Monday, June 07, 2021

The weekend that we had a picnic in the middle of traffic

 Well, its Monday... a MONNNNDAY. I'm headed to the Endodontist to sit in the chair ... AGAIN... to see where we go from here on this tooth that has been root canaled twice already. & I'm 98% sure we're going to be looking at a THIRD root canal on the same tooth. Plus, I'm having other issues with some other teeth that I think will be some future work - so needless to say, my Endodontist is basically going to be my new best friend. Or Frenemy - depends on how you look at it.   Not a fun way to start off a week.

This weekend was a glimpse of summer. Last weekend, we were wearing sweatshirts & wrapping up in blankets sitting outside. This week, all the sweats. All the humidity. All the frizzy hair.

Friday when I got off work, I tried to play with the dogs for a little bit but MY GOODNESS... THE SOUND!  The Cicadas were so loud, it was ear piercing.  You know their loud - but its when you come inside & your ears take like 5 minutes to adjust & clear out that ringing high pitch noise, you realize these are probably permanently damaging your hearing. It was awful.

Here's a small tree in the front of our house - They are EVERYWHERE.
The bigger trees - you cant walk near them because they are flying in swams - no joke, you walk by them & they land on your head, your legs, your arms... they love landing on your neck too.
It really is like something out of a Hitchcock movie.

Hubby & I ran down to pick up some Tumbleweed to go & then I said, "Let's watch the new Conjuring movie on HBO Max".... we both hate scary movies.  I can handle scary movies but I dont like scary movies that involve possession & demons. So we made it through the first 10 minutes & was like, NOPE - let's watch something else - LOL - not even joking.  That sort of stuff just freaks me out.  We ended up watching A Joyful Noise with Dolly Parton & Queen Latifah about a church choir going to competition - sort of Sister Act style.  What a contrast of movies. At least I wasn't afraid to go to sleep & dream about demons after watching Dolly singing about some Jesus.

Saturday, I was up super early because Harvey has turned into an old guy lately & doesnt like to jump on the bed. So he puts his chin on the bed & whines until you come lift him up to get on the bed. Reminder - he's about 80 lbs. That's a fun alarm clock to lift 80 lbs.

It got hot really quick & bless him - Hubby got out & did all kinds of work early before it got stifling.  Me? I actually did something productive & worked out - finished my first week doing this new program - I'm really enjoying it. It's kicking my butt too. I hurt so bad doing certain things - like sitting  on Sunday.

After Hubby cooled off & I cleaned up around the house for awhile, we decided to go see my MIL & check out her new floors she had installed.  They turned out so nice & makes us want to get our whole house done now too.

When we go out to that area of town, we always visit our old stomping grounds... visiting our home we used to live in together, I like to go visit my old neighborhood & see the house I grew up in ...& feel like its a slap to the pizza angels of this world to not pick up our favorite pizza that exists.  It's the most expensive pizza we would ever pay for ... but man oh man - its so good! & always love supporting local businesses. & this one? It's been in the same place & I know its been the same owner since I was a little kid & would go with my dad to pick up a pizza. I didnt really care for the pizza when I was little - but man, how I appreciate it now.

I like pineapples on this too but Hubby draws the line

We headed home.... only to run into construction. It took us about an hour & a half to get home.  At least we had pizza in the car.  We each ate 2 pieces waiting in traffic on the expressway.  Its a good thing I didn't get car sick - traffic & that stop & go always does me in.  We actually had a fun time taking some back roads & seeing parts of town we haven't seen in a long time. It felt like a little road trip.

I finished up my Saturday evening with the Gray's Anatomy season finale & the latest Cruel Summer episode on Hulu - anyone else watching that? I cant wait to see how this ends!!!

Sunday, I woke up, once again, in thanks to Harvey Dent... this time at 6am. I wasn't happy at all  -especially because I could NOT go back to sleep. So I started watching some Netflix & then around 7:30am - I started drifting back off to sleep - woke up around 9am feeling like it was so much later.

It was such a gross day on Sunday. Rainy, Humid. Just yuck.  

I ended up sitting under our covered part of the porch off our enclosed porch & finished my book I was reading. It was really good - glad to have a good one after the last one I didn't enjoy at all.

Coffee, donuts, reading & my dogs... a nice Sunday morning

I needed to get down to Target so we ran in there real quick & then Hubby was like, Let's make a trip to the Pie Kitchen. Dont have to ask me twice.  I tried a new 3 layer chocolate pudding sort of thing just because it was warm & I thought that cool treat would be nice on a hot day. Meh - wasn't my favorite - but at least I know going forward - & I like to try new things.

We had to go over & take care of the cats & horses - because yes, mom is still in the hospital. They're trying to find a rehab facility to get her in to work on some things but they're all full so just waiting for a room to open somewhere.  We shall see.

So how was your weekend?

Are you in the sticky, humid summer air yet?

What's your favorite pizza place? Is it a local place?
What's your favorite toppings?

Are you watching Cruel Summer?
If so - whose side do you believe???

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