Monday, March 11, 2019

The weekend that we always hate losing an hour of....

I'll admit it... I have a love/hate relationship with Daylight Savings.

I absolutely LOVE that its lighter now at night. It's what feeds my soul.  I NEED sunlight. Like NEED. Like I feel like I perk up - I have more energy - I have time to actually live life after work.... So I do count down to the time change every year.

But man.... why does losing a hour always have to be part of our weekend!  Why cant it be on a Monday afternoon?  Or any time during the week actually?

It's a give & take relationship I guess....

Luckily, losing an hour of sleep worked out well for me this year because I got dosed up with a steroid for my 4th infusion & steroids keep you pumped up - so as of right now, I'm not feeling the effects of loss of sleep.... yet.... ask me around Wednesday or Thursday how that's working for me. Or don't. I may be too slangry to tell you.

Slangry is a word, right?  If Hangry is becoming a word (Hungry + angry), then Sleep + angry has to be a thing.... if not, I will not copyright it & make it an official Webster word.

But speaking of the 4th infusion - we knocked it out of the park!

4 down - 1 to go! WHOO HOOO!!!!!

& if you didnt get to see my Instagram pic that I posted on Saturday - these babies are working!!!!

Look at my ferritin levels!!! - it went from a 4 ... A FOUR... to 83.8!!!!

Isnt that incredible????

The nurse asked me if I was feeling better yet.... & I hate that I really dont.

I feel really REALLY good on Sundays - maybe on Mondays but the rest of the week, I'm feeling normal - which is "blah"... but the nurse told me that it takes about a month to 6 weeks after all the treatments to really FEEL the effects.  What I'm feeling on Sunday is the effects of the steroid.  That was good to know.  The good mojo is still ahead. I'm all for it.  Especially with one infusion left....THE FINISH LINE IS AHEAD!!!!!

I was debating on not doing the last treatment - but now, I'm not having that big of a reaction anymore, & my hemoglobin is still below normal - so I guess I'll finish it out.

I do still feel a little funny after the treatments - just not weird things like a fever or swollen face any more - thank you Jesus.  I do  end up feeling like hot flashes & headaches & dizzy & lightheaded.... & mostly just sort of 'weird'... which describes it perfectly for me, but doctors dont understand that.  It's just like I'm spaced out kinda.  Just dont feel like myself.  & the worst part of it all is the itchy skin. SO ITCHY - ALL THE TIME!!!!!  Especially across my stomach & my back. It's so irritating. It lasts all week long too.  The doctors keep telling me to take more Benadryl but hello, I have to live & move & hold a job. I can't stay in a coma all week long - which is exactly what an antihistamine will do to me.  Oh well - it'll all end soon enough.

Speaking of my 4th infusion - Yep... THE nurse was there.  When I saw her, I literally cringed & braced myself for her.  & she came to the waiting room & grabbed the lady in front of me.... & then a male nurse came & got me. YES YES YES!  He was a new one to me - but he was so nice & friendly & kind.... & a good stick.  I never even felt the needle going in or out.  Those are my kinda nurses.

The rest of Saturday was just a hot mess.  It was rainy -  not only rainy, but STORMY - thunder & lightning & windy.  BLAH. The kind of day you just want to stay in bed. Which works well for me. It's how the past 4 Saturdays have gone for me.  Infusion - to bed - to shower - to bed.  Its my routine now.  I wont know what to do after next weekend when I have my Saturdays back to myself.

I ended up getting caught up on my Real Housewives, started watching Northern Rescue on Netflix & then hopped back into my Gilmore Girls streaming.

I think I've been watching Gilmore Girls for about 3 years now... I get on a roll & then stop.  But I'm now on Season 5... the one where Lorelai & Luke are becoming a thing... which I know there are 3 more season ahead & I know this isn't going to last with that much time ahead... right? No - dont tell me.  But I'm preparing myself for the end of these two - even at the beginning... & I'm going to be so sad because I just love Luke. LOVE LUKE.  I hope I still love Luke at the end here.... DONT TELL ME.  Anyways - I'm back in Stars Hallow right now.

Image result for gilmore girls luke and lorelai

Sunday, I made my Daylight Savings Starbucks trip & headed to HSM.  We had the biggest group this Sunday.  So much talking & giggling happening.  But the message was once again amazing.  They are talking about Stories of Faith & this week was on Ruth.  Our Youth Pastor just is the best at making these stories so interesting & relevant to today... good stuff!

I left from church & headed to Sam's club to pick up some stuff for the house... & ended up walking out with 2 pairs of shoes. HOLLA!  I am excited about the tennis shoes. I've been eyeing these for awhile & finally broke & got them.  You just have to TREAT YO SELF sometimes, right?

I picked up some lunch for Ricky & I & we chowed down & then I was determined to finish my book.  Achieved.  & loved it.

We headed to my mom's for Ricky to take care of the horses & then back home to get ready for the week ahead.

I've got a busy week - actually the next 2 weeks are busy.... but at least we'll have more sunlight, right?

Do you mind the time change?

What was your last "treat yo self" item?

Did you watch Gilmore Girls? ... or watching the new Northern Rescue on Netflix?

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