Friday, June 25, 2021

Friday Favorites


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Favorite Entry Organizer

There are pictures of this used in living rooms & bedrooms as organizers for clothes or blankets.
I really like the idea of using it in a bedroom to lay out clothes for the next morning - no panic dressing when trying to get out of the door.

Favorite Kid Fort

As a kid, I would have LOVED this - instead of breaking out all the blankets & tables & trays to make a fort.. & this pops up to put in the house or out in the yard. 
I think my dogs would love the tunnels too - LOL Agility training at its finest

Favorite Coffee Mug

Favorite Twist Tie

These are rubber! Perfect way to wrap up cords or keep things together without those plastic ties.

Favorite Beauty & the Beast Candle

This is in the new Princess line at Target & this one is for Belle

Favorite Shoes

I didnt know Tom's made heels!

Favorite Key Chain

Favorite Garbage can

I need this for our bathroom.  Ozzie is obsessed with getting tissue out of the garbage can & eating it. EWWW!!!  This will be a life saver... literally - for Ozzie

Favorite Funnies

... every time my dogs do something cute

.... every morning when I open up my black out curtains

... me when I finish my work week

... & of course

Happy weekend Y'all!!!!

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