Wednesday, June 02, 2021

One Sentence a Day {May 2021}


1 - Sat / I drove to my mom's to let the cats out & kept seeing all these get togethers at people's houses & thought it was because it was so beautiful until Hubby reminded me its probably Derby Parties #TotallyforgotitwasDerby #Sacreligiousintheseparts

2 - Sun / Got to pick up mom from the hospital & bring her home #NoRehabThistTime #yahoo

3 - Mon / If today was EVER a Monday between the crazy work  day making my head spin & thunder storms all day long that I was sure my power was going to click off #MondayInItsFinest

4- Tues / Hair Day!!!! #AlwaysLoveThatFreshHairFeeling

5 - Wed / Finished a really cute book that I got off NetGalley by the author of Dumplin' #LoveHerBodyPositiveCharacters

6 - Thurs / I literally was FREEZING all day long like it was winter #blanketsalldaylong

7 - Fri / Excited to start watching the 2nd part of Selena on Netflix #sosad

8  - Sat /  It was just wonderful to spend time with my friend & watch up with her in the afternoon having lunch. #beenoverayear

9 - Sun / Happy Mother's Day to all the ladies out there! #Makeitthroughtheday

10 - Mon / Poor Harvey got body slammed by Ozzie & hurt his hip #walkinglikeanoldman #poorguy

11 - Tues / Tell me how I work out HARD every day for the past 2 weeks & still gain weight #donttellmeitsmuscle #unlessmuscleisflabby

12 - Wed /  How does Liz Cheney lose her job when she's saying the election wasn't rigged? #Whatisthisworldcomingtoo 

13 - Thurs /  CDC announced that you dont have to wear masks any longer if you have the vaccine on the same day that Julie finds out she has COVID - AGAIN - after having it once & getting the vaccine. #doesanyoneknowanything?

14 - Fri / Ozzie was acting SO CRAZY weird when he wouldnt eat & ran from us & wouldnt even let us pet him #havenoideawhathappened

15 - Sat / We took a walk in the park at 7:00am to make sure Ozzie was feeling like himself. #Hewas #SoBizarre #GladHesBackToHisLovingSelf

16 - Sun / 3 years my daddy has been gone #MissingPartofmyWorld

17 - Mon / Yep, I actually cried dropping Ozzie off to get neutered & knowing we wouldnt see him until the next day #mybabyboy

18 - Tues / I was so excited waiting to pick my boy up & he was so happy to see me #myheart

19 - Wed / So glad we turned our air on finally because the weather has turned its head & giving us all the summer vibes #bringonthesweats

20 - Thus / I freaking got a jury duty notice & I dont know why I am the golden child of jury duty because this is my third notice in about 18 years. #picksomeoneelseplease

21 - Fri /  Sold our desk that was in my front room & now I REALLY gotta find a coffee bar #emptyspace

22 - Sat /  I was happy to sit out in the sun to cheer on my niece playing tennis again after that shoulder surgery #REGIONALWinners!!!!

23 - Sun / Temps in the 90's means all the water for the horses #didntmindgettingwetmyself


24 - Mon / It really is blowing my mind how everything is going full force now with no restrictions. #givingmealltheanxiety

25 - Tues /  Missed  out on our book club this month because I'm only half way through the book & didnt want spoilers #thisistakingmeforever

26 - Wed / I'm pretty sure I heard our grass say THANK YOU when it finally rained after a 10 day drought. #grassgettingcrispy

27 - Thurs / I happened to click on Sam's Club to find my coffee & just happened to check to see if they had the furniture I wanted for my coffee bar & YES THEY DID!!!!!!! #hitBUYsoquick #SOEXCITED #3weekstilldeliverythough

28 - Fri / I literally cried so hard at Zoe's Playlist season finale where she's dancing with her dad who passed away #OHMYHEART #eyesswollen

29 - Sat / Its nearly summer & its cold at night & I'm wearing sweatshirts during the day #brrr

30 - Sun /  Mom is back in the hospital again #911isourbestfriend

31 - Mon / Celebrating a day off work with breakfast at Panera #weloveourbreakfast dates

Good bye May!!!!

Hello June!!!

Tell me something good about your May!

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