Monday, March 25, 2019

The weekend where I got to enjoy a needle-free Saturday!!!

Ahhh... this is what a weekend is supposed to be....

Not having to get up early & drive back downtown for the 6th day of the week...
Not having to get my veins poked with needles...
Not having to sit in a sterile room for hours on end...
Not feeling bad for the rest of the day & worried that some sort of reaction is happening that can turn really bad, really fast...

I'm glad to feel how lovely Saturdays can be, thats for sure.

We kicked it off right too.

I had suggested to Ricky that we celebrate it with a date day & he was all for it.

So Saturday, around 7am, I get a nudge & hear a whisper, "you up?  You Up?   YOU UP?"... OK, I can take a hint.  I was up.

We ended up snuggling with the dogs for an hour & then got ready super fast. I can beat Ricky getting ready every time.  His attention gets shifted so much getting ready & I'm done in 15 minutes & waiting by the door when he's still trying to figure out where  his shoes are at... even before knowing what he's going to wear for the day.

But I was rearing to go... so excited... DATE DAY!

We headed to our little local breakfast place & had the yummiest breakfast - ran into some friends... & then found out SOMEONE paid for our breakfast. WHAT? 

Ricky & I dont do well with someone treating us.  So we ended up turning around & paying for our friend's breakfast too - haha.... We were so thankful for the hearts of people that are so kind & thoughtful to treat us our breakfast though.  But you want to REALLY upset Ricky, treat him to dinner or any meal - he can't handle it. It literally eats at his soul to know someone put out money for him. Seriously, he freaks out. Loves it - but hates someone would be out any extra money out of their pocket for us.  We had a friend who paid for our dinner one time about 5 years ago & Ricky is STILL to this day trying to find a way to get 'even' with him - sneak & get his dinner somehow, some way.

Anyways - we left there indeed feeling blessed by the kindness of others... & then headed out to the movie theater.  The GOOD kind - the one with leather recliners.  & loved that they have movies that start SUPER early. Like their first movie is at 9:30am - NICE! We are morning people so that works out well for us. We actually got to the 10:00 movie - to see Captain Marvel.

OK - who has seen this?  Because I am in love with it.

I'm schooled & lectured on all super heroes by Ricky but Captain Marvel is just not one I'm really familiar with.  So I think I went into this movie with no expectation on what it would be about or the story line - just ready to enjoy a girl super hero....

MAN OH MAN - I just loved this movie so much. Talk about GIRL POWER!  I even got teary eyed at one point in the movie... It really does rank up there in my top super hero movies!!!!

We got out of the movie around noon (NICE) & headed out to Sam's Club to pick up some things we needed for the house...

& of course had to make a Starbucks trip & even topped off the day with some cake pops...

& then we had to get home because UK was playing .... perfect time for me to sit outside in the sunshine & read my book - steering clear of all the basketball drama that I could hear screaming & pacing down the hall.

GO BIG BLUE - made it to the Sweet Sixteen. Or so I heard - I'm not allowed to watch such games, lest I jinx anything ;) haha

We headed over to my mom's so Ricky & my brother could clean out the stalls & put down new bedding, while me & my mom & SIL sat on the porch & swung & talked.  My nieces came & went - helping in the barn, then coming up to pick on their aunt....

I was just happy to see Baby out enjoying the weather. We still have to get her acclimated to being with Cochese on their own & make sure our fencing is OK for her little mini horse body... she looks so tiny out of her stall & in the big world.  So fluffy too. Time to loose that thick winter hair.

Sunday, our HSM is having a different program for 2 weeks with it being Spring break around these parts... so I ended up just deciding to stay at home & relaxing - taking advantage of this first weekend of no infusion.  Loving every minute of it.

I ended up spending most of my morning with 2 cups of coffee, some yarn & catching up on shows like This is Us, Good Girls & then I binged the show on Hulu Shrill... which I had no idea it was based on a book... I need to check that out now!

Image result for shrill hulu

& then started another new show on Hulu about that mother that had her daughter convinced & then play along with all the health issues.... SO DISTURBING!!!!!

Image result for The Act

Ricky & I headed to do the horses again & my momma was sleeping so I went down to love on Baby while Ricky did all the heavy lifting... & then back home to finish the weekend loving on the dogs.

Man... I can get used to weekends like this...

How was your weekend?

Have you seen Captain Marvel yet?

You watching all the March Madness games?

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