Thursday, March 14, 2019

Potterless, no itchies & top the chart!!! {Thankful Thursday #212}

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This week I am Thankful For:

Kroger App
I love ordering my groceries at the last minute & being able to pick them up right after work. All without having to get our of my car.

So glad we have heat again while the weather was horribly cold this past week!  Back to winter we went!

I got to pick where I wanted to sit in our new area we are moving to while our office is under construction. It's going to be such an upheaval to move to another floor for a short period of time, to move again to our new reconstructed area.  Lots of moving - it will be lots of chaos.

Starbucks with Ricky
Y'all know I do my Lunch with my Love with the hubs every Wednesday - well, he said, "I am craving a mocha" & I'm like, well, Starbucks is around the corner - he didnt know where any were around downtown.  So off we went. It was a nicer day & we took a stroll downtown together & got him a mocha to take back to work. Or at least PART WAY to work.  He said he had it drank by the time he got back. Chugging that baby? I'm sure that got him pumped up to tackle the end of the day.

Potterless podcast
I just started listening to this podcast & have loved it so much! It's making me want to re-read the whole Harry Potter series myself.

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Cortizone cream
My hands have had a horrible rash on it that itches & burns so badly. It comes & goes. I'm not sure what it is. A reaction from the iron infusion? I dont know... I asked the doctor & she said people usually get those reactions on their chest, not their hands, but she couldnt swear it couldnt happen on the hands... anyways, I'm so thankful for the cream to help me calm down the pain some.

Infusions still under deductible
My deductible starts over again April 1 so I'm so thrilled that all my infusions will be done by then. I just got my Anthem statement showing my insurance had covered over $5000 for my last CT scan & all my infusions ($575 a piece) ... I owe nothing.  I just want to cry y'all. Every time I get these insurance receipts. I literally want to fall on my knees in thankfulness to God for steering me & leading me to this job.

I talked about this on Monday - but look at the difference in this chart. From the very bottom (a 4) to sky high!!! In the 80's!! YES YES YES!!!!

Ricky said, "isnt it crazy we didnt even know what Ferritin was a few weeks ago & now, we are totally focused on keeping it up?"... the things life teaches us

Didnt get bad nurse
I cant even tell you how grateful I was to not get the nurse that I had issues with 2 weeks before.  Though - to be fair - she was very kind to me this week. She came in & said hi & checked in on me. I dont know if maybe she realized what she said to me last time calling me a name - I was very cordial to her as well... & with one treatment left, I wont see her any longer anyways - so its all good.

That's the nurse right there at the nurses station.

Coffee & Book kinda lazy day
This was my Sunday after church.... love the sun beaming in & a hot cup of coffee & finishing a great book. A perfect trifecta!

What are you Thankful for this week?

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