Friday, June 11, 2021

Friday Favorites



Favorite Sun Visor

How cute is this! It comes in a ton of colors too & the back of it has a bow where it meets up.
I need something like this sitting outside reading & much cooler than a hat covering the full head!
It rolls up too to fit in a bag if you're traveling on vacation too!

Favorite Top

I talk all the time that I dont like low cut shirts - I think this is just a classy look - good for casual or with some nice pants. Comes in a lot of prints too!

Favorite Float

I want a pool just so I can have this Mickey Ice Cream float to lay on

Favorite Reusable Post it Notes

These stick to shiny surfaces - so like your refrigerator, your washing machine, your window, your mirror.  & you write with a dry erase marker & then you can use these over & over. 

Favorite Succulent Holder

So fun!!! These hold your glasses & you can draw any sort of mouth on it you want.
Draw some fun lips... draw a moustache... I'd even draw eye brows to give it a mood.

Favorite Bookends

Favorite Bowl/Measuring Set

I wonder how long I would keep it straight & in order - but man, how much room would this save!

Favorite Beach Towel

Favorite Funnies

.... when I see all the TikTok videos & have no idea how to make one

... when I actually make a real dinner that doesnt involve just warming stuff up

... me with all the mandates lifting so fast & everything going back to normal

... me at 4:30pm today

Happy weekend Y'all!!!

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