Thursday, June 03, 2021

Thankful Thursday #313


This week I am Thankful For:

Library Kindle
I have been reading a book that I bought from Amazon & struggling so bad with the small font on it - making is really unbearable to read.  So I was super excited when the free kindle edition from my library became available. Perfect timing. Its a new release so it had a short  time period to borrow, but it came just in time for a long weekend. 

When you start to learn the first names of these people that come to take your mom to the hospital every time, you start to get really thankful to see familiar faces in crazy times.  I always say these people are doing what they should be doing - they are just wonderful.

Do you ever not feel like a kid & get excited when you see a rainbow? I know I forever do.  Every time it rains & I see the sun out, I'm instantly looking for it.

Can you see it in between the trees

New Blinds in Kitchen
We bought some blinds a long time ago for our kitchen just because the old ones were getting gross & you can only dust them so much before the dust collects around the strings.  We bought some but they were white & we needed cream so we just never put them up. I didnt care. I wanted clean blinds up.  I love they are cordless too! But have to watch & make sure they're up during the day because Ernie loves to sit in the kitchen chair & look out the window - he'll put that nose right through them if they're not raised to his satisfaction. I have spoiled babies.

Holiday weekend
There is just something wonderful about a 3 day weekend, is there not?  I wish the year held more of them.

Tell me something good about your week!

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