Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Prime Purchases


As usual, I'm late to the link up with Tanya - but still wanted to share with you some of the latest finds I've gotten from Amazon.

As usual - click the PIC to go to the link

Laundry Rack

I have had a wood one FOREVER - but its gotten wobbly & collapses easily
So moving up to the BIG  LEAGUES with a metal one.

LED Neck Reading Light

I really like these - they have so many settings for different light selections
Yellow Light / Cool Light / Warm Light - & settings for brightness.
They sit really nice around the neck too. I've used these to walk around the house at night too when the lights are out & I need to carry Zoe outside to go potty. A good light to use to light the way to the bathroom too instead of turning on the overhead light.

Water Flosser

I didnt realize how inexpensive these were. & plus, I like you charge this one up with USB port & then there's no cords. & there's no big water tank - you just put the water in this.
It's got settings too - I'm still getting used to it because I think the lowest is still powerful - but Hubby uses one on the high setting & doesnt think anything of it #IAmAWimp

Portable Fan

Warmer weather + hot flashes = not a good mix
So I got this to keep in my purse. You charge it up USB, which I like in case it dies, I can charge in my car - & you just pull it down & crank it on. It has soft blades so if it hits you, it stops automatically - makes it kid friendly if you wanted to keep around for the kiddos in the hot days.
It also has a flashlight on the end which is handy having in my purse.

Light Bulbs

I'm not even joking when I say I have to buy lightbulbs a few times a month.
I'm pretty sure my house is haunted because we have light bulbs pop out every few weeks. - the same ones too. & light bulbs arent cheap - its like $6.00 for 4 - & you can get all these for $20.00
I love Amazon for lightbulbs & batteries!

Cordless Jump Rope

OK... this is a new one for me - but I LOVE it.
I was doing a Beachbody program that required one of these - of course, they want you to buy theirs - which was WAY too expensive - & here on Amazon, its under $8.00
But its all to help with that motion of jumping rope - & you dont have to feel like a clutz by tripping on the rope when you dont have one. Or if you're in a place where the rope would hit a ceiling or you dont have the space for a rope to swing. But these little balls on the end swing like a jump rope so it gives your arms that same workout motion.  
There was a big trend a few months back to do like 1000 jumps a day for your health - with this - it makes it fun to me.
& you can add the rope if you want - but why would you? 

Hanes Jersey Shorts

I love some comfy shorts during the summer.
For under $10.00 too - how are these not a winner?
They come in gray & blue too - but they are comfy & even look really nice.

What's one of your best buys you got from Amazon lately?

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