Monday, June 21, 2021

The weekend I felt like I went to Broadway in my living room


Happy Monday!

Just to start the week off, I dont know if those of you on Blogger  have forgotten - I did - why I'm saying something - but dont forget that Google Photos now has a limited space that started June 1st.  I've now got a reminder to go back in & remove pictures that automatically upload when I take 20 shots of the dogs & only use one.  

Do any of you use other photo sites for storage to use on your blog? Let me know the tricks you use. I've already moved to Feedly & paid the yearly fee - I'm enjoying Feedly a lot so its worth it.    Share your photo tips too.

How was your weekend?  Mine was pretty relaxing - & painful. Ugh. I hurt my lower back last Wednesday working out - (isnt working out supposed to make you feel better & stronger???) & it has just gotten worse & worse. I was in a lot of pain moving this weekend. I mean, who needs to move?

Because there wasn't a lot of things happening - I'll just do another bullet highlight system like I did last Monday... how the weekend went.

* Friday evening, I just sat out on the back porch as long as I could. It felt heavenly. It was warm,  but the wind kept picking up & it felt so cool & nice.  Just lovely.... except for all the bug bite I ended up getting. Yuck.

*Saturday, we woke up early & wanted to do a Panera run for breakfast..... except storms came rolling in. Big storms!  We just sat out on the back porch & watched them till they calmed down.  As we left to go to Panera, we saw all the neighborhoods around us had their power out - so we got lucky we kept ours on.

* Panera date. so yeah, we've still not eaten inside anywhere & everything was soaking wet so we ended up just getting our food & eating in the car. But it was fun because we parked under a big tree & it was still raining but the tree was giving us shelter where we could open our windows & have that cool rain breeze flowing in.  It was really nice

* I wanted to go to Hobby Lobby to find some wall art for my coffee room now that I have my coffee bar.  I am super excited with everything I found.  We walked down to Home Goods & I found the perfect little table that matched too. I'm wanting to get 2 comfy chairs to have in there, taking out my chaise lounger & this little table will be perfect in between the chairs.  I'm hoping to get this all together by the end of summer & will be ready for the winter months to snuggle in for reading & coffee all day long.

* Hubby needed to go to Home Depot & I wanted to walk down to look at a furniture store for chairs so we went our separate ways - only to find that the furniture store wasn't open & wouldnt be open for a half hour.  I go back to the car & wait on Hubby & he was waiting on me thinking I was shopping for furniture. A half hour later, he comes to the car & finds me. Geez.  But he said he wanted to show me something in Home Depot & I get out... shut my door... & knew instantly... MY KEYS WERE IN THE CAR.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

Thank God we have AAA to come get my keys out.  We only had to wait 30 minutes - so gave us time to go back in the furniture  shop that opened... & at least it wasn't raining & the heat hadn't settled back in yet. (Yep, this will be on my thankful Thursday FOR SURE)

* I finally got to watch In The Heights.  I enjoyed it. Not my favorite musical... but I'll watch it again because I love musicals. & I know the more I listen  to it/ watch it,  the more I'll like it.  I'm glad I had it on HBO Max so I could have closed caption because these rap musicals - I cant hang. & I feel like I missed out on a lot of what was happening with not knowing Spanish.  But it stuck with me because that night, I dreamt I was dancing in the streets, getting my Latin  dance groove on.

*  My mom has a new habit of calling me on Sunday mornings at the strangest hours.  Its anywhere from  1am - 4am.. This weekend, it was around 3:50 am  Needless to say, that messes with my sleeping every weekend I ended up getting up & watching TV till around 6... fell back asleep & woke up around 7:30 - that honestly is how my Sundays go now. Not fun to say the least - it messes me up.

* Sunday was HOT!!!!!  I stayed inside all day long, cleaning & then icing my back - laundry - & more ice on my back.  I'm really hoping it eases up soon.

Hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day.  Hubby got calls & messages from his girls which was nice.  to me, it just feels strange without my daddy.  Makes me want to remind everyone to hug your dads tighter every chance you get.

Tell me about your weekend.

Did you get Summer storms?

Anything special happen for Father's Day in your house?

What are you using other than Google Photos for storage?

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