Monday, March 18, 2019

The weekend I finished in BEAST MODE!!!!

& friends... that's a wrap!!!!

My infusions are all done!  ... for now anyways.
I go back in 3 months to see where my levels are at... if they are staying up... or if infusions will be a new normal for me every few months. Oh geez.  Fingers crossed & prayers lifted.... I really want to never do that again.

Let me back up...

Friday started off good.  First, Fridays are just always good - right?  The finish line of the week.

But this Friday, I stopped at the library on the way home & got the BEST library haul!!!! So many books I've been wanting to read. I was nearly skipping out of the library with my stack of books!  Good thing we just had "Show Us Your Books" last week because I found a couple of reads from that that I wrote down & was able to put on hold.

I got home just in time to turn around & go out to dinner with some friends. 

So this picture is the funniest to me because I was trying to get a video for my 1 second a day app & leave it to me to mess it up - I ended up not getting a video - but a snap... & the funniest snap caught in action.  But this perfectly describes us getting together - lots of animated talking.... add in lots of laughter & always some tears & just lots of love.

We ended up getting there at 6:30 & do you know we were there at nearly closing - 10:45.... & we STILL didnt get around to everything we wanted to talk about.  I love my Jesus Sisters!!!

Then it was time.  I was pumped up to get in & get this infusion done.  I even dressed for the occasion... going in with a BEAST MODE attitude!

I told the nurses that I almost brought confetti to bring & toss in the air when I left.... but I didnt want to have to have anyone to clean it up. The nurse I had was the best (she was actually my very first nurse!!!!) & she said, "Oh honey, we would have tossed it WITH you & been so thrilled to clean it up - we love when people are done needing to come here" - how sweet is that???

& this infusion went super fast to me because I actually fell asleep!  The first time I've ever done that.  I was reading one of my new books & next thing I know, I'm getting woke up by the beeping of my machine.  That's how you pass the time away!

I was so excited when I left, I called Ricky & told him I was going to Target to celebrate....

... & then pushed myself too hard.

I felt AWFUL half way through the store. AWFUL.... I had to get out of there. I was having hot flashes & dizzy spells & feeling sick.... It almost threw me in a panic attack.  I pushed myself way too hard.  So I just jetted out with what I had in my cart & had to get home.... except I had to make one more stop....

... yep... had to get an iced coffee.....

Except that made me feel even worse because I ended up getting stuck in the WORLDS LONGEST LINE & was there for over 25 minutes... for coffee. I nearly was coming out of my skin by the time they handed me my coffee.  I mean, this is how bad it was..... I finally got to the window & they had my iced coffee ready, but they didnt have my other order... & I had to wait an extra 5 minutes - FOR AN AMERICANO... AN AMERICANO .. how hard is it to make that? That's basically just COFFEE in a CUP!!!!  I dont know what the issue was in there that day....

After that - I just wanted to get home & get in bed... that was where I stayed the rest of the day.

Luckily - I had made some quinoa sweet potato chili before I left for my infusion in the morning so we at least had a yummy supper Saturday night.

& as the night went on, OF COURSE, I had some side effects. Always something new - & awful. This time around?  I had a temp - as usual - but then my chest had these red streaks all over it - like someone had scratched  me up & down... it was kinda terrifying.  When I got the in shower, they got even worse - BLOOD RED.  We said if they didnt ease up after I got out of the shower, we were going to the ER.... but they faded a little after a few hours & then went away by midnight. Geez.

& of course, I think this puppy love helped heal me.

True to form, Sunday, I felt great.... steroid kicked in once again.  & by steroid, I also mean no sleep ... so frustrating. But it does make me feel decent on Sunday.

Got to go to HSM, & then back to Target to finish my shopping I needed from my jet out of there quick trip & then I was on a mission - to get my car clean!!! I honestly have not cleaned my car in the longest time... like, would it be horrible & embarrassing to say it may even be longer than  a year that I've washed my car - much less vacuumed it?  Oh man.. that is embarrassing... but true to life. I'm all about honesty.

It took me a hour to clean my car - got my dashboards all cleaned & shiny... drove to take it through a car wash - & even pumped in the quarters to get the vacuum going.  I nearly gagged getting under my seat.  All the rocks & straw wrappers... & french fries. I dont even eat a lot of french fries so that's REALLY scary.

But I feel like I'm riding in a new car now. 

& do you know that less than an hour after I got it cleaned... a bird pooped right down the front of my windshield.... THIS IS MY LIFE Y'ALL!!!!  I literally just had to laugh.

Got my bills done.... read some in the sun.... played with the dogs... & yes, I wore green for St. Patrick's Day....

... & here we are in another week.  It's a busy week (again) ahead... but ready to tackle it - I mean, I'm all pumped up full of iron now, right?  PRESSING ON!!!

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