Thursday, June 10, 2021

Thankful Thursday #314


This week I am Thankful for:

Home on Rainy mornings
I really have something every week I can talk about being thankful for working from home - but on  really yucky rainy days where there's wrecks everywhere on traffic reports, I'm so glad I just walk down the hall to work!

Home during Cicada Watch
To add to that above - working from home has been able to help me keep the dogs from eating ALL THE CICADAS!!!! Ozzie loves to eat the live  ones - but now, they are starting to die & we have PILES of them - & all the dogs love to eat them. & they stink - SO BADDDDD - when the dogs are around them, we seriously gag because it makes them smell so bad. I'm glad I'm working from home so we can do potty breaks & then  keep them inside.

Coffee Bar delivered!!!!
When I found my coffee bar online, it said it wouldnt be here until 3 weeks. & then, I got a notice it was out for delivery  but would be here the next week. Nope. It came 2 days later! I've got  it in my room. Now - I can get started. I'm on the hunt for new art work, organizers, I'm even going to look for 2 new chairs to be able to read in my library/coffee room. This will truly be my spot.

Helped Carry the coffee bar
When they dropped  off the coffee bar, it was a horribly rainy day & they  ended up putting this huge piece of furniture behind my car in the garage - so my car was stuck. Thank goodness I didnt have anywhere I needed to go that day. But when we needed to move it in - I saw how heavy this thing was... & I am so glad I was able to help Hubby get it in the house. It took us about 30 minutes because we had to "inch" it ... SO HEAVY... & steps!  But we did it!  Hubby even said he was impressed that I was able to help him get it in the house. GO ME!

Got my Voice Mail Back!
I have had such issues with my voice  mail over the past few months - well, since I got my new phone - which was about 9 months. I had called Verizon & tried many things to get it - finally found something on YouTube that helped me & BAM - I have my voice mail back. You dont know how often I hear, I tried to call you but couldnt leave a message.  & there's one call from my dad where he butt dialed  me at Christmas & I can hear his voice  in the background talking to my brother. I totally cried when I heard his voice. Feels like forever since I've heard it. Wish I saved more things with his voice.... but you dont really think about them just being gone one day.

Best pizza ever
Yep - I 've talked about this pizza earlier this week - but when its the best pizza around, you just gotta. So glad we got some over the weekend

Tell me something good about your week!

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