Thursday, March 28, 2019

Date morning, table cloths & dont tell on me!!! {Thankful Thursday #214}

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This week I am Thankful for:

Watching Dogs
I love that I can watch my dogs at work on our cameras.  Especially now that it's nicer out in the morning - crisp & cool - those two Aussies are out running in the yard, tackling each other, laying in the sunshine & starting all over again. It just makes me happy to see them enjoying life together.

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Morning Coffee walks
I love I have a fellow Starbucks addict & basically every morning, we walk down to Starbucks to pick up our mobile order.  It was pretty miserable during winter.... but now? It's been so nice to see the sun rise & start the morning with it hitting our face & coffee in hand.

Dinner with family
We have been trying to be more intentional with meeting up with my dad's brother's family.  Life is just busy & hard for everyone, but we set a date & dared anyone to cancel... though Ricky did miss it because UK was playing in the opening game of the NCAA tournament. No one expected any less from him when UK is involved. haha.... but we did enjoy getting to see one another... & still talk about how unreal & unbelievable it is that both the Wood men, these brothers, passed away within 2 months of one another.  Glad we can get together & know that we understand one another.

Grandmother memories
When we met up with my aunt, she had found some old quilts & crochet blankets that me & my brother remember growing up using at our grandparents house.  It was so crazy how looking them instantly took us back in time.  In the bag of goodies, there was also a table cloth that my grandma always had on her dining room table.  My brother took it & put on his table & I just love its being used again & in the family.

Date morning!
I just was so excited first that I had no infusion to do (YAHOOOOO) & that we celebrated with the way we do date day.... breakfast & early morning activities.  Add to that I was thankful that the movie theater had REALLY early morning show times.

Breakfast blessings
We were so shocked when we went up to the counter & then they pointed out to us our ticket said, "have a blessed day - PAID".... I wish someone could have snapped a pic of our face. Our jaws were dropped to the ground.... saying that, we're also so thankful for precious friends.  We have friends all around the area that we used to go to church with & I love that we may not worship at the same place, but we know we still worship the same God, who keeps us all connected & love one another!!!

OK... can y'all keep a secret.  Because Ricky doesnt know this one... & I dont want him to find this one out!!! SHHHH!!! .... so after we left the movie, we stopped at Starbucks to get a coffee & we each got a cake pop.  Mine had fell off the stick (my luck y'all) & Ricky freaked out.  We were in his truck & he keeps his truck prestige.  It is an older truck, but its beautiful. Always clean - candy apple red - & the interior is spotless & he freaks out thinking a stain will get on the seat.  SOOOOO, when I got out of the car to go into the store & I saw that my fallen cake pop left a chocolate stain on the seat, I nearly peed on myself..... & what do I do?  I play it slick. I threw my jacket over it & we went inside the store...where I promptly googled how to get chocolate out of a seat.  It said cold water & detergent.  So I get ended up getting some cold water & casually kept putting it on the chocolate spot under my leg.... & then BY THE GRACE OF GOD, Ricky needed to run into Home Depot.  I had picked up some Clorox wipes while we were in the store & thought, would this work to get out the stain? I was scared to try it on the seat & stain it further, so I decided to wipe on a piece of the seat down low.... & it didnt stain anything. So I dabbed dabbed dabbed the spot - & IT CAME OUT!!!! YAHOOOOO...

& do you know when I stood up to try the spot below the seat, I had 3 other little chocolate dots. I must have sat in it & had it on my pants & was putting spots everywhere. OH MY WORD....
Thank you Lord for Clorox wipes because it worked... & I put my jacket down & sat on it the rest of the way home.  Where I got out of the truck & Ricky was none the wiser.
Talk about a covert mission..... WHEW!!!!  Crisis averted - marriage saved :) haha

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Roman's Bible Study
Loving my bible study. I love anything that has to do with Roman's.  I could read it over & over again.

Baby enjoying Spring
I love when Baby gets to stretch her legs & get out of her stall. She loves it too to get some good grass to gnaw on. I totally understand a girl who loves her food!

Lazy Sunday
It was really nice to enjoy a Sunday morning with no plans & no where I needed to be.  When you can make the CHOICE to stay in bed & be lazy?  That's the best

Twins boots
I had gone over to my mom's for Ricky to do the horses on Sunday & I usually sit & talk with mom while Ricky does all the hard work.... but she was sleeping when we were there this past week & I had on house shoes (see the lazy post above this one) & didnt want to bother mom... so I was glad that the twins had new boots by the front door & that their little feet have grown into women's sized feet & I could wear their boots :) haha... I got to go down & "help" Ricky... & by help, I mean, love on the horses & give them treats.

What are you Thankful for this week?

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