Saturday, August 01, 2009

Six Word Saturday


I'm sitting here trying to unravel a skein of yarn that I got... wanna get started on my Hermione Hat...

Well, this is coming together nice & neat....

But then, it gets tangled... & its a mess!!!!

I've been sitting here trying to find the knots, trying to unravel all the loops - its taking TIME & is pain staking, & frustrating...

But then I found the other end...
I figure that I can pull that end out & maneuver it around the knots a lot easier.... I'm making progress...

WOW - as I sat & looked at the nicely wrapped part on the "spinner" (not the knitting technical term by the way) - I thought of how life can go so smoothly, just spin perfectly & knot-free...

But then, it can get raveled up - especially because I was doing this on my own...

If someone was there to hold my yarn out, like the old pictures always show - with someone holding their arms out & the yarn wrapped around their arms - then it would have rolled must easier - it wouldn't have knotted so much....

And finding the end piece & starting that way is going to be my savior in this mess...

WOW - for me, as a Christian, I believe God is the end result - spending Eternity with Him.... & how going to Him can get me out of a mess...
Love when God speaks to my heart through yarn!


  1. Yes... God is definitely in yarn... no doubt about it... He speaks through it ALL the time... now if we could just get the "icky's" to understand how HOLY yarn is....

  2. How do you do this over and over and over? I love it.

  3. Oooo, a Hermione hat sounds really neat. I love the hats she wears. Can't wait to see it finished.

  4. I love my yarns and yes they become a tangled mess sometimes.

  5. Beautiful! And yes, he certainly does show up in the strangest places...LOL!

    Happy 6WS!

  6. thanks for visiting today!

    Great analogy...good luck getting it all untangled!

  7. Thanks for visiting - hope you come back and submit a haiku on Wednesday. I warn you though; it's addictive!

    I'm... odd. I love untangling things - yarn, string, slinky coils, necklace chains - whatever. Its the feeling once you've finished it that makes it all worth while!

    I have a cone winder just like that. It's a must when you do machine knitting (I have 5 machines) because the balled yarn doesn't "flow" properly. I enjoy winding yarn too!

  8. Rebecca that was awesome! I totally started seeing how God could be referenced before you mentioned it :) Beautiful!

  9. I can totally relate!! Awesome post. :D

  10. Very interesting parallel. Thanks for playing along with Six Word Saturday - it was an interesting read!

  11. Your a much more patient than me. i would have figured the yarn was satan, trying to make me angry with all the tangling. Luckily your positive. I wonder how much we have to do with the tangling of our own lives, the choices we make etc. Hopefully we can all find a way out!

  12. Girl, I love you. Enough said. The end! :)

  13. hey beautiful! i hope you are doing well. i got you an award on my page! love you!

  14. haha love your 6ws!
    Way to go for sticking it thru! Knitting is (to me )an impossible mission. I've been unsuccessful many times, kudos to you!
    My vice is sewing...I just cant stop.


  15. What a perfect analogy...again. =)


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