Friday, June 04, 2021

Friday Favorites


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Favorite Tissue Box Cover

Call it the 80's child in me - but how fun for a game room or a teenager's room

Favorite Shelf

I have a room that has a huge bookshelves - but I like this to put in the living room to keep my latest books nearby. Or the bedroom - heck, one for every room! 

Favorite Shower Head

I'm not sure WHY anyone would need this - but its fun
The light changes in this shower head - so turn out the lights & turn on some music & have a disco in your shower?  Why not! You cant tell me a teenager wouldnt love this.

Favorite Plates

All the Disney Fab Five for a dinner plate set. Makes me happy.

Favorite Car Helper

I had no idea something like this existed - I need to get it for our older vehicles that dont have the Bluetooth capabilities. It lets you connect your phone or Bluetooth it to your car to stream your music or even hands free calls - all through your lighter! GENIUS - for under $15.00 too!!!

Favorite Grilling Gear

Hubby would LOVE these!!!!
Now, we just need a grill. But how fun is this for the Rock N Roller in your life!

Favorite Mugs

These have a cork bottom to protect your furniture - & its REMOVABLE! 
Plus, they have the cover to travel with too! And you get TWO mugs! Nice!

Favorite Funnies

I just want to know if this pasta is $10.99!!!

...when I think how nice it would be to stay working from home forever

... Ozzie when I find him tearing up something new in the house & we have that talk .. AGAIN

... me at 4:30pm

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!

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