Tuesday, March 05, 2019

One Sentence a Day {February 2019}

February is a short month but still packs a punch....
Here we take a look - one sentence a day

1.  Went back to the eye doctor to get my glasses fixed because I thought they were too strong.... & they made them STRONGER. #messedup #justgivemearefundplease

2. Loaded up 6 HUGE boxes of stuff to take to Goodwill #throwitallaway

3.  I actually missed church today due to vertigo. #alwayssomething #fallingapart

4. The first day of 2019 that I didnt wear a winter coat to work. #inthe60s

5. Got a call from my Colorectal surgeon to let me know my scan showed a mass in my uterus. #oldnews #getinline

6.  We're back at HSM Small groups & its kinda killing me leaving my house at 6:30am & getting home at 10pm #feelingmyage #lovethosekidsthough

Look at all that laughing

7.  it's no wonder that its in the 70's in the morning & in the 30's by night time that I have a horrible earache. #likea2yearold

8.  After 3 tries, finally got my new bifocals. #stillcantusethematworkthough

9.  Never more horrified & scared in my life when Harvey & Ernie got out of the back yard after a repairman left the gate open. #neverscreamedlouder #homesafeandsound

10.  & we're back to snow. #hormonalMothernature

11.  At this point, our back yard is basically like a lake. #mudmudmud

12.  Day 4 of our furnace still not working correctly. #hatewinterevenmore

13.  I left my colorectal surgeon for the first time since October without a follow up appointment. #finishlineahead #ifonlythepainwasfinished

14.  Wore a pretty red dress to work to celebrate Valentine's Day. #loveisintheair

15. The hubs & I went out for dinner on a Friday night for our day late Valentine's Dinner. #grubbedup

16.  The first iron infusion date is finally here & by the end of the night, I'm not sure I want another one ever again. #butstillhave4togo

17.  The bed & Netflix "The Umbrella Academy" were my best friends today. #feelawful

18.  After a run around with the doctor about my fever after the infusion, I was told I have to stop the infusions or get them in her office, which is not possible since I NEED A JOB & can't take off 3 hours a week. #igiveup

19.  SO.OVER.THE.RAIN!!!!!! #weregoingtofloataway

20.  We were all over the place in our HSM home group talking about hard topics like sex, gender identity, death & of course, whether constipation or diarrhea is better. #conversastionswithteens

21.  Target run after work. #theregoesmymoney

22.  2nd Friday in a row where Ricky & I went out to dinner. #likelovebirds #actingyoungagain

23.  Infusion #2 left me with a swollen face. #alwaystheadventure

24.  Dont know if it was the infusion or the steroid they gave me, but it was the first day that I felt really really good & energized. #isitworking?

25.  Happy 5th Birthday to our youngest grandson. #growsofast

26.  I honestly think Harvey Dent was SMILING when it was nice enough to throw the ball in the yard for awhile. #doggiejoy

27.  The sun was finally out & the temps made a one day trip up in the high 50's so I spent my lunch walking further than I've walked in the longest time. #feltstrange #wornout

28.  Ended February with our Thursday Night coffee nights with the HSM girls to discuss the book, Uninvited. #topicforanyage

What is the thing that stood out in YOUR February?

... & try it & link up with us next month to document your March.
We'll be here- the first Tuesday of the month - April 2nd

& BONUS - my One Second a Day Video for February

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