Friday, June 18, 2021

Friday Favorites



Favorite Lamp

Giving some atmosphere vibes... I like the tree shadows on the wall.
Obviously not a good every day use lamp - but for the right room - or even season (hello Halloween)

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

They make one in the Beast too!!!!
That would be a really cute Wedding gift for a bride/groom!!!

Favorite Back Pack

OK... is this magic?  Because this is what the backpack looks like... 
But then in certain light... it picks up light & looks like THIS!!!!!

That is just FUN!!!!!

Favorite Cleaning Help

We have the worst time with hard water
I may need to get this & give it a try!

Favorite Wall Hooks

I love whimsical fun things!  
This would be fun in a kids room to hang backpacks or bags on.

Favorite Car Freshener

Use of Essential oil to give your car a clean smell

Favorite Cold Brew Maker

You could use infuse some tea as well!
I could get down with a GALLON of this yumminess

Favorite Calendar

This is pricey - but its personalized - love me a personalized item!
& think of all the money you'd spend on paper calendars through the years!

Favorite Funnies

... when people ask me why I still wear a mask when I'm vaccinated

... every time I pull up the internet & see the latest news

... me at 4:30pm today

Happy weekend Y'all!!!!

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