

Join in with Laura over at The Horton Family to see the other answers

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