Thursday, March 21, 2019

Cream & not gray, I'm outta there & of course... nachos....{Thankful Thursday #213}

This week I am Thankful For:

Fever broke
Friends of ours got in touch with us to pray for their baby boy.... he had the flu & his fever got up to 104!!!  They were heading to the ER & we all were praying for that sweet baby.  It went down & he was OK & after a few days, he was back to being a toddler running around. Whew!!! So thankful for the resilience of little ones.

Reached 70
It was a fluke & one day only before the cold came back - but man, what a spark of hope to know Spring is near - & to remember how wonderful 70 degrees feels.

Lunch with friends
I met the most awesome young man through my job.  He wasn't there but maybe 10 months after I started because he left the job there to go into full time ministry - how awesome is that?  But I love he still comes up & goes to lunch with our 'lunch gang' ... a group of us that always just enjoy lunch together talking about life & relationships & our faith.  I'm grateful he still takes the time to come talk with us so we can stay connected.

Safe during storms
GOODNESS - we had a mega storm roll through last week.  It left behind some tornados in its wake & some big time damage with a lot of downed trees & power lines.  Luckily, Ricky was home from work to be with the dogs & I made it home safely through the worst part of the storm. It was CRAZY - flash flooding is no joke!

Driving down my road... look at all the flooding - there shouldnt be water on the sides of the road like that!

Keep Electricity
I thought for sure we'd loose power & was SOOOO glad we stayed on the whole night.  Especially when a WHOLE TOWN nearby was out for quite awhile. Whew!

Dinner with my Jesus Sisters
I honestly could laugh & cry with these ladies every chance I can get. They just make my heart so happy & my spirit so much lighter.... plus, there was nachos. How can you not be thankful for nachos?

Friday night look
YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!! (for now anyways)

First nurse - last nurse
I'm so glad that my very first nurse was also my last nurse. She was just so kind & sweet & everything you want in a nurse.

Crock pot chili
There really is nothing better than throwing things in a crock pot early in the morning & having a delicious dinner at night without having to 'cook'... plus, aren't left overs from a crock pot the best?

$5.00 tshirts
I was in some serious need of spring/summer tee's for work & was so excited to see them on sale at Target for $5.00 ... I loaded up on all the colors.

Reading friends
It makes me so happy when my reading friends send me a message to check out sales on Amazon.  My sweet friend Shannon sent me a message Sunday that had TEN - yes TEN books - all fairy tale based!!!!! - on sale for 99 cents!! Not 99 cents a piece - 99 cents for all of them! & even better?  I had a Kindle credit, so it was free.  Reading friends are the best friends!!!!!

Car clean!
I'm still in shock my car is clean. I nearly walked by it the other day because I didnt think it was mine.  My car, I thought was a grey tone... who knew it was actually cream color when all the dirt was washed off.

What are you thankful for this week?

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