Thursday, March 07, 2019

Bookmarks, b-balling & getting older pays off with the JAMS! {Thankful Thursday #211}

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This week I am Thankful For:

Getting Old pays off
We found out that if you are with Verizon & are over 55, you get a break on your bill. Well, lo & behold, I'm married to someone who fits the age & we called & asked them about it & sure enough - our bill got cut about $30.00 cheaper AND we now get unlimited streaming. Before - we had a limit each month. We never reached it, but we were aware of it so we never streamed a lot. I'm so excited because now, I can stream Spotify with no reservations while I'm driving! YAHOOO!!!!!

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This made me laugh

Computer survived
OH MY GOSH... I was sitting at my kitchen table, reading blog - when my biggest nightmare happened. I spilled my water.  ALL OVER MY LAPTOP.  I just held my breath. Tried to stay calm. Picked up my computer immediately & tilted it to the side to let the water drain off the side & I just dabbed & dabbed & then prayed & prayed.  I thought for sure it was going to sizzle away.  I just kept trying to keep the water away from the flash drive slots.... I couldnt even look because I thought it was ruined.  ... GLORY BE - it was totally fine. No issues. Nothing lost - no smoke coming out of it. WHOOOO!!! ... I now have a rule that drinks are no longer allowed on the kitchen table near my computer.

Playing outside with dogs
We had our first evening where it was light enough outside & decent enough that we got to play for about a half hour. The dogs were so happy. Literally, they looked like they were smiling.

Bruno even got outside
My poor boy - he's so thin & fragile - the cold weather just isn't something he can handle. Heck, when its super windy, it will knock him over.  So over the winter, when he had needed to go potty, we got a kenneled area that is layered with like 4 deep layers of potty pads & we just let him go there... its like a dog liter box.... but with the few days of warmer temps, we were able to let him go outside in the back yard & wander around. You could see him just lifting his face to the sun.  He may be able to see it, but he could feel it.  Warmed my heart to see him soaking it in.

Walked for 30 minutes
Y'all.... with all the surgeries I've had over the past 10 months - I have not been able to walk far or for long.... & the other day, I made it walking 30 minutes. I DID IT!  It was tough - I am so out of shape - but I did it.  I was swollen after wards & in some pain - but its just a step forward in progress - right?

Coffee Conversation
My HSM girls wanted to read Uninvited by Lysa TerKurest.  First, how cute is that they wanted to read it & talk about it.  Sadly, our usual coffee date night is now clashing with spring sports schedules so we're going to have to rethink the night - but I was glad for our first night with just the few of us.  Sometimes, I really enjoy smaller groups because everyone gets to talk & conversation seems to be deeper.

How SWEET is this?  So the youth pastor's wife & I are co-leaders... & when she was coming to the coffee shop, she told her kiddos that she was going to talk about this book.  So her son ran & made bookmarks for everyone. HOW CUTE IS THAT??????... I picked this one - it's a mermaid. She said he made that one & said, "Girls like mermaids"... Yes I do Finn - yes I do.

It only took us 3 weeks... & just in time for the cold to come back in - like COLD! The highs were in the teens.  So I am thrilled that while we are a whole lot poorer - we now have warmth & dont have to worry about it working.  I took a picture of Ricky with our new unit & showed mom & said, "Here we are on vacation" :) haha... yep, so much for a vacation again this year.

Our buddy preaching
Got a text during the week from our buddy telling us he was going to preach in "big church"... & that's all we had to hear.  We knew we were going to be there to hear him. He did so well too. I can just see his comfort level over the years just grow & grow. I just want to tear up with pride when I see all that God is doing through him - & how he allows it.  I know his momma would just be beaming to see it herself. Its things like this that I pray God gives people in heaven some glimpses of.

Basketball date with momma
My brother told me the twins were playing in a basketball tournament... & I was super confused. I thought I was going to see one twin, but found out they both were there... & then thought they were playing AGAINST each other (they were on different teams last year)... & THEN found out they are on a team together now. SO CONFUSED.... but called my momma to see if she wanted to go watch them & was so excited she did.  We had quite the adventure driving in the snow to get there, but we got to watch two games - BOTH of which they won! GO GIRLS!!!!
... my dad hardly ever missed ANY of the basketball games... and tennis games.... & this was my mom's first time seeing the girls play, so it was kind of emotional to see my momma there on the sidelines cheering on the girls in my dad's place.  I think she enjoyed it a lot though - more sports trips in the future for us!

What are you Thankful For this week:

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