Monday, March 04, 2019

The weekend that gets me half way there!!!

Here we are.... half way through the infusion treatments now.  #3 of 5

I told my nurse that I am hoping when they test my blood this week that they're going to tell me that I dont need to come back.  He just looked at me & smiled & said, "Hold onto that hope honey"

... & then I told him about my conditions.  Where my blood was at before my surgery..... to which he said, "They canceled your surgery, right?"... I told him no. They had called in 2 surgeons - 2 anthetiologists & discussed it with the head nurse & they said they felt safe to proceed after everyone agreed.  He was shocked. He said he couldnt believe they did with my blood that low.

I then told him my ferritin level being at 4 ... when it should be around 50-100... & then he patted me on the arm & said, "Oh honey... forget what I just said - there is absolutely NO HOPE you're done with these infusions".... he said he had personally never treated anyone with ferritin so low.  OK then. I'm special.  Well, I was probably special to him anyways because my birthday was also his daughter's birthday.

& yes, for so many of you that messaged me & asked - I had an AMAZING nurse this time.

He was very thorough - answered all my questions (I even asked him questions that I asked the nurse last week & got the "I dont know - I just know its doctor's orders") - he gave me a pillow - checked on me multiple times - we even talked about books & good book series to read & about our new HVAC unit being put in & he even said that when I see him again in 2 weeks (because I WILL be back according to him) he wants to know what my electric bill was after running our emergency heat for 3 weeks.  He was wonderful. ... He even pushed my steroid through faster & ended up letting me leave just 5 minutes after my infusion instead of the 30 minutes. Dont know if that's good or bad, but I was happy to shave off nearly an hour of the time by the way he ran things.

I went in prepared this week.  Ricky had to stay home because we FINALLLLLLY got our new HVAC unit installed so I drove in on my own.  I knew I'd have to skip the Benadryl again, but I was OK with that.... & I went in mentally prepared that it was going to work out.  Praying the whole drive in.

I also purposefully wore my BELIEVE shirt... reminding myself that God is near.

Wearing my Superman / Superwoman hat.  Call me the Woman of Steel ... or Iron... whichever.

Wearing my race braids.  This is how I wear my hair every race I ran.  & man, have I been in a race the past year... one of the hardest races I've been in my life.

& finally - I wore my daddy's flannel shirt.  I wore this shirt the day after my dad passed away when I spent the night at my mom's house & needed something warm to wear to bed.  I took it home with me & just put it on all the time to feel him near me.  I get so upset thinking of the times I've had to drive to these infusions by myself because while I know I have people who would go with me - I'm just NOT someone who will ask someone to give up a few hours of their time to sit in a place like that with me. I dont want to be there, why would I put that on anyone else.....but I know my daddy would be there. I know my daddy wouldn't take no for an answer. I know my daddy would sit by my side, asking questions, making sure everything was as it seemed - & reminding me not to worry - it would all work out.... so yeah, I went into this infusion prepared.

& let's give a big HORRAY & HORRAH - because this was my best infusion yet.  Didnt have any issues with needles.... didnt have TOO much of a reaction (my nose got really cold - but thank God didnt swell)... the only bad thing was horrible heart burn the rest of the day & insomnia from my steroid shot.

But when I left at the end of this infusion, I felt good enough to go pick up some lunch for Ricky & I.  That's what you call progress....

Leaving with no swollen face & a smile

... & the answer to a LOT of prayers.  A LOT of prayers. I am so beyond grateful for the prayers.
let's keep them up... 2 more infusions to go.

Though, I know what the nurse said, I'm still holding out hope that Thursday, I get the "You've improved so much, you're good to go from here".... I never give up on HOPE!

I did spend the rest of the day taking it easy though. I still didn't feel 100% but didn't feel horrible... I felt a little feverish on & off all day, but it was nothing like the weeks before where I had a high fever for awhile.

& it was easy for me to lay in bed when I got home because it took quite a few hours for them to still finish up putting in our new HVAC system & the dogs were confined to my room. They were thrilled I was in there with them & again, they are the best home nurses there are - full of love & snuggles.  Just what the doctor ordered.

By the end of the night... OUR HOUSE WAS WARM & COZY... & we were a lot poorer... but it's so worth it to have a reliable unit now.

Sunday was a busy busy day.  I ended up not going to my HSM group - which I missed something crazy - but I always love seeing my old GCC family. Ricky & I couldnt miss going there for the day though because our buddy was preaching.

He has come so far in his preaching & you can just see the comfort level growing & growing through the years.

When we left church, I picked up my momma & we drove down to see my nieces play in a basketball tournmanet that was happening.

It was quite the adventure getting down there because snow was everywhere. It was coming down hard & fast. That was fun to push a wheelchair in... but we made it.

& it was so fun watching the girls - especially because they are now on the SAME TEAM.... GO GIRLS!  I kept saying "WONDER TWINS POWER- ACTIVATE"... which anyone under the age of 35 is like, "What is she talking about?"... & I just feel sorry for them they didnt have great Saturday cartoons to grow up with. 

The girls won BOTH of their games they played....

Madi at the free throw

Sophia is in the middle on the right

me & my momma on the side lines of the games

Me & my momma stopped & picked up some dinner & made it safely home & chowed down.
I was so excited to find out Skyline Chili now has vegetarian options!!!! The weekend just kept getting better!!! 

Took a picture of her vegetarian burrito - she was teasing Ricky because he didnt get one

I finally made it home just in time to get the steroid insomnia out of my system because I was exhausted... & ready for bed....

Just in time to battle some freezing temps & ice on the roads for Monday morning....
Life is just always full of adventure.


Do you know what Wonder Twins Power Activate is from?

Is it still snowing where you are?

Does steroids give you insomnia? .. or heartburn?

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